European women vs American women – top 7 differences

European women vs American women – TOP-7 differences

How different are European women vs American women? We will take a look at the top 7 main differences.

7. The difference in education

In general, European women are more educated than American women. Education in Europe, from college on, is a much more affordable thing than in the United States. Any girl in Europe can get educated almost for nothing, and they rarely miss their chance.

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European women vs American women – top 7 differences

It does not mean American women are less smart vs European women, but on average a European woman speaks several languages more than an American woman, is much more read and cultured as well.

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European women are well-versed in the history of their countries and are able to put historic factoids in the bigger context, while American women often can’t tell one of their former presidents from another.

6. The way they dress

The main difference in how European women vs American women dress boils down to the matter of practicality.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

An average American woman wouldn’t bother with putting on her best articles of attire when going to work, going for a walk, or, of course, going to a gym. In the latter case, they might just put on the same clothes they will be wearing at a gym. In sunny California or in Miami it looks like all women are about to get to the beach no matter what was the initial goal that brought them in the open.

European women, on the other hand, opt to look like a lady regardless. If you stroll around the streets of Paris, London, Amsterdam, or Rome, you see that every local woman, no matter what age she is, does her best to dress in the most elegant and classy fashion.

On social occasions, the difference is less striking, however because American women take Europeans as an example on how to dress like a lady.

5. American women are less mature than European women

As far as the maturity in European average women vs American average women is concerned, Americans couldn’t care less. Even American women in their early or mid-thirties often act like a first grad girls. It shows in the way American women are flaking their dates, keeping the company of their close female friends at hand, drawing their inspiration from trends and fashion from the yellow tacky magazines.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

European women grow up fast. Already in their late teens, they are taking every occasion in their life seriously. They are as responsible as men are. A European woman would rarely let you down just for nothing.

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4. American women are more independent than European women

As far as independence is concerned, the difference between European women vs American women is also striking.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

Despite being immature, American women are much more independent in spirit than European women. Lots of social, religious and behavioral shackles are keeping European women in a rigid spot. They are less flaky, but they are less unpredictable and more dependent on their social environment.

It is always fun to be around American women, cause their curious and unpredictable nature keeps the fire of adventure burning in them.

European mature women vs American independent women, that’s it.

3. How are they different in the approach to dating?

The rules of dating are different for the European women on average vs American women on average.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

The rules of the game of traditional dating in most cities of America are simple. You should get your date to a restaurant, then go for a drink or two, then you can slowly, step by step, advance until there is a proposition to get to a place where you or she lives is offered, and mutual consent is reached.

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In Europe, women on a date behave differently. Of course, the ways they do it differ inside Europe too, but generally, no silly American games are needed if you like each other. What American women want in bed, especially the younger ones, is some sort of the prearranged and prerecorded deal, while European women are much more open to improvisation.

As European women are more mature, they simply prefer to go straight to a point, skipping all the fake courtesy procedures.

2. European women vs American women: a marriage

In most countries in Europe women view marriage as a gravely serious matter. For British woman a marriage is an institution that is of utmost importance, a pinnacle of their lives, due to a long prevailing tradition of puritanism.

European women vs American women – top 7 differences

For German women the marriage is the basis for the striving benefits for the whole family. For French girls marriage doesn’t exist, only “l’amour” does. We are kidding on that one.

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American women, on the other hand, often view marriage as an extension of a date. That is why American divorces come as sudden as the marriages are. A divorce is often a big surprise for one of the parties, usually the male one.

1. European women are more feminine than American

European women are not shy to be feminine, as they feel much more secure in the cultured European cities and calm European country sides than American women in their often unpredictable surroundings in the cities with highly diverse and non-uniform populations, wild landscapes, and, often amidst the remains of prejudiced attitude towards women.

European women love to be what they are, and their femininity is expressed in the numerous ways, some of which we touched on above.

What is your take on the differences between European women you met vs American women? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below, or send us your own story!


  1. I do agree with you Americans women don’t care how they dress I am european women I dresses very smart every day european women are better dress than any americans women, americans women jealous of European women

    1. Read this article for some fun facts, instead got to read how much better europeans are than americans. Hate is never a progressive way if thinking. This just makes me never want to go to europe if people hate me because if where i was born….grow up

      1. “oh no, they said that European women are more elegant and higher educated, and i’m a stupid, (probably obese, i guess they forgot to mention that) american with a bad fashion sense. they must HATE me” 😀 no we don’t hate you, we don’t care that much 😉

      2. I don’t think they hate us American women. It’s just a lot of American women don’t put much effort into their appearances and due to the Europeans almost always learning English, we weren’t required or pushed to learn other languages. Society is different in Europe. Education is different in Europe. It’s just the way the world is. However, not every American woman dresses like a slob and is uncultured, just like every European woman isn’t just perfectly put together and gorgeous. We are all different. I will say though that personally I wish American society would put more effort into their looks and dress. Women don’t look like women as much anymore. When I was in high school I had the prettiest teacher and she was from Poland. She dressed feminine and pretty. But not overdone. She also spoke 6 languages and that always blew my mind.

