TOP-5 countries where the world’s tallest women live

Where do the world’s tallest women live? We will investigate what the top 5 countries where the tallest women reside are.

5. Serbia

Serbia is in the fifth place on the list with women of the country having an average 167.7 centimeter of height.

Top 5 countries where the world's tallest women live

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Scientists believe that people that inhabit the region known as Dinaric Alps, where Serbia belongs, are the tallest in the world in general.

Serbian diet is definitely a factor in a natural growth of an average Serbian woman. Meals in Serbia are protein-rich. Besides, Serbians drink a lot of good milk straight from healthy Alpine cows and eat a lot of raspberries.

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These berries aid the natural production of a hormone melatonin, which is responsible for a wake and sleep cycle in humans; it helps sleeping deeper and longer, and therefore is a huge factor in overall health, and also in a natural growth; the latter occurring mostly when we sleep.

4. Czech Republic

Women from the Czech Republic hold the fourth position among the tallest women in the world, with an average height reaching 168.5 centimeters.

Top 5 countries where the world's tallest women live

If you ever saw on TV a Czech woman working in a government position, you probably were stricken how tall she is. In fact, the whole Czech government is composed of the unusually tall bunch of both men and women.

Scientists believe that the reason for Czech women being that tall is in the well-balanced socialist-type society, which gives the equal living and nurturing conditions for everyone.

The Czech government provides for the citizens of the country one of the best healthcare programs in the world; the insurance covering most of the typical cases. By the way, the absence of an affordable and decent health insurance is one of the reasons Americans are rather short compared to Czech women and other Europeans on our list. Once, an average American woman was as tall as an Average Northern European woman, but no more.

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Prague-based researchers claim that average increase in height in women occurs like ebb and flow.

There was a time in the middle of the 20th century when Czech women added a couple of centimeters a year. Now they add a little, comparatively, but still hold their place in the top 5 countries with the tallest women on Earth.

3. Estonia

Women from Estonia are in the third place among the tallest on Earth. Across them, the average height is estimated to be 168.7 centimeters. Both Estonian men and women continue to consistently grow taller since the early 20th century. Just to compare, the average height of an Estonian woman in 1914 was 157 cm.

Top 5 countries where the world's tallest women live

The reasons for Estonian women being that tall include healthy, moderately cold environment and perfect nutrition. All traditional Estonian food is very healthy and includes such protein-rich dishes as kama (cereal), kefir (buttermilk) and Kringle products.

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Estonia is also one of the safest countries in the world with the low criminal rate, and that provides perfect conditions for raising and nurturing a healthy child.

Curiously, besides being very tall, women from Estonia are known as fast walkers. Skiing and running are very popular among Estonians, and the Estonian athletes are also the tallest you can spot while watching Olympics.

2. Netherlands

The Netherlands come in second in the women’s height competition with its women’s average height at 168.7 centimeters.

Top 5 countries where the world's tallest women live

As determined by the World Health Organization, quality of life and good diet which consists of dairy products and fish that inhabits cold water may have significantly aided to a Dutch women’s height.

If you have ever been to Amsterdam, you probably noticed that Dutch women also like to wear high heels, which makes them look even taller.

The predominance of both tall men and tall women is shown into Holland being probably the only country in the world that has various special treats for tall people. It can be seen, for example, in all governmental buildings in the Netherlands, particularly in their doorways, which are always tall.

Taller women in the Netherlands usually have more children than their counterparts in the tallest women list. An average Dutch woman would not have a baby while she is studying, but, when her social position is more established, she is willing to have several kids. The genes responsible for a tall stature this way get inherited from a mother. Height is considered a very heritable factor in general.

1. Latvia

Latvia holds the first position. Women of Latvia have been measured as having an average height of 169.8 centimeters. They are the tallest among all.

Top 5 countries where the world's tallest women live

The country’s women added in height and overall health since Latvia declared its independence from the Soviet Union. Nutrition has become significantly healthier, while the choice of products for a woman widened. It allows for a perfect diet.

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Traditional Latvian potatoes and rye bread diet, already healthy, was aided by protein-rich beef, chicken and pork.

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Cool North European climate is generally a positive factor in a growth of a healthy body as well, as the tallest people on Earth almost exclusively reside up North.

A Typical Latvian woman is tall, slim, usually blonde or dark blonde, and with a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

Central and Northern European women are the tallest in the world. Cold climate of these lands and healthier nutrition significantly helps to develop a tall stature.

While some Indian women got into the top tallest people on Earth in the individual competition, on average they, along with Chinese, Brazilian or aboriginal women in Australia can’t get into the top of the countries where the world’s tallest women live.

Being a tall female has its advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended to not get discouraged if you go to one of the countries where the tallest women live, as some psychologists advise dating or to marry a woman who is taller than you are.

Do you know any other countries where tall girls live? Feel free to share your opinion below, or send us your own story!


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