7 clear signs a woman likes you

7 clear signs a woman really likes you

There is an opinion among men that women are very mysterious and confusing creatures, and you cannot even get a try to understand them. Meanwhile, any man while falling in love firstly tries to guess if his woman likes him, and if he has a chance for reciprocity.

But is it possible to solve the riddle of the female heart at all? Psychologists say it is possible, if you have patience and observation.

What to pay attention to

On the Internet, you can read a lot of dubious information about women’s behavior when they’re in love. Allegedly, if a lady is truly in love, she would hide it from a man in every possible way. But the automatic winding of her own hair around her finger, as well as the blush on her cheeks, would betray her feelings.

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In fact, not every woman is ashamed of her love and blush like a poppy color at the mere approach of a lover. It also happens, of course, but such behavior is the exception rather than the rule.

Let’s start with the fact that modern girls are not timid Turgenev young ladies, embarrassed by their feelings and carefully hiding them even from themselves. Of course, emancipation has reasonable limits. The average young woman hardly would be the first to confess her love to a man, but try to hint carefully that he has a chance.

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But even if your woman is rather secretive and shy, you can realize everything if you carefully observe her behavior. There are 7 signs by which you can determine if a woman really likes you:

1. Compliance

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Even the most powerful and tough women who are used to commanding others become softer and more feminine when her beloved man is nearby. This is a purely subconscious reaction that has been developed by women over the centuries. Thus, a woman, as it were, shows that she has been conquered by a man and is ready to submit to him.

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If a girl gives in to you, agrees with your opinion, does not argue, does not prove her case, then she is set to have a serious relationship with you, and it can be a sign a woman likes you.

2. Caring

When a woman is in love, she wants to take care of her man, tries to do at least some insignificant things for him. For example, to cook a delicious dinner or give useful advice in a difficult life situation.

She would care of how you feel, what kind of mood you are in. That is, if your girlfriend has an amount of tenderness for you, you would definitely feel her care of you and indifference to your problems.

3. The attempts to attract attention

If a woman having found a polite excuse tells you what a wonderful hostess she is, how many virtues she has, this is an important sign. So, she cares what you think about her, how you feel about her. Most likely, she wants you to realize that you won’t find a better option.

4. Jealousy

Any woman is jealous of a man she likes very much. You can see how your women reacts when pretty young girls are next to you. Of course, if she is well-mannered, she would try to hide her emotions. But by carefully observing her reaction, you would immediately find out everything. If she is jealous, she would look upset, annoyed or anxious.

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5. Eager gleam in her eye

signs a woman likes you
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There is a big difference between the way a woman looks at a man she likes and one she is completely indifferent to. In the first case, her gaze expresses the genuine interest, admiration, in the second one – the usual politeness or indifference.

If the woman is seriously in love with you, a characteristic gleam may appear in her eye which cannot be confused with anything. Or, it is a good sign a woman likes you.

6. Willingness to sacrifice her time

A woman who truly likes you doesn’t look impatiently at her watch if your conversation is a bit long. Despite the great amount of plans, she wouldn’t hint to you that she is busy, as she’s glad to spend her time with you. Especially if you are not dating yet, but are only looking closely to each other.

In order to talk to you and get to know you better, she would even move some stuff around.

7. Increased emotionality

signs a woman likes you
Photo: maxpixel.net

A woman in love is characterized by a violent expression of emotions. If she likes you, she would take to heart any nuances of a relationship with you. In this case, the slightest hint of disagreement or quarrel can provoke her tears. And, conversely, the signs of attention from you would cause her enthusiasm and a joyful smile.

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Of course, any single sign doesn’t necessarily indicate a woman really likes you. But, if they are all present, there is no doubt that your woman likes you.

And it is also very important to consider your woman’s behavior in relation to the situation. For example, if you are her boss, then it is normal if she is very kind and accommodating with you. In this case, in addition to courtesy and complaisance, you need to pay attention to other factors: the look in her eye, the tone of her voice, if she’s jealous or not, and so on.

How to avoid mistakes in the conclusions

As you know, men do not like to defeat. They want to be winners in everything, including in love. Therefore, many males confuse wishful thinking and then feel very uncomfortable when the woman fights back to their persistent courtship.

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To avoid such mistakes and not to get into an unpleasant situation, do not accept the following things for falling in love:

1. Friendship

Some women see nothing wrong with being friends with men. If she has common interests and hobbies with you, she can chat with you about politics, sports or the weather for a long time. She can even share her life problems, grab success and complain about failure with you. But at the same time, she doesn’t even think to have an affair with you.

2. Coquetry

Many women flirt out of control with all men, but it does not mean anything at all and is not a sign a woman likes you. It’s just their female nature is arranged – they instinctively want to please everyone, without exception. So, if a woman is hitting on you, it does not mean she wants to be in your arms.

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3. Politeness

Sometimes it is not sympathy that makes a woman to be nice to a man, but a good upbringing. A well-mannered and polite woman doesn’t ever say she doesn’t like you at all as a man. She would pretend she is interested in talking with you, even if she is actually bored. But her eye gives her away – there is no passion and gleam in it.

The 7 signs mentioned above can almost certainly tell if a woman likes you. But there is still a risk of making a mistake. In this case, the best solution is to talk to a woman and tell her how you feel.

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