6 Reasons To Fear Hot Black Women!

6 Reasons To Fear Hot Black Women!

Hot black women are generally the objects of desire for males. However, sometimes there are reasons to fear these sexy creatures. And this is what it’s about.

1. They have a lot of defenders

The upside of the traditional Afro-American culture is that it is characterized by a strong bond between the members of a family and all the other relatives. All these people form one extended community, which provides emotional and economic support to all its members, especially to females who don’t fall within the category of the richest black women.

For example, the care of single mothers with children normally falls on her relatives and even dark-skinned neighbors. As opposed to fair-skinned people’s mentality, Afro-American mindset is collectivist.

Owing to their propensity for cooperation and interdependency, black people care too much about what other people think about them, which in turn results in their vulnerability in their personal relationships.

6 Reasons To Fear Hot Black Women

That’s why you really need to be cautious when interacting with hot black women and try not to hurt her feelings. Otherwise, she will complain of your behavior to her brothers, who are usually numbered in the tens, and you’ll have to get to know them better.

2. Hot black women can make you feel guilty out of the blue

Because modern Afro-American women’s ancestors experienced slavery and segregation in the past, they partially inherited their grandparents’ mentality of slavery. This is primarily evidenced by their heightened sensitivity to the signs of respect, which other people express when communicating to them.

If a black woman feels like you treat her with disrespect, she will get mad at you. They pay close attention to your posture, gestures, the tone of your voice and so forth.

However, it’s not uncommon that this hypersensitivity to other people’s attitude towards them makes those females hypochondriac.

In particular, being on first-name terms with hot black women you barely know might be perceived as a sign of disrespect. And furthermore, if you look her right in the eyes, it might be interpreted as confrontation and aggression.

Needless to say, you should be careful when you first meet a black lady. Moreover, you need to be ready that you may be unjustly accused of something for no good reasons.

3. There is a good chance that your new black acquaintance have kids

Afro-American women’s views on premarital sex and children born out of wedlock are very conservative. However, their views run counter to what we can see in reality. In fact, there are a high proportion of black families consisting of single mothers with children.

For example, Oprah Winfrey was raised by a single mother and subsequently gave birth to a child from a man she didn’t even remember.

It might be due to the fact that many of their black young husbands serve their sentences in prison for various crimes, especially drug-trafficking. Moreover, black young men’s mortality rate is much higher than that of their white counterparts.

In this respect, you should beware of single young dark-skinned females (even if they belong to famous black women) if you aren’t interested in serious relationship.

4. Black females can attack you if you touch their hair

Many dark-skinned females are proud of their curly hair and consider their puffy hairstyles a part of their culture. In the 1960s, this hairstyle even became a symbol of protest against the violations of the rights of black people.

Anyway, in the 21st century this type of hair is considered non-standard and the owners of such hairstyles are seen as “flawed” girls. Not to mention black celebrities who are forced to straighten their hair in order to meet the established standards of fashion industry despite the particularities of their appearance.

Ordinary black girls are no different – they also follow fashion trends and have to straighten their curly hair because of aesthetic considerations.

As a rule, hot black women have a hard time dealing with their hair in order to make them look smooth and attractive.

6 Reasons To Fear Hot Black Women

Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that if you try to touch or, worse yet, stroke it, the angry black women might lash out at you – it pisses them off.

Why don’t they let people caress their hair? The point is that after long-lasting procedures for straightening the hair, it starts falling out. In addition to falling out, there is another issue: sebaceous glands located on the skin of human hands emit sebum, which sticks to hair the moment you caress it. It gives a lot of trouble to black girls, since it’s hard to wash curly hair.

The remnant of the sebum needs to be washed out using shampoo several times.

That’s why it’s not uncommon for hot black women to wear wigs or have dreadlocks with a view to rid themselves of daily haircare.

5. Dark-skinned women keep secrets from you

As you might know, many crucial social indicators characterizing Afro-Americans vary from the All-American ones for the worse. For example, black peoples’ poverty rate is several times higher than that of white Americans. The same goes for the unemployment rate. Moreover, many of them don’t have enough skills and qualifications to get a good job, which leads to them having troubles with law.

As a result, all these problems coupled with hypersensitivity to other people’s views on black people have a significant impact on dark-skinned women’s self-esteem, lifestyle, and hence behavior.

For example, in case of health problems or family troubles, black females won’t seek professional medical or psychological assistance. Their first response will be to work things out on their own. (That’s why many of them are fond of non-traditional medicine).

Moreover, they are prone to domestic religiosity and actively involved in the life of their church congregation. This is the reason priests enjoy greater authority among hot black women than ordinary people.

6 Reasons To Fear Hot Black Women

This is caused by an inclination to keep their secrets within the family system so as not to embarrass themselves in the public eye. Black females’ reticence and secretiveness is also reinforced by the mistrust of white population: they think that fair-skinned people don’t care about black persons, but merely want to control them.

Thus, it wouldn’t hurt you to bear in mind that a black girl mightn’t be candid and forthright with you. She can easily deceive you and the only people who will know about it will be her grandparents and priests.

6. They are physically strong

White people have to put a great deal of effort to make their bodies strong and attractive. They need to go to the gym regularly in order to get some muscles. However, this is not the case with black persons including women.

It feels like they are being born physically fit. Of course, there are both slender and fat black women, but a proportion of strong and athletic black women outnumber thin and chubby black females.

First of all, this is conditioned by their genetic memory. In the remote past, dark-skinned people were slaves and did hard physical labor. Such a lifestyle wasn’t particularly comfortable, and consequently made adjustments in black females’ genetic makeup.

Even after their ancestors were relieved of slavery, they continued to do manual labor, because they weren’t able to do anything else. Black people learned new trades and skills over time, but the genetic memory hasn’t gone anywhere.

Moreover, it just so happens that hot black women have a specific body structure: they can boast of more lean muscles than their white counterparts. Furthermore, the large amount of vitamin D contained in their bodies makes black ladies’ bones solid and wide.

But that’s not all – in a black vs white women standoff, black people have got more stamina than white ones. They have large pores on the skin of their legs, which enables oxygen to come into and out of their organisms very fast and recuperate from physical activity rapidly.

That’s why there is every reason to fear that a black woman will beat you up if she stops liking you.

Without a doubt, these facts about hot black women don’t apply to all of them. There are a lot of dark-skinned females who look and behave differently, but, for what it’s worth, forewarned is forearmed.

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