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Self-love, the most delicate intimacy… Do you love yourself? 🤔⬇️ Learning to love myself has been one of my favorite things about growing older… I chose the quote because I’m currently great at loving myself emotionally (and physically 😉) but I’m not as great at loving myself by respecting my body when it needs a rest. My whirlwind past few months in LA have def taken a bit of a toll on my health, so my self-love goal for October is to boost my immune system and to be more selective in accepting the invitations offered to me! But I’m a YES girl so that’s easier said than done 😂 I love this recent photo by @gregwoodson , what do you think? There are more lovely shots from this series, but sadly my favorite ones are too hot for the gram 🙈 If you’re a member on my private site though, you’ll be seeing those posted today…I think they’ll be your favorites too 😚

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