American Women vs Canadian women: 6 Shocking Differences

American Women vs Canadian women: 6 Shocking Differences

American women and Canadian women live on the same continent. In theory, they ought to be similar to each other, but in fact they are worlds apart. And you can prove it for yourself right now.

1. American ladies’ appearance and clothes are more diverse

There are two types of appearance that are typical for Canadian women. The females of French descent are the happy owners of good-looking faces and nice body shapes, whereas the women of Anglo-Saxon origin look like their ancestors; they are distinguished by red or blonde hair. Some of these ladies have freckles and can boast of opulent curves.

Local females usually don’t follow fashion trends and prefer to wear clothes that they consider comfortable. You can easily meet a Canadian girl wearing jeans and leggings, as well as sweatpants and sweaters that are stretched out.

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However, there is a high likelihood to see a local woman over 40 in a business suit. By the way, all Canadian females give preference to attire of red color, which is not surprising, since their national flag is a red maple leaf on a white background.

Interestingly, there’s not a single local woman who feel sensitive about their appearance. That’s why they normally don’t put on makeup. Every Canadian mother tells her daughter that there is nothing better than natural beauty.

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American Women vs Canadian women: 6 Shocking Differences

What is specific to the US is that this country is home to ladies of different nationalities, social standing and living standards. Each of them stands out for their own appearance and vision of beauty.

That’s why sloppy-looking, dapper and elegantly dressed American women can be seen here.

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For example, local business ladies watch their weight, have a nice haircut and use cosmetics. On the opposite side of the spectrum lie females of various age, marital status and social standing who neglect their appearance and behave as if people must like them for no good reason.

2. Canadian females like to take over the kitchen

You might have already heard about a famous Canadian maple syrup, which is a good addition to various dishes such as pancakes. And this is exactly what Canadian women can treat you to. Local women can cook not only pastry, but also grilled salmon or moose with the maple syrup.

Canadians know how to prepare meals, and they like to do it. Every family celebration implies that the family members enjoy a slap-up dinner.

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With regard to American ladies, many of them aren’t fond of cooking. They don’t feel a need to do so. That’s because they can find a wide range of high-quality semifinished products at the grocery stores, including canned coups and even salads. All American housewives have to do is heat up their dinner in the microwave.

Nor should we forget that most of the US citizens like to eat fast food, which is very cheap and can be met at every step in this country.

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Another reason for local women’s lack of cooking skills is that they are always busy. Many modern Americans work all day long and come home only to get some sleep.

That’s why all they have time for is spread jam on toasts and wash it down with a cup of coffee. In the morning, they usually quickly make bacon and eggs and leave for work. During work, they order food delivery to the office.

3. American women aren’t as mushy as Canadians

If you have got sick or got lost in the city, any Canadian lady definitely comes to your aid. She gladly gives you directions to a neighborhood you don’t know or bring you to the hospital. And there is a chance of the girl coming to visit you in the hospital to make sure you are ok.

Sentimentality is a Canadian national feature. They can imbue themselves not only with the tender moment of a movie scene, but also with another’s misfortune.

American Women vs Canadian women: 6 Shocking Differences1

It’s not surprising that such females adore animals. Many of them have got pets. Canadian women coddle them and buy them expensive costumes.

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It sounds unbelievable, but local ladies aren’t egoists. For example, this is evidenced by the fact that they don’t use perfume when they go to public places so as not to make those people who don’t like its scent uncomfortable.

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An American woman, for her part, is also very nice to you if you ask her for help, but when it comes to sentimentality, she certainly gives in to their Canadian counterparts in this regard. In the American culture, being sentimental may be seen as an indicator of an immature person, whereas Americans normally seek to come across as practical and reasonable people.

4. Canadians cherish their identity

Canadian women are proud of the multicultural composition of their country’s population. They highly value their own identity, culture and whatever makes them unique.

By the way, the multicultural policy is supported at the legislative level. The preservation of the genuinely Canadian culture is regulated by various governmental programs. There are regional, ethnic and indigenous cultures in this country.

That’s why if you meet a girl from Quebec, she is unlikely to be interested in talking to you until you learn French or something about the particularities of her region. That’s because Quebec’s Francophone representatives go out of their way to preserve their unique culture, which is different from that of the English-speaking part of the country.

The American culture, on the contrary, moves towards unification. Differences between the representatives of various ethnic groups inhabiting the USA are being increasingly blurred because of imposing mass culture on the citizens of this country, which leads to the standardization and homogenization of people’s value systems, aesthetic and artistic tastes, etc.

That’s why American women’s behavior and habits are very much alike and predictable.

5. Canadian females like being courted

Canadian women don’t get suspicious or mad at men who try to take care of them or even court them. If you want to make a good impression on a Canadian girl, then you can’t go wrong with giving her flowers and making your evening memorable and romantic on the first date.

Local girls like to feel special and if you make her feel that way, your effort will be paid off.

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In the US, many women share the same feminist views, according to which courtship is a way to show men’s superiority over females. It’s for this reason that American women get furious when men hold doors open for them or give them flowers.

They view this as either harassment or a sign of a looser who is ready to bend over backwards to ingratiate himself with a woman.

6. American smile can be misleading

Canadian women are known for their pleasant and agreeable disposition. They are quiet, well-adjusted, stress-tolerant and patient people. In family relations, a Canadian wife is understanding and compassionate.

Moreover, they are good listeners. That’s why having a chat with her over coffee turns into an unforgettable event for a man.

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Canadians are straightforward people when it comes to the articulation of their thoughts, desires and so forth. They hate being lied to. They don’t like beating around the bush and playing games.

Instead, local females make it clear what they want from you in any context, be it personal relations or work issues. That’s why local ladies rarely come in conflict with men – the issues are being settled as they become available.

American Women vs Canadian women: 6 Shocking Differences2

As for American women, they are also quite forthright and candid persons in terms of expression of their emotions and feelings.

Of course, there are both amiable and cold persons in this country; some of them are ostentatiously concise and reserved, and some of them are friendly and easy-going.

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However, the American culture requires one to smile and be positive in any situation.

The fact that American females have a way of sending out positive vibes against all odds can cause misunderstanding when interacting with men. Males may just get the females wrong while talking to them, which may lead to uncertainties and miscommunication.

As you can see, Canadian and American women are not the same, despite the fact that they are living side by side, which is a good thing for those men who are going to travel there and talk to different kinds of females.

Which girls do you mostly like – Canadian or American? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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