    2. well,Ruth not all American women are the same. some care and others don’t. It just depends on her personality and her likes.

  2. i think european women are beautiful, but i’m only jealous of the fact that you are more likely to speak several languages. we need that in the US!

  3. I am an American married 25 years to a European woman. Everything written is pretty much spot on. Education is a bit different in Europe.

  4. I am an American Man and i have dated many American women and a fair amount of European women. The modern American woman is ( in general) a fat, arrogant, entitled, Badly dressed, sexually repressed, boring loud mouth. The status quo is to beat up on, disrespect and treat American men like shit…. which is why I have never married one and never will.
    On the other hand I have had girlfriends from Russia, Germany, Latvia, estonia, Luthiania, Poland and Czech republic. Any one of them would have married me but I wasnt in th finanacial position to do so. several wanted to have my children. Besides the fact that they know how to dress, behave like a lady, they know how to take care of a man 10 times better than american sloopy piggish women. I am trying to figure out how to get a European import without breaking the bank. Or Do I move there? Otherwise I will be very very lonely for the rest of my life. i am sad that american woman are so disgustingly unattractive. you can thank feminazi movement for this. If american men knew this about euro women, Especially eastern euro women who are the most sexy creatures alive, they would all move there…hence american women would then be as desperate as American men are right now. SEE I ilive in high tech, sausage fest San francisco where young men outnumber women 7-1. it s fucking horrible!!!!

    1. Trash like you isn’t wanted or needed in Europe, or by any woman, European or otherwise. You obviously have a sub standard level of education yourself, based on your grammar and ignorant comments. I sincerely doubt you have dated women from any of those places as 1) you can’t spell them, and 2) as you are American, you don’t have the excuse of English not being your first language (and you can’t spell anything. English is my 3rd language yet I can easily spot all of your flaws). I’d also like to point out that if American women indeed “treat men like shit,” how is it that a vast majority of domestic violence or rape victims are women, and how thousands of American women are killed by their significant other every year? How can you insult the average American woman when your education level is clearly below theirs? The average American woman would most certainally be able to spell “sloppy” if she were to be insulting a whole group of people like you are. And I would think that someone who can seriously compare any group of women to those who killed millions during World War II (when these women didn’t kill anyone), must indeed be a special kind of mentally ill. That level of extreme delusion you have is very rare and dangerous. I can also assure you that if indeed you did date the women you claim to have; they were most certainally in it for a visa, as Eastern Europe is generally not seen as a place with a great standard of living (they would improve this by getting to America or Western Europe. And it is far easier and cheaper to enter the US on a spouse visa). Also, beautiful and/or educated women do not date ignorant ones such as yourself, and if they truly had wanted more than a visa, finances wouldn’t be a deterrant to the relationship. I would imagine that you will be lonely for the rest of your life due to your attitude and nothing else. Even the fact that you refer to women as an “import,” a woman is not a car, and if you find one that wants you for a visa you can be sure she’ll leave you for a better offer just as fast (and I assure you, she will). I also feel obligated to inform you that white American women are ethnically European. This means that at least looks wise, they should be a good representation of the “average” looks of women in Europe.

      1. I don’t give a fuck about what any European thinks about me. If someone hates me because of where I’m born, their ignorance makes their opinion mean nothing to me. I’m not going to hate myself because someone thousands of miles away thinks they’re better than me.

      2. Dear Kajia,

        You are a gracious and good person, thank you for your defense on our behalf. We need more people like you in the world. As for this rude man, I would gladly assure him that with that attitude he won’t have much luck in the love department unless he changes his outlook on not just his female fellow Americans, but women in general.

        That being said, I wish both of you a great day!

  5. Hey Mark, You sound gay. Please, please, please – move to Eastern Europe because we don’t want nor do we need you here in America!
    Very truly yours,
    A beautiful, independent, PATRIOTIC American woman

    1. Dear Heather,

      On behalf of Europe, I would like to decline your offer.

      We would rather keep the impact of dangerously stupid people like Trump confined within the Continental United States, therefore mark here will have to remain with his kinspeople in America.

