The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

Sexy necks are a magnet for admiring male gazes. And there are many celeb women with such necks. Here are some of them.

1. Maria Sharapova

Maria is a glorified Russian tennis player. She is a former top-ranked player in the world and five-time Grand Slam winner. In addition, Sharapova has won 39 WTA tournaments in her career.


Maria Sharapova
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Maria is considered to be one of the wealthiest sportswomen on our planet. She has earned about 300 million dollars during the period of her extremely successful activity.

Moreover, Maria is a leader among sportswomen in the amount of income from commercial shoots for Land Rover, Nike, Canon and other large companies.

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After retiring from sports, Maria started her own business and created a confectionary company that works under the Sugarpova brand name and generates over 10 million dollars per year.

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Sharapova was born in the times of the USSR in a small Siberian town, Nyagan in 1987 and started playing tennis thanks to her father. The point is that at one of the family celebrations he got a tennis racket as a gift and, despite the fact that playing tennis was mostly a prerogative of the Soviet elites, he started to train at a local sports club in order to learn how to play this game and took his daughter with him. She’s got a really hot sexy neck.

2. Nina Agdal

This gorgeous female comes from Copenhagen, Denmark. She won a prestigious modeling contest called ‘Elite Model Look’, partly due to being one of the contestants with sexy necks, and moved to the USA.

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The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

Now this woman celeb lives in Miami.

3. Tina Maze

A world-renowned Slovenian alpine skier, Tina Maze came to prominence due to her thrilling rides down snow-covered ski slopes at great speed. Now the woman, who used to compete at the Olympics and won 4 medals, doesn’t participate in competitions anymore.

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The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

She quit her sporting career in 2017. After that, the most decorated Slovenian sportswomen tries herself in various other occupations. Her hot neck is beautiful, as well.

Tina Maze played the main role in the movie “7 to Heaven, in which the two-time Olympic champion in a giant slalom and downhill shares the secrets of her sporting excellence and guarantees that anyone who follows the rules set out in the movie will have a brilliant sporting career.

Over the course of the movie, Maze expands on the correct positioning of ankle joints, hips, shoulders and arms during a ride and teaches how to avoid breaking sexy necks or getting injured in any other way 100% of the time even when you are doing a dangerous kind of sports such as giant slalom.

And we have a good reason to believe her – Tina Maze has never been injured in her career.

4. Kate Upton

This American model with unique appearance is from Michigan.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

She is primarily famous for her participation in photo shoots for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

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5. Ana Ivanovic

Ana is a Serbian tennis player who was born in Belgrade in 1987. She started training at the age of 5. There was a war going on in Yugoslavia at that time, so this Slavic woman went to tennis practices at dawn so as not to get caught in the bombing.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

No wonder the girl developed personality traits that had a favorable effect on her future career: a lot of backbone, determination and a desire to go through with this. Nina’s hot neck is really sexy.

However, Ivanovic is a very superstitious person. For example, she dares not to step on the lines that outline the boundaries of a tennis court.

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In 2008, Ana won the first place at the Grand Slam tournament and was ranked the first in the world.

Early in her career, Ivanovic was shy and held an unfavorable view on being chased by curious journalists. She didn’t like to be in the spotlight and exposed her private life, but over time Ana changed her mind and began appearing in glossy magazines to please the eyes of those who like sexy necks and other lady bits, give interviews and started actively communicating with her fans.

6. Aimee Song

Aimee is an author of the popular blog Song and Style, which she has been running since 2008.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

Moreover, the lady has a huge army of Instagram followers.

7. Emma Stone

This lady was born in 1989 and despite being quite a young female she has already conquered Hollywood, participated in the shooting of more than 30 movies and won the Oscar for the role in the movie La La Land”.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

Interestingly, Emma Stone was named Emily at birth. But then Stone decided to change it to a different name when she found out that there’s already one Emily Stone on the list in the Screen Actors Guild. Emma Stone’s hot neck is very nice and sexy.

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Emma’s parents have nothing to do with acting. Her father was a contractor and her mother was a housewife. But their daughter passionately wanted to become an actress. That’s why at the age of 11 she started to play on the stage of an amateur theater in her hometown.

In 2005, Stone started to appear in TV series and comedies. By the way, she once confessed that it’s due to comedies that she decided to become an actress.

Emma told journalists that her early life was dull, so she was keen to star in joyful and fun movies one day in order to make up for the lack of happy moments in her childhood and adolescence.

Interestingly, Emma Stone is blonde by nature, but she likes to regularly change the color of her hair. It looks like women with sexy necks have got their little quirks.

8. Leoni Hanne

One day, she quit her job as a consultant on strategic development and committed herself fully to the fashion world.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

Leoni has gained currency as a blogger. She writes a blog Oh Couture which can boast of a lot of subscribers. As we see on the picture, Leoni’s got a very hot and beautiful neck.

9. Margot Robbie

Robbie was born in the town of Dalby, Australia in the family of a farmer and physiotherapist in 1990.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

When at school, she was enrolled in all possible school clubs. And when the girl was in a high school, she got into surfing.

It’s sporting activities that shaped Robbie slim athletic body shape. At the age of 16 Margot Robbie got a job as a waitress and spent some of her earnings on acting classes.

In 2007, after participating in numerous castings, Robbie got her first role. However, it was so insignificant that her work wasn’t even listed in the end credits.

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However, in 2008, Margot took part in the shooting of the TV series Neighbors”. That’s when the whole Australia started talking about her. After this success, Robbie made up her mind to conquer Hollywood.

She auditioned for the movie The Wolf of Wall Street” and was cast for the main role. After the premiere of the movie, Margot got famous worldwide.

Today, Margot is one of the most sought after actresses with sexy necks in Hollywood. Her repertoire is rich and varied. She has played both in blockbusters and in dramas.

10. Candice Swanepoel

Candice is one of the highest paid models in the world. She was born in South Africa.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

Swanepoel’s modeling career started after she had been noticed by a fashion scout at a flea market when she was 15. Her picture shows us her sexy hot neck.

11. Ana de Armas

She was born in Havana, Cuba, and moved to Spain at the age of 18. De Armas began to appear in Spanish movies and TV series in 2006.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

In 2016, the actress was already featured in a Hollywood movie called ‘Knock Knock’, in which she played with Keanu Reeves.

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Curiously, Ana didn’t know a word of English at that time.

It may seem strange, but the girl never goes outside without her dog, she even takes it to auditions.

The woman is supposed to star in a forthcoming James Bond movie called ‘No Time to Die’.

12. Lily Aldridge

This model was born in California in 1985.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

The girl started her modeling career when she was 17. Already then, she appeared on the cover of the Spanish Vogue magazine.

And Aldridge has been moving up in the world since then. She has already posed for Cosmopolitan”, Glamour” and many other fashion publications. She has beautiful eyes and a hot sexy neck.

13. Sara Escudero

Sara maintains a well-known fashion blog called Collage Vintage, where she shares on-trend looks and tells about the novelties of the fashion industry.

The Women Celebs with Sexy Necks: TOP-13

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As you can see, the women celebs of different backgrounds and occupations can be the owners of sexy necks, and hence, become the objects of desire. Which of them do you mostly like? Do you like when women have sexy necks? Write in comments section below.

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