TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

Women celebs with black and brown eyes attract a lot of attention and evoke admiration, since the color of their eyes is very bright and deep. Let’s find out which of female celebs can boast of this kind of eyes.

Salma Hayek

Hollywood is full of movie stars from around the world. But there are not that many women celebs with black and brown eyes there. And a talented actress Salma Hayek is just one of them.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

She was born in Mexico and has become one of that country’s national heroes.

Her mother is of Spanish origin, and her father is Lebanese by ethnicity. Since early childhood, Salma’s mother, an opera singer, has instilled a love for art in her daughter.

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Hayek’s father was a wealthy businessman who supported his daughter’s endeavors. That’s why the actress was given much to realize her potential, and she succeeded.

Kim Kardashian

It’s not uncommon to see the picture of this brown-eyed woman on the covers of magazines or find her name in the headlines. She is considered the icon of style.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

Kim has already tried her hand at modelling and acting and managed to achieve great results in these activities. Kardashian was born in Los Angeles in 1980 in the family of a famous TV host and attorney.

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Kim Kardashian has got several sisters and a brother who have also become famous due to participation in reality shows. And her half-sister Kiley ranks among the wealthiest young females in the world.

Selena Gomez

This star lit up when she was just a kid and hosted a show on Disney Channel. Later, her admirers were pleasantly surprised that Selena is, among other things, a great singer, producer, designer, composer, model and benefactor.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

The girl was born in Texas in 1992. Her family belonged to the middle class, but sometimes it was short on money.

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But Selena’s parents have never scrimped on their daughter’s all-round development. Even when they didn’t have enough money to gas up their car, they found a way to scrape up money to take their daughter to a museum, zoo or concert.

By the way, Gomez’s mother was an actress, too. And she used to take her daughter to castings and movie sets. It was then when a little Selena tried to imitate their facial expressions and gestures. And when the dark-eyed girl was 6, she decided that she would become an actress and swelled the ranks of women celebs with black and brown eyes.

Monica Bellucci

Monica is a well-known Italian actress and the owner of brown eyes. She was born contrary to the fact that her mother had been diagnosed with infertility. Monica was the only child in a poor family.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

Bellucci’s father worked in agriculture, and her mother was a painter.

However, the future actress did well at school, because she knew that proper education can improve her life.

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Despite the fact that Monica is a gorgeous woman who falls within the category of beautiful women celebs with black and brown eyes, her private life has never been particularly rich. She has been married two times and first became a mother at the age of 40.

Nina Dobrev

She had played a lot of supporting roles in movies before she got lucky once. The dark-eyed beauty got the role of Elena Gilbert in the TV series called The Vampire Diaries, and it made her famous.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

Mass media are fond of this female, because she is easy-going and likes to discuss her personal life and her film partners. Nina was born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, in 1988. And her family moved to Toronto, Canada, when she was 2. That’s why Dobrev is fluent in 3 languages: Bulgarian, French and English.

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Nina Dobrev claims that she has inherited a love for art from her mother, who is a painter, whereas her purposefulness is what she has in common with her father, who is a software engineer.

Victoria Justice

When she reached the age of majority, the brown-eyed girl managed to achieve as many goals as others couldn’t even dream of achieving. She has walked down the catwalks, sung on the stage, starred in movies.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

Victoria started her career on Nickelodeon Channel when she was a kid. Justice says in interviews that her employment at an early age and accountability for the results of her work she has matured faster than her peers.

Justice was born in Florida, in 1993. She has a multi-ethnic blood in her veins: English, German, French and even Puerto Rican.

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The actress first appeared on the screen in the TV series called Gilmore Girls. After that, she began to do a lot of commercials, star in music videos and take part in the shooting of movies.

Camilla Belle

The dark-eyed actress gained currency after she had starred in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Camilla was born in 1986. Her father was a country musician and the owner of a construction company. Belle’s mother was a designer.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

Interestingly, she was named after the main character of a Brazilian soap opera, which her mother used to watch.

Belle has built a career as an actress and philanthropist. Moreover, she is quite active on social media, especially on Instagram where she posts photographs and video clips of her everyday life and reveals how she spends her spare time and hangs out with her friends.

Keira Knightley

Keira is a two-time Oscar-nominated British actress, and nature endowed her with dark-brown eyes. That’s enough to get her into the club of women celebs with black and brown eyes.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

Knightley became the favorite of the British mass media when she was a girl, and the attention devoted to her shows no sign of fading.

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Keira came into being because her parents made a deal. Her mother wrote theater plays and dreamed of becoming a successful playwright. One day she made a bet with her husband that if she achieved a great success in playwriting they would have a second baby.

Soon London’s theater included the woman’s piece in its repertoire, and she won the bet.

Curiously, Keira’s father named his daughter after a famous Russian figure-skater, Kira Ivanova.

Lily Collins

This female is an actress of British and American descent: she is the daughter of a famous British rock-musician Phil Collins and an American woman.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

When Lily was 5, her parents parted and Collins’s mother sued her famous husband for 17 million pounds. After that, she and her daughter moved to Los Angeles, where Lily’s mother headed a women’s club.

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The female’s acquaintances suggested enrolling her dark-eyed daughter in an acting school. And Lily participated in the performances of a local theater with pleasure.

In 2017, she became a Golden Globe nominee for the role of Marla Mabrey in the movie Rules Don’t Apply.

Penélope Cruz

Penelope is an actress and model who has gained currency not only in her home country Spain, but in Hollywood as well. She became the first Oscar-winning Spanish actress. Apart from playing in the highest-grossing movies, Cruz also stars in Spanish, French and Italian art house movies.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

The future celebrity was born in a small Spanish town, Alkobendas in 1974. Her parents were regular people who weren’t rich. Penelope’s mother was a hairdresser, and her father was a sales person.

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Cruz has a religious background, since she was raised in a family that adheres to Catholic traditions.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

When Catherine was 4, she climbed up to a table and staged impromptu performances for her relatives and neighbors. And the adults said that Zeta-Jones was destined to become an actress.

TOP-11 sexiest women celebs with great black and brown eyes

The dark-eyed girl also performed for the parishioners of a local church, singing religious songs for them.

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When Catherine turned 10, she started to participate in theatrical performances.

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The Mask of Zorro became a life-changing movie for this actress. In 1998, at the private screening of the movie, she got to know her future husband Michael Douglas.

The actor got his eye on Catherine and said that he viewed himself as the father of her future children.

As you can see, women celebs with black and brown eyes are distinguished by all-round development and, generally, their talents manifest themselves at an early age.

It is also worth noting that women with dark eyes are attractive, and this color makes them look mysterious, and hence interesting.

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