TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

We all know what “Hollywood smile” is, but only a few knows its secret –sexy lips creating those famous smiles. We have compiled a list of 10 women celebs with the hottest lips so that you can appreciate their beauty!

Angelina Jolie

The first of the women celebs in our list is gorgeous Angelina Jolie. She is exactly the person who became a “trend-setter” in fashion for full and sensual lips. Haters can talk as much as they can that Angelina had an operation to enlarge her lips, but it’s not true, because now her lips look as natural as they did 20 years ago.

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We can only assume that as she gets older she has anti-aging surgical corrections so that she doesn’t lose the volume of her lips. Viewing the pictures of her biological children who inherited mother’s beautiful lips, we can also make sure that Jolie’s beauty is natural.

Julia Roberts

Who has the most charming smile among Hollywood’s women celebs? Of course, Julia Roberts has. She looks very sexy and natural, but she was one of the first Hollywood’s actresses who had the injections of collagen in order to increase the volume of her lips.

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TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

She had her first injections in far 1990. Nevertheless, she has never done a face-lift. The actress admits that correct lifestyle including yoga classes and desire for purity which implies both house cleaning and getting rid of “emotional and mental burden”, and sex helps her remain in great shape.

Liv Tyler

We can’t talk about women celebs without mentioning Liv Tyler. Her lips are beautiful and absolutely natural. Don’t you believe us? Then look at her father – the Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler, and remove all your doubt.

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

Tyler became a model at the age of 14 and then starred in such movies as “Armageddon” and “Onegin”. She managed to achieve this success despite inborn dyslexia (inability to read), although it seems almost impossible, because actresses should view the scenarios of movies before they star in them.

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She participated in a campaign to combat poverty in Africa together with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Megan Fox (one of the few women celebs with beautiful artificial lips)

Megan Fox is called the new Angelina Jolie. Undoubtedly, the actress is a one of the most gorgeous and talented women celebs, but she is got nothing on Jolie. Megan did a great job with her appearance and, to the credit of her plastic surgeon, he fulfilled high-quality manipulations, but the actress’s lips certainly were enlarged.

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

Who would have ever thought that Megan is very unsure of herself. (It turns out that even women with big boobs can be insecure). She confesses that once she was cheated. That’s why she strives to change her appearance and has already got some plastic surgeries. They changed her, but she didn’t manage to achieve an ideal.

Kim Kardashian

This representative of women celebs is also a happy owner of full lips. Kim Kardashian can claim that she doesn’t know the way to plastic surgeon as much as she wants, but her photos speak for themselves. The pictures of Kim’s big lips appeared on the Web several years ago. She was injected with too much “fillers” (injectable preparations). Now her face looks much more natural, but Kim Kardashian doesn’t give up injections.

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

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It’s very strange that Kim hides the truth about surgeries because her private life is the main source of income. If she doesn’t answer questions sincerely, her fans can stop being interested in her and one of the hot brunette women will stop being a celebrity.


This celebrity tries to hide that she had an operation to enlarge her lips. She asked for help from several plastic surgeons. One of the hot famous women also changed the shape of her nose and enlarged her breast. Nevertheless, her lips are full and sensual by nature. She has never changed the shape of her lips.

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

Beyonce always puts emphasis on her lips. She uses the bright pink, wine or cherry shades of lipstick. By the way, she doesn’t use cosmetics in everyday life so that her skin to relax. The most she does is putting a moisturizing lip balm on.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s lips are quite thin and plain by nature. But in her fresh photos we can see that lips of one of the hottest female actors became sensual and their volume increased. We would even say that they became unnaturally full. She clearly used “fillers”. But even in this case, her lips look very sexy now.

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

Sometime Lindsay was going down the wrong path. She had problems with drugs, alcohol, bad companies and relationships. It all negatively impacted on the actress’s appearance. She looked tired. Her face was puffy, and she put on too much weight. Despite all this, she managed to get a grip on herself and get back to normal giving up all the things which ruined her.

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Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria’s lips look attractive and sexy. And the best part is none of the surgeons have ever touched them. It may surprise you but when she was a child this one of the hottest female celebrities considered herself an “ugly duckling”. Unlike her four blonde sisters, the future actress felt like a stranger in the family.

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

Now when she conquered her insecurities she enjoys her small height and, of course, sensual lips. She is involved in cardio-aerobics in order to keep in shape, practices yoga and is keen on kick-boxing!

She follows healthy diets. True, sometimes Eva allows herself to relax a bit and eat pizza and Mexican food.

Jennifer Garner

One of the pretty celebrities, Jennifer Garner, has voluminous and full lips. But the form of her upper lip raises questions about its naturalness. We aren’t a hundred percent positive, but specialists think that she uses “fillers” based on hyaluronic acid. But she does it neatly, that’s why her lips are so sexy.

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

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Not long ago, she became a meme. At the Oscar ceremony, cameramen took footage of the actress when she was applauding during the announcement of the nomination of Oscar 2018 actresses and then froze with a shocked look on her face. Web users enjoyed her behavior, and they began to discuss what terrified Jennifer. But it turned out that Garner had a sense of humor. She wasn’t confused and supported the joke, voicing the video with her participation.

Nicole Kidman

She is one of those few women celebrities who gave up injections. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful woman with sensual lips once had Botox therapy. Due to her rejection of “fillers” she made her look gorgeous and, of course, natural.

TOP-10 pretty women celebs with the hottest lips!

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A few people know that in her youth she had voluminous red, curly hair, and then she straightened it. Due to sporting activities, Nicole looks younger than her age and has a slim body shape. With age, the actress became one of blonde women and, in doing so, emphasized her cold skin tone and her sexy lips.

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Which of these women celebs with sexy lips do you mostly like? Feel free to share your comments below.


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