French and English women: TOP-10 shocking differences!

The distance between Great Britain and France is very close. But these countries are worlds apart. So are English women and French ladies. Let’s take a look at top-10 bright differences between them.

The style of clothing

French women prefer the classical style of dress instead of modern trends. They don’t strive to blindly copy pictures from fashion magazines, and always seek their unique image and devote much of their time to it.

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English women give a preference to comfortable and practical clothing. They often wear jeans, sweaters, shirts and flat shoes. They wear high heels and gowns only if they are going to formal or restaurant.


There is a stereotype throughout the world that French women are elegant, sophisticated and feminine creatures. But in reality they are very self-sufficient, strong and independent persons. For example, it’s not uncommon to see a female bus driver. They are almost the same as men.

British women, in contrast, are very calm and never express their emotion violently. That’s why they often become great housewives.


Many young French females don’t keep up their appearance, seldom use makeup. They have clean hair, but don’t like to comb it. Also, French blonde women don’t prefer to dye their hair. If you see brightly colored hair, 99% guarantee that she isn’t a French girl.

French and English women: TOP-10 shocking differences!

French women – what are they like?

In the UK, it’s commonly believed that the more beautiful you are, the higher your social status is. That’s why most of British women take care of their look.

Body type

It’s very rare to find fat French women. Despite there are a lot of catering establishments like McDonald’s in their country, French women are able to make naturally balanced meals and still remain graceful and slim. (Maybe that’s because some of them rank among women in sport).

British women, for their part, seldom get fixated on their waists. Many English females are overweight. Some of them have double chins even at the age of 12. They are not going to give up cakes or biscuits. You can often meet them in fast-food cafés.

Bad habits

Some British women have a drinking problem. Perhaps, they try to position themselves as feminists, since there is an increasing number of women in English pubs who drink beer on an equal footing with men.

French and English women: TOP-10 shocking differences!

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French females don’t drink beer or vodka, but a lot of French women smoke. Older ladies smoke electronic cigarettes. Despite smoking is prohibited in public places, they smoke almost everywhere. Many don’t consider it to be a bad habit and smoke even next to small children and pregnant females.


French women know how to reconcile work and family, that’s why they can get married at any age. When a French lady falls in love with a man, she is ready to be a good wife and mother. After childbearing, French women often hire an assistant and share household responsibilities with her and continue to develop professional skills.

British women create a family only at the age of 30 or over (like most of European women), because they want to be fully confident of their partners.


French women are real extraverts. They are communicative and very hard to confuse. These ladies are optimistic, fun and have an excellent sense of humor. They are fond of visiting public places and working in the office. They are going to do whatever it takes in order not to stay at home. (Now you know why a lot of hot French girls went to the FIFA World Cup 2018).

French and English women: TOP-10 shocking differences!

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British women aren’t strongly emotional, and that’s what’s special about English mentality. However, they are always full of smile in public. This makes them very mysterious.

Plastic surgery (English women want to look like Prince’s favorite lady)

A lot of British women want to be like Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle. They are even willing to have plastic surgery for this purpose. Many of them ask surgeons to get their lips inflated like the Prince wife’s ones.

Not a single French woman thinks about the change of her appearance. Have you ever seen French females’ aquiline noses? They are proud to be the owners of such noses. Self-confidence is a very French feature.

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The using of perfume

France is the country of perfume. Each French girl and woman has her personal scent. Some women prefer one-component vanilla or fleur d’ ranger, while others are fond of more complex fragrance like “la vie est belle”. Perfume adds originality and individuality to the women of this country.

French and English women: TOP-10 shocking differences!

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British women, on the contrary, are considered to be a nation which takes care of pets more than any other country in the world. They don’t use perfume, because animals don’t like pungent artificial odors.

The choosing of lingerie

Recent studies have shown that French women spend five times less money on their bras and panties than American females. They are more likely to buy comfortable and practical cotton, rather than luxurious satin and lace. English females, on the contrary, prefer high quality underwear.

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What do you think about French and English women? What are the main differences between them? Feel free to share your opinion in comments!

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