10 clear steps to deal with a difficult woman: a complete guide for daring men

10 clear steps to deal with a difficult woman: a complete guide for daring men

Understanding a difficult woman is not an easy task for many men. In order to be able to get along with female who are the owners of difficult personality, you need to gain some special knowledge and skills.

Here we have collected for you the best tips on how to deal with difficult ladies.

1. Listen to her attentively

Listen to her attentively
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Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend the thinking of a difficult woman, especially when she is nervous or gushes with emotions. In such situations, it’s important to show her that you are genuinely interested in her ways of looking at things.

When your woman talks about something, you need to be a very careful listener. It will be wise to be patient and not to interrupt her until she lays out her thoughts and gets her point across.

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Take the time and put things off in order to chat with your partner. Pay attention to the tone of her voice and the choice of wording. It can tell a lot about her current state of mind.

Being a careful listener, you will also be able to understand what makes a female express her emotions.

2. Respond to her aggression with pity

Respond to her aggression with pity
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When difficult women are dissatisfied with something or feel angry, they usually direct their negativity at their male partners in the form of aggression. In such cases, it won’t hurt you to do some tricks that will allow you to neutralize a negative charge coming from your woman.

When your female partner starts throwing a fit coupled with aggressive actions, you first need to pity her and ask her in a worried voice something like: “How are you feeling? You look flushed. Don’t get worked up, or your pressure will rise. Hold on, I’m getting your pills.”

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Pity will definitely help you take your woman down a peg, since it’s a devastating emotion for an aggressor. Faced with pity for herself expressed in the form of genuine parental concern, a lady will begin to think that she acts like a little kid, which will make her feel uneasy and encourage her to change her behavior.

3. “Chop” criticism on the part of a female in small pieces

“Chop” criticism on the part of a female in small pieces
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If a difficult woman likes to criticize her boyfriend or husband, she normally expects him to feel guilty or remorse for his actions and start acting the way his loved one expects from him. What she doesn’t expect is to face a situation where all her claims will be considered objectively, dispassionately and thoroughly by her partner.

When your female begins to make critical remarks about you, you need to start counting out loud all the pros and cons of the proposed changes in your behavior and way of doing things slowly and in cold blood.

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You can also divide her critical speech into specific claims and start reviewing the advantages and drawbacks of each of them in detail. When a difficult female will see your honest and dispassionate look at yourself as well as calmness and refusal to lose your cool, she will lose any interest in criticizing you.

4. Avoid manipulations on her part by changing yourself

Avoid manipulations on her part by changing yourself
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There are a lot of men who are in a relationship with manipulative females. When you communicate with manipulators, they force you to do something that is advantageous for them without you feeling a conscious desire to do it.

As a rule, these forced actions run counter to your own ideals, values, principles and interests. In other words, you are being used without your knowledge.

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The only way to avoid manipulation on the part of a difficult woman is to learn to understand yourself and your emotions, rather than to fight against a manipulator. It would be reasonable to set your life goals and priorities. It’s also important to determine your values and principles and be conscious of them.

In doing so, you’ll begin to trust your feelings, emotions and judgement, which in turn will make you confident of yourself. And confidence is the best shield protecting your psyche from manipulations.

5. Don’t let her play victim

Don’t let her play victim
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According to most religions and ideologies, when a person faces and overcomes problems, he or she gains necessary experience and knowledge, due to which they can move further in life.

However, there are difficult women who obsess over their worries. They have a strong sense of sadness and unhappiness, and they always express dissatisfaction with the fact that their life is an endless bad streak. Such females always consider themselves victims.

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When you are in a relationship with a woman who pretends to be a victim all the time, you are normally expected to behave like a savior.

You need to make it clear that your female partner needs to change the outlook on life, look at things positively and become responsible for her life. Tell her that you are not a caregiver and your loved one is not your underage daughter.

6. Analyze the context of ignoring you

Analyze the context of ignoring you
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Ignoring male partners is one of the most favorite tricks used by difficult women. However, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions that the lack of response from your partner is a sign of disrespect or a desire to cause guilt in you.

The point is that ignoring can be used as a protective mechanism that helps a woman avoid the detrimental effect of your possible unpleasant comments about her and maintain her emotional equilibrium.

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Moreover, a woman may ignore you, if she wants to establish personal boundaries and outline the contours of her private space. Thus, females prefer to ignore certain questions, topics and calls in order to protect their right for personal life.

That’s why, if your partner ignores you, you first need to analyze the situation and context, in which ignoring takes place. It well may be that there are objective reasons for the absence of a response from a woman.

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7. Dive into the nuances of her life

Dive into the nuances of her life
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Most females are natural-born multitaskers. Since ancient times, their duties have included taking care of children, cooking, washing, housekeeping and cleaning. And all of these should have been done simultaneously. That’s why, in the course of evolution, women have developed a habit of being considerate of the finest details of the surrounding world.

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For this reason, modern women, who inherited the characteristics of their female ancestors, also show an increased attention to details that most men tend to overlook.

It will be wise to pay attention to the fine details of her clothing and accessories, interior of her house and car, etc. Immersing yourself in the nuances of a difficult woman’s world will help you understand her better and build a strong and healthy relationship with her.

8. Be empathetic

Be empathetic
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Empathy is a person’s ability to put himself or herself in other people’s shoes. An empathetic man can mentally put himself in a situation another person is in and try to understand what feelings and emotions he or she experiences.

With regard to difficult women, it’s quite hard to understand what they feel when you look at external manifestations of their inner state such as words, gestures and glances. They may be quite contradictory.

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That’s why empathy is a key condition for a successful relationship with a difficult woman.
You just need to put yourself in her place and show your partner that you are ready to understand her feelings and sort them out together with her.

9. Learn from her

Learn from her
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It might seem strange, but the best way to get along with a difficult woman is to start learning from her. When you adopt knowledge and skills from a female partner, you not only begin to get on with her better, but also gain invaluable experience that you would have never got in the company of other people.

Is your partner good at sewing and knitting? You should learn this craft, too. It will teach you how to stay calm and do things in steps.

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Does she like to do yoga? Join her when she does the exercises, and you’ll learn how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. It’s very important to keep them in good shape, if you don’t want to suffer from urinary incontinence in old age. What man would tell you about it?

10. Be patient

Be patient
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Some men perceive the complex personality of difficult women as the reflection of their malevolent inner self. For this reason, the male partners of such ladies may become irritable and angry in dealing with their significant others.

However, in most cases, that’s not the case. There are a lot of difficult females who are smart and kind. And if you are patient enough to be calm and wait, such women will definitely open up to you at some point.

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It’s important to remember that patience is the sign of a high degree of emotional maturity. Few men can boast of it, so it will do you good and distinguish you against the background of other men, if you develop this quality.

As you can see, if you work on understanding difficult women, you’ll be able to build a deep, healthy and lasting relationship with them. You just need to show concern, respect and love towards such women as well as remember that all of them are different and require an individual approach.

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