German Women: 10 Interesting Features

German Women: 10 Interesting Features

Although German women are Western Europeans, they vary significantly from the women of all other Western European countries. Let’s find out what makes those females special?

1. German women are not unattractive

There is a myth that German women are not so beautiful, but that’s not true. There are about 40 million women in Germany, and each of them has her own looks, particular facial features and proportions of a body. It would be folly to believe that nature hasn’t endowed all those females with beauty. For the most part, German ladies are pretty and charming.

In Germany girls don’t put a lot of makeup on. They either don’t do it, or choose as natural shades as possible to make skin look good.

They also take their hairstyles lightly. What’s important is to ensure that their hair is clean. Salons providing services like manicure or pedicure are unpopular with local women, and nail extensions can only be seen on immigrants’ nails. Local women don’t go to tanning salons because of their harmfulness.

2. German females wear unisex

German women pick out clothes rationally and do it with a focus on comfort rather than on fashion trends. They adore unisex jeans and sneakers. It’s rare to see that they wear skirts and high heels.

For German females, comfort comes first. If they face the option of going to a party wearing fancy but uncomfortable heels or putting on flat shoes, their choice will be clear. These girls won’t let their long legs feel constrained and endure pain in exchange for getting admiring looks.

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3. German girls don’t marry in early age

Local women start to think about starting a family only when they have accomplished much, stand firmly on their own feet and are ready to have kids.

That is, they get married after attaining the age of 30 and only give birth to a child once they can maintain them and bring them up consciously. Moreover, German couples don’t have babies with an eye to having someone who will take care of them when they get old.

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In Germany, it’s not common for several generations of a family to live under the same roof or keep in touch with each-other. Upon reaching the age of majority, children leave their houses and start to build their own life without the assistance of their parents. Granddaughters don’t nurse grandkids, and the entire family gets together for Christmas dinner only once a year.

4. They are pragmatic and are eager to build a career

Self-development and career play an important role in the life of German women. They are able to combine all at once: job, hobby and child-rearing. Sometimes it seems like these women have no boundaries. They prefer to take a direct approach and fight for their place under the sun without noticing difficulty on their way.

are pragmatic and are eager to build a career

We should also mention their attitude to money. Local women are pragmatic and rational in this regard. They keep records of income and expenses, always know exactly how much money they can spend and can save up for the things that they really need. Germans are able to be realistic and accept the way things really are.

They are conscious of their personal responsibility to their own life.

5. The women of Germany are rather restrained

Many believe that Germans are rude and quiet blonde women who keep to themselves. Of course, there are different types of persons among local females: fun chatterboxes, serious social climbers and so on.

However, there is one fact that can’t be denied – most of them are discreet persons. They respond to any external stimuli with admirable serenity and calmness. Even if something triggers an emotional outburst, she won’t make it public.

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Besides, there are the strict boundaries of private space in German culture, that’s why people don’t tend to discuss private life and share intimate feelings with anyone other than the people closest to them.

Here’s one of the main dating tips: if you want to make a good impression on a German woman, respect her privacy and don’t poke your nose into her business at first.

6. They have high self-esteem

It takes long for German women to obtain education. They start to practice their professions at about 30.

Germans are sure of their awesomeness and don’t have complexes. It just so happens that there are more women than men in Germany. That’s why German women don’t have to get nervous that they can’t attract enough male attention or will face difficulties in getting married.

Their self-confidence manifests itself not only in their appearance, but also in their social behavior. German ladies know their own value and make up their own rules in any situation. They are aware of their rights and don’t depend on public opinion and their husbands’ wallets.

They prefer to make their own way in the world and fiercely fight for equal rights with men in every sphere of society.

7. German ladies are a bit genial and easy

German women’s psychological age lags behind their biological one. At the age of 25 they still go clubbing and don’t think about the future. This stems from the absence of social pressure in German society.

Nobody cares about your personal life. If you are single, then this is your thing. Nobody is going to think of you as a looser. Germans don’t live each day like it’s their last. They take it slow and live for themselves.

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However, these ladies are polite and friendly. It’s doubtful that you will ever see a German swearing. They are very easy-going.

8. German women share male hobbies

They have many hobbies and are great girls to talk to. Germans like to do sports, live actively and travel.

They aren’t keen on such lofty matters as literature, culture, global problems and so on. It’s nice talking to them about anything and nothing.

German women share male hobbies

Germans fully share the interests of guys: they like beer, sex, football and cars. German females don’t feel like black sheep in the company of drunk men at the party. They take to it like a fish to water. Sometimes it’s hard to see them as girls, but rather as a guy in a female guise.

When German women turn 35, they begin to watch themselves and seek to look feminine and well-groomed. That’s why mature German ladies look more groomed and attractive than young girls.

9. German girls prefer online dating and don’t like outdoor pick-ups

German men don’t have to take the initiative upon meeting German females, so if a German girl likes you, she won’t eyeball you, but instead will simply make the first move to get to know you first.

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By the way, it’s not typical for Germans to get acquainted outdoor. Girls normally react negatively to outdoor pick-up. As a rule, they prefer online dating.

But if you still want to pick up a girl outside, asking a girl for directions or to take a picture of you is a perfect excuse to get acquainted. A direct approach, like “You caught my eye. Why don’t we get together later on?” seldom works here.

German girls prefer online dating and don't like outdoor pick-ups

Interestingly, German women aren’t used to romantic relationship and courtship. German men don’t hold the door open for ladies and don’t give a hand to a lady who gets out of a bus, and so forth. They also split a restaurant bill. Local females don’t demand or wait for anything like this. (That’s what they have in common with independent Norwegian women.) And they are pleasantly surprised when you do it.

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But you should be careful! If you do it too soon or call her “Mein Schatzi” (my precious), she might get defensive.

Germans practice rather partnership than romantic involvement. They like it when no one owes anyone anything. The downside of such relationships is that there is no division of responsibilities. For this reason, Germans are naughty housewives.

They usually enter into marriage at the age of 33-35. Germans give preference to guys who are as old as they are. German females don’t look for sugar daddy, since the financial factor makes little difference – everyone is accustomed to working in this country. And besides, a young guy is better in bed than an old one and has similar interests.

By the way, one third of German ladies live alone.

10. German women love sex

German ladies adore to have sexual intercourses. They don’t perceive it as a forced favor to a guy. They behave uninhibited and can be called experts at perversity. Local women don’t have taboo. Fetishes and BDSM, which are perceived as perversity by girls from other countries, are considered the norm for Germans.

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In addition, many German ladies are totally okay with one-night-stand, and they don’t feel remorse about it, like, “if you sleep around, then you are a whore”. German society acquiesces to such behavior. For this reason, Germans prefer not to drag dating out for too long and instead jump right in.

For Germans, sex comes first. And love will follow, maybe, someday.

As you may have noticed, you can criticize or admire German females, but one thing is for sure: they are interesting, attractive and independent persons with a bone. That’s why they are worth attention.

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