      I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this matter, however in America you have a wonderful system of capital punishment to deal with this kind of person while we don’t.

      An informed and educated European woman

      1. Ive dated both American and European women. I would go with European personally, they’re much more low maintenance. I’d say mark is spot on. Heather sounds like a fat nasty dike.

    2. Hey Heather. I’ve been married to a European woman for 10 years. I agree with Mark on all counts, and no, before you ask, I won’t move out of the country because “we dont need” me. Who is this “we” all you Trumpites always talk about anyways?

      Personally, I feel bad for guys who have to deal with “patriotic” women like you.

      Let me ask you… what was the last thing you did to serve America? What was your oh-so-important patriotic deed?

      You are not much more than an ignorant, boorish, boring, predictable homophobe.

      So, you have that going for you, which is nice I suppose… that is if you are looking to attract stupid, equally ignorant, unsuccessful men, which I am sure you do… in spades.

      Is it your goal to be such a wretched human being?

      Because if so, A+. 100%. Really, really well done. You are ahead of the curve on awfulness.

      Your parents must be proud.

  6. Dear Kajia,
    When I posted my comment yours wasn’t there already. Now that I have read it, I thank you. Ok, so let’s send this “guy” to another planet then! Maybe the mission to Mars perhaps? I don’t have any ill will towards European women or people in any way – I am of European descent! I didn’t vote for Trump (I don’t know who did!) but I love my country fiercely and just like I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be judged by the politicians of your country, please don’t judge us on ours. With the exception of that prick who commented, we really are a country of good people – friendly, kind, and caring.
    To the jerk above, I wanted to ask this: is your mother American? And, what’s the matter Mark? The whole Oedipus complex not working out for you? To you Kajia I bid a good night and thank you for saying what all women around the world would say if they saw this idiot’s comment.

    1. I’m an American woman of Latin and European decent. I find this article interesting and generalizing. Not all American women speak only English. Like myself, many American women speak more than one language. Many American women dress nicely and are well educated. American women are diverse and for those who love men, can be very good at love making. Many are polite and hard working. To generalize is uneducated. Fortunately, American women are increasingly seeking to be better.

  7. Being British I have had the misfortune of marrying two American women and I agree with most of the threads here. I feel US women are more dishonest,
    Prone to have their own agenda and manipulative. Obviously not all. Throw in entitled, selfish, immature and rude and it is an ugly picture that sadly took me too long to understand. I wonder if Prince Harry is listening.

    1. Sadly, as an American woman I see this behavior you mentioned increasing in our society. I blame stupid television shows and celebrity reality shows. Women are copying these class-less women they see on TV. If you want someone good of any nationality, pick a spiritual woman. Someone who truly strives to be a kind person and who loves God. Catholic, Jewish or Protestant, it doesn’t matter. There are so many people only out for themselves anymore. People break marriage vows because of the stupidest things like ‘i fell out of love’ or ‘he/she can’t give me what I need’. Marriage can be hard work. If you truly love someone and married them, then fight for that love and try to reconnect and work in things before just divorcing that person. People just give up too easy. Not directing that at you, just about society, especially American society. If I could move to Europe I would. It’s sad how materialistic and selfish we’ve become. Sorry for the rant. I hope you find a truly kind woman who won’t play with your heart. They’re out there.

  8. As a European living in the USA for 10 years I can not wait to go back to the EU!
    The women for the most part are femi-nazis, no sense of how to behave with civility. The rudeness, lack of empathy, poor education, kill or be killed attitude, men hating, greedy, slothful, obnoxious when drinking alcohol or on their cell phones in public, classless, entitled and psychotic in 1/4 of instances (25% of US women are on mind altering pharmaceutical drugs). Biggest mistake of my life marrying an American woman. I urge you to flee as far as you can from any American woman that wants to date you.

  9. Oh and they (US women) are f@cking gold diggers they will do anything for money. If you are lucky they wont cut your c@ck off too. Go marry a Euro women. The quality of life is so much better. Do not move to the USA. If you get sick it will cost you your life savings and you may just be dodging a mass shooter when you go to the cinema. The country, its people and economy is so beyond f@cked it is funny at this stage.

  10. ‘European mature women vs American independent women, that’s it.’

    Am i reading an article or tweet? Why would you write ‘thats it’ in any other spot than the end of what you are writing. What better way to completely invalidate everything that you elaborated on beforehand as well :p

    I guess your comment in and of itself proves that American women are less intelligent, oh sorry ‘independent’, than European women.

