Attractive Brunette Girls in Asia

Attractive Brunette Girls in Asia

There are no enough words to describe the looks of Asian brunette ladies – they’re extremely attractive. Asian girls are gorgeous, lovely and amiable.

There are a couple of reasons men prefer dating beautiful women. Firstly, it enhances their confidence; beautiful women are ‘highly priced’ and every man would like to always hang around her.

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Secondly, attractive women are interested in stable and fruitful relationships. This article provides resourceful information about the attractive brunette girls in Asia who are seriously interested in quality connections.


Attractive Brunette Girls in Asia

The Philippines, which is located in Southeast Asia, became a sovereign nation on June 12, 1898. The country has an attractive landscape, lots of museums, rivers, mountains and many more. That’s not all, women here are dazzling and always put a big smile. The women trace their roots to various ethnicities, for instance, Malay, Chinese as well as Spanish.

The Philippines was colonized by western powers and has a result brought in a mix of culture. That’s to say, some women here trace their roots to other races of western society. A good number of them look like Latin Americans. Specifically, these women have deep-set eyes, small noses, and sun-kissed skins.

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Moreover, the Philippines is God’s country. There are many Catholic churches around. The point here is that the majority of attractive brunette girls are God-fearing. Most of them speak fluent English, which is important for breaking language barriers.


Attractive Brunette Girls in Asia

Vietnam is located at Southeastern Asia. It is famous for its many bustling cities, unique landscape features, and beaches. Vietnamese women are strikingly beautiful. Just like the many Asian girls, these women have lovely natural features, slim shapes, and they look gorgeous even without putting makeup.

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The attractive brunette girls here, however, have fairer skins that distinguish them from their Asian counterparts. In addition, their facial features are more attractive. This is even backed up historically. Xi Shi, who was widely known as the most beautiful Chinese girl on the planet, was actually a Vietnamese. In fact, that is very strange because most Chinese men consider Mandarin girls as the most beautiful.


Attractive Brunette Girls in Asia

Thailand, or Siam (as it was commonly known traditionally), is situated in Southeastern Asia. It has a plethora of ancient ruins, beaches as well as royal palaces. The main religion here is Buddhism, one of the largest religions in Asia. Girls are brought up to be loving, loyal, caring and most important of all, God-fearing. Thailand has a rich culture and strong diversity.

Alas, sex tourism is at its peak. But the beauty of attractive brunette girls here is something that cannot just be dismissed. The women trace their roots from various ancestries which have in a way ‘altered’ their natural looks. They look much like Koreans, Chinese and Japanese. Specifically, they have much lighter skins.

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But still, there are rare cases of women bleaching their skins. In addition, it has been reported that some women undergo surgical operations to enhance their looks. It is easy to filter out such women, though, because of their narrow eyes as well as their flat noses.
Such cases should not scare men away. There are still plenty of beautiful women. They’re naturally beautiful and have amazing bodies.

Korea, Japan, and China

Attractive Brunette Girls in Asia

Korea, Japan, and China share a lot in common. They are considered as the superpowers in Asia. People of these countries look similar. In fact, many Westerners still have problems differentiating them. It’s hard to spot the facial differences amidst attractive brunette girls coming from these countries as well. But it is possible to tell the differences if you check carefully.

Facial Features: What are the Differences?

Chinese – The faces of Chinese women vary greatly, but they are commonly rounded. In particular, Chinese women have small eyes that are angled upwards.

Korean – The faces of Korean women have cheekbones and jaws that are more noticeable. Specifically, they have smaller or tiny eyes.

Japanese – The faces of Japanese women tend to be wider and longer. Their eyes are angled downwards and much bigger.

Japanese, Chinese and Korean women also apply makeup differently. Japanese ladies prefer putting makeup that amplify their natural appearances. On the other hand, Chinese ladies like wearing makeup that give them smoky looks. Additionally, they like applying red lipstick. Korean ladies fancy makeup that adjusts their eyebrows or makes them appear horizontal.

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That said, attractive brunette girls from these nations have varying personal styles. It is also worthy to note that some of these women undergo plastic surgery operations in a bid to enhance their appearances.

South Korea has the best surgical doctors, so it’s very normal for Korean women to go improve their beauty artificially. Many Chinese and Japanese women are visiting South Korea to undergo plastic surgeries as well.

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Attractive Brunette Girls in Asia

Russia is the largest country on earth, covering a staggering 17.1 million km² of the landscape. It is a home of subtropical beaches, numerous museums, unique physical features and a variety of wildlife. Statistically, it has a population of more than 144 million. Russia is beautiful, and so are its women.

The women here are mostly tall blondes and have traces of facial features of their European counterparts. For instance, most Russian women have strikingly blue eyes.

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Russia is a home of numerous communities. In specific, the number of ethnic blocks is more than 150. There are a lot of beautiful women dwelling in Siberian parts, Far-East coastal parts, semi-desert locations and lots more.

There are three major racial blocks of Asian people in modern Russia:

  • ethnicities from the Union Republic of USSR, like Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs
  • Asian migrants, for instance, Koreans and Chinese
  • Endemic populations, for example, Buryats, Tuvan and many more.

Because of diverse ethnicity, women here have distinctive facial features. As well, they come from various cultural backgrounds. These women, however, have a lot in common in terms of their values, interests, and relationships.

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Russian women value their families and are brought up to be loving and caring. Many of them are well-educated and professionals in their fields of expertise. Furthermore, they are interested in quality relationships that lead to successful marriages.

Just as mentioned previously, brides of Russia have a lot in common with their Asian or European counterparts. For instance, they are beautiful and searching for quality connections leading to a long-term and serious relationship. As such, many westerners are dating them and have happy families. So, where exactly can you find them? Importantly, are they sweet to date?

The good news is that there are numerous dating platforms where you can find Russian women. A good number of these dating sites are popular and reputable. Some of them are also new in the dating niche. Finding the right one can be a challenge, though.

So, it is always better to do some digging to get as much information as possible. Specifically, checking out some of the best Russian dating sites reviews is a great starting point.

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