10 Easy Ways To Start Dating A Beautiful Woman

10 Easy Ways To Start Dating A Beautiful Woman

Dating a beautiful woman is not that complicated. You just need to find a way to approach her. And you’ll learn how to do it from our post.

1. Don’t put the spotlight on her

Try not to give too much attention to a woman, at least at the early stages of a relationship. You probably think that every girl likes when men admire her beauty. Of course, she does. But it’s not the men complimenting her that she likes; the girl enjoys the very fact of her being complimented.

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Beautiful women are used to captivating and fascinating men since the very first moment men see them. Males normally listen to every single word beautiful females say, try to catch their eye and answer any whim in the hope of sharing a bed with her.

dating a beautiful woman

That’s a bad attitude to have. It kills any chance of seducing and starting dating a beautiful woman. That’s because a girl doesn’t get the urge to obtain a man who is already hers and lying at her feet.

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2. Keep the pressure going

Sexual chemistry is possible only if there is a sexual tension. That’s why if you find yourself in the company of women and lay your eyes on a beautiful girl, it’s not her that you should devote your attention to. Instead, you need to take care of her female friends.

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It will be tempting for her to get your attention and enchant you in such a situation. That’s how sexual tension is created between you two. And this augurs well for an inevitable seduction.

Such a tension subconsciously fuels her desire to win your attention. As a result, she starts to think of you more often, and you become more valuable in her eyes.

3. Say no to her

I can say no to her once in a while, especially when she tries to take the initiative. But at the same time, you shouldn’t push too far and start a quarrel or give the impression of a prickly person.

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You just need to make it clear that there are things that are more important than her wishes and desire from time to time.

dating a beautiful woman

There are instances when she even demonstrates her desire to have sex with you right away. But even then you’d better say no to her if you feel that this is not the best time for this or you are in no fit state to have a sexual intercourse.

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If you start acting like this, the woman will learn how to respect your desires, and this will raise tension between you even more. Once you are able to say no to the lady, dating a beautiful woman is close at hand.

4. Don’t be persistent if a girl turns you down

If a girl denies you when you ask her out, it’s normal. She might be very busy at that moment. However, when she refuses you two times in a row, then the reason for this lies in your unattractive behavior, rather than her being busy.

If you are turned down more than once, you need to stop trying to ask her out and start changing your strategy for action.

If a woman denies you, don’t leave her immediately, so she doesn’t think that she has crushed you and broken your heart. Go on talking to her about something interesting, make a joke about something, say goodbye and leave her on a positive note without asking her out.

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Upon arriving home, settle down to devising a new strategy to seduce and start dating a beautiful woman peacefully.

5. Deny her requests

A woman may ask you a favor at the initial stages of a relationship. In doing so, she tries to determine which category of men you belong to: potential sexual partners or men who carry out her wishes and run errands for her.

If you aim to seduce a beautiful woman, you need to make a point of never responding to her requests until you get intimate with her. It’s very important to firmly refuse her without fear of hurting her at times like this.

6. Be consistent with your words and image

Any beautiful girl has plenty of experience with different men, which helps her determine whether a man’s behavior is in line with an image that he has created for himself.

dating a beautiful woman

For example, if you want to show her that you are an alpha male and an expert in dating a beautiful woman, but you aren’t able to find worthy answers and duly respond to a cocky person who tries to bully or put up a fight with you, then be prepared for her being disappointed and losing interest in you.

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The same goes for your principles and attitudes. If you want to show her that you are fond of discipline, then please comply with your own rules and don’t be late for a date.

7. Set goals for yourself and show your potential

Happy-go-lucky and party people might be of interest to young female students and those who are starved for positive emotions. But when it comes to girls that are in high demand, they won’t consider you as a potential partner if you don’t aim to reach the heights and don’t have ambitious plans, even if you are a ringleader and the life of the party.

To demonstrate your potential, you need to have achievements that have already been made and tell a woman about them naturally, like in passing, weaving a reference to them into the narrative of interesting life stories.

8. Don’t exaggerate her significance

This is the most important piece of advice that applies to the seduction of beautiful women. If you view a female as a very precious one, fawn over her and opt to be obedient to her, the woman will notice that you tend to chasing after beautiful women.

dating a beautiful woman

In the end, she will classify you as a low-grade man. This will result in her refusing to pursue a relationship and have sex with you.

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At the same time, you shouldn’t underestimate her significance artificially, searching for her flaws and weaknesses.

You just need to remember that even a beautiful girl wants to win your favor, so when she gets it for nothing she feels that your behavior is unnatural, and it doesn’t evoke strong emotions. As a result, the girl loses interest in it.

9. Be creative and self-confident

Use meaningful remarks during a conversation. A conversation piece should be thinly veiled. That’s because women like when men speak in riddles. While your relationship is still being formed, you shouldn’t get right to the point or talk about serious things, since it might confuse, embarrass and even scare a woman.

Tell her fascinating stories. Girls like to listen to entertaining stuff. You don’t need to share your own stories. Stories from the book you have read can go too. You can also mention life experiences that have happened to your friends.

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Give preference to a metaphorical language with abundant lovely epithets and sayings. This move will leave a lasting impression on a female.

It wouldn’t hurt to exhibit frankness, openness, sense of humor and desire to communicate. You need to be easy-going and emit the spirit of adventure. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create a delightful atmosphere. If you do so, dating a beautiful woman will be fast approaching.

10. Women like decisive men

Indecisiveness is one of the most unattractive man’s traits, since men are hunters and conquerors by nature, and their confidence and boldness helped them survive and make something of themselves back in the day.

That’s why women don’t like men who hesitate to ask them out or take the initiative in a relationship.

dating a beautiful woman

Beautiful women want to see strong, courageous and decisive men by their side. So if you suffer from an inferiority complex that prevents you from being a decisive man, then it’s time for you to get rid of it.

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Try to increase your self-esteem and get a better self-image. In order to achieve this aim, you need to stop being too introspective. There is no point in fixating on your previous setbacks and personal shortcomings.

You just need to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and nobody is perfect.

As you can see, there are some sound and practical pieces of advice on how to start dating a beautiful woman. You just need to remember that a winner isn’t one who doesn’t make mistakes and doesn’t lose, but one who learns from the mistakes, constantly works on himself, tries to overcome his fears and deficiencies.

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