  11. As an ignorant American woman there isnt in this writeup that I can disagree with. However I can say that when you already live in the land of dreams, speak a language the rest of the world is trying to learn, and capitalism has instilled an independent outspoken mindset one would understand how american women have come to be how they are. To American men we feel the same way about you. Yes U.S. citizens need to take on some manners yet you know what these are our manners so hey. Comparing Americans to Europeans is like comparing the style of women from third world countries to Europeans. Sorry sweethearts but women from third world countries tend to dress better and much more well behaved than any thriving european country. Why? Because they need to seek and compete for successful men like koreans do something similar but for careers. But above everything America is falling behind and starting to realize that without a doubt so one day we will get our stuff together. As it is I couldnt graduate an american college without a certain level of fluency in a second language. Yet that isnt really the american way.. no… in american you choose your path to success… so when you are successful and educated it is truly admired and appreciated…. and to be the poopy american I am lets just say I probably look better than you if I were to wear a trash bag, my lack of manners helps me to get what I want, and I may fail a history exam but I darn sure can do a better job with my street and people skills… but hey we do have a lot to learn and I will not deny that.

  12. This is true. I married a Croatian woman and i have never been happier. A women that is a 10 in the united states won’t give you the time of day just because or they want your money. A woman in Europe will be a 10 and still talk to you and seem interested almost every time. Most American women want to be like Kim Kardashian and that’s terrible. She cooks for me everyday, speaks 4 different languages, models and doesn’t burn through my money. That’s hard to find in the US.

  13. This comment section is a great example of all the sexist men In the world.Congrats! I feel the things people are saying in this article are nasty and the fact that you talk as if you are above woman is nasty. Woman in other countries are fighting for their rights and here we are Discussing the difference between different types of woman.With that being said, how about you try to make a difference in the world. It’s time to realize that the world is changing and those America “feminazis” are really just average woman who know that they are on the same level that men are. Also the cost of collage is expensive in America and the fact you say that they lack education is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of anything it promotes competition to do better.

  14. This is mental, how anyone can be so naive as to make a generalist assumption on what a person is like based upon which continent they are from? I find that a little obtuse. People are indeed nurtured by their cultures and surroundings but also have a choice, some people follow, some lead and some observe. Treat people as individuals and don’t pre-judge as you’re going to potentially miss out on enjoying an amazing friendship or relationship. The choice is yours, open your mind and your heart and you may reach an enlightenment you didn’t think possible.

    1. Thank you Kane. I’ve been reading the responses to this sad comparison, which doesn’t look kindly upon American women (American Woman Here). One thing that I’ve noticed is that a lot of the responses seem to be a projection of the writers attitudes on the women that they date. I’m not pointing a direct finger as I think you know who you are, so don’t attack me for making an observation. If everyone did go about their lives looking at people as individuals instead of groups the world would be a much better place.

      Question the assumptions that you were taught and perhaps you will see the world in a different light and you’ll make some new friends.

      Oh, and one other thing…you get what you expect to get. If you’re looking at brazen, bigoted, loudmouth, fat, lazy, ignorant American women…they’re going to come to you thinking that you’re interested. Think about that!

  15. I am a curious Asian living in America. I have been married to an Asian woman and the sex isn’t great. I know sex is not the only thing in marriage but it is an important thing at least for a man. Now tell me which woman is better in bed- American or European? From what I read it looks like American women are bolder and adventurous in bed. Is it true?

  16. Ok. I’m a young american female who is not afraid to be feminine but much rather enjoys being myself. I am a tomboy that dresses like she is about to go to an interview for a company 24/7. This means feminine and appropriate.

    I would also like to point out that education does NOT mean knowledge. I can speak 3 languages and am learning a third. Mind you, I’m not even 20 yet.

    Education costs more in America, so that does not mean European women are smarter. This means that they have better access to education then we do. I can also guarantee I am more mature then half of the people that read this.

    At the age of 8 I put my own sister’s needs and health before my own. When something horrific happened to me at age 13, I spoke out about it because it could effect my siblings. Not because it happened to me. I would also like to point out that by age 10 I was able to cook by myself, clean, do laundry, and bake. All while having a pretty decent homelife.

    Just because American women get divorced more does not mean we see marriage and live as a game. It’s because of the fact that there are always going to be problems and because there are so many abusive relationships (mental, emotional and physical).

    I find this article to be generalizing and offensive. The worst part is that the person who wrote this is causing people to fight in the comments section below. I would advise to take this down.

    By the way, remember when I said I speak 3 languages? You want to know what they are? English, French and Korean. I’m also currently learning chinese. I’m also 14 years old. So!

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