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Hello, dear visitor! You have something interesting to share with others? Or, maybe, you’ve got some intriguing experience in relations with girls in home town or anywhere else? That’s great!

Why not to share your interesting story with other people?

Well, if you have anything to tell, send us your story! It can be, for example, a narration about your (or somebody’s) relations (or about the absence of such relations, troubles) with women and a request for an advice of how to develop (or stop) it.

Or it can be your experience of dating with various women from different countries and your opinion about them (where and which girls you mostly like, how they are, etc).

Or you can describe your own view on some of our latest controversial posts (such as this, this or this, etc.) and are ready to share your opinion with others.

It also can be your fiction story or essay which you’d like to share with other people.

Maybe, you just want to speak out what you’ve got over and to warn others of similar problems.

In general, you may write anything you want relating to women, and send you stories to us! Thereby a lot of people will read and comment it – on this website or in your social network account.

In addition, you may add 1-2 links in your text (including affiliate, but not relating to adult websites). In the end of your story you also may add your name, your e-mail adress or/and your facebook (or some other) account, if needed.

And here are what you should not do in your stories:

  • Offend the admins of this website or other participants of the discussion.
  • Abuse any group of people (i.e nationalities, countries, sexual orientation, etc.).
  • Use violent language, abusive words.
  • Send us stories less than 1000 words (search engines are hardly able to index short texts, and potential visitors just won’t read it).
  • Send us stories that have already been sent to other websites or published somewhere else – we need only original content.

You also may add photos and appropriate pictures, if needed. If not, we may add our own pictures to your text to make it more interesting and vivid.

You can send your stories to this e-mail: activequest at, or fill in this google form.

If your story is interesting, intriguing and doesn’t brake the rules indicated above, it will be published as soon as possible!

Thanks a lot in advance!