Wanna dating an American woman? 11 weird facts you must know!

Wanna dating an American woman? 11 weird facts you must know!

Dating an American woman is the cherished dream of many men, because local females are very diverse and easy-going, which is why everyone can find a woman that suits his needs in the US.

11. They aren’t fond of cooking

If you take a closer look at American women, you’ll notice that they are like working machines. They have no mercy to themselves, and they work about 60 hours a week. That’s why local women normally don’t have time for cooking.

Owing to the fact that a life in America moves at a frantic pace, a kitchen is not anymore a necessity, but rather luxury.

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An American female prefers to eat in restaurants or just defrost semi-finished products in the microwave at home, because practicality and time saving comes first for them.

As you might guess, a local lady is unenthusiastic about the idea of cooking lunch for her boyfriend.

10. American women are reluctant to enter into marriage

It’s common for an American to have a relationship with a man and share a rented apartment with him. Even when both of them achieve success and financial stability, they are in no hurry to get married and have a joint bank account.

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American women are reluctant to enter into marriage

That’s because local females seek to be independent of their men. But curiously, due to the fact that getting married and having kids is not a priority for them, it’s not uncommon for local ladies to become dependent on their employers.

If you are aimed at dating an American woman with a view to building serious relationships, then American female might not be an option.

9. They put their plans above all

Americans aren’t accustomed to putting their trust in luck or freebie. The females know that they’ve got to work and sweat, if they want to be successful and find their place in the sun.

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That’s why if an American woman sets out a goal, she’ll do her utmost to achieve it. Even if her loved one asks to sacrifice her intention and desire in favor of him, the female will most likely refuse to do it, rather than change her plans for the future.

So if you would like to date an American girlfriend, you both should learn how to adapt to each other’s life plans.

8. American women are very self-reliant

US women are not afraid to try new things, take a risk, fail, stand up and move on. These females are extremely self-confident. Even if a local girl isn’t beautiful in a conventional sense, she always looks uninhibited and acts like a TV star.

Wanna dating an American woman? 11 weird facts you must know about them!

This makes them enchanting and sexy. And this is the first thing that jumps out at you when you see an American woman.

Obviously, you need to have a strong personality, if dating an American woman is what you want.

7. Local girls mature early

American women mature very fast. Everything happens the way you can see in American movies. In the US, a 13-year-old girl is considered mature enough to engage in intimate relations with the opposite gender in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car.

By the way, society instills in girls feminism and liberalism since childhood, which results in a desire for the full freedom of actions and the absence of shyness for their “mature” behavior.

If you are still determined to date an American female, try to find out more about her background, upbringing and so forth.

6. They set high standards for men

US women have too much demand on men. The thing is that most of the local ladies are brought up with the values set out in the Disney movies, in which a man appears as a wealthy, caring, handsome and charismatic person.

Wanna dating an American woman? 11 weird facts you must know about them!

Having grown up, a girl seeks to find precisely the prince from the fairy tale. It’s rare for US women to get good at this, so they often break up with their partners after a short romance.

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That’s how their boyfriends waste their time and energy on their crushes for nothing in return. You really need to be careful not to encounter with this kind of women, if you consider dating an American woman.

5. American females are characterized by fake friendliness

Most of US females look friendly, but unfortunately, in most cases they just wear a mask of friendliness. That’s what they do in the US. Doing an open-mouth smile, saying “have a good day” to everybody, asking them how they are doing is a part of American culture, so such habits are deeply ingrained in local people’s mind.

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This results in American women unintentionally hiding their real feelings and emotions under the guise of smiling.

This may lead to miscommunication between you and your American girlfriend. You need to bear this in mind, if you want to start a relationship with such a girl one day.

4. Some of local females are scruffy

As a rule, American women neglect their looks. Most often, they put their hair in a messy bun wrapped in a battered rubber band or just let down their hair instead of doing their hair.

They are not shy about how they look. US females’ clothes are jeans, shorts, shapeless T-shirts and sneakers or gym shoes.

Sometimes it’s even hard to identify who stands in front of you, a male or a female, when you stumble upon them on the street.

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That’s because many of them look the same. Such disregard for their appearance is attributed to the fact that American ladies think that they don’t owe anything to anybody, so everybody has to love them for who they are.

If you go to the store, you might see women walking down shopping arcades wearing pajamas or nightgowns. And this is unsurprising for people around them.

Local females only pay attention to the way they look when they go to some celebratory event. That’s why you can’t expect your American girlfriend to get all dressed up for you.

So if you still dream about dating an American woman, you might have to accept that your girlfriend is a mess.

3. Adult American women are monogamous

Because of Hollywood movies, it’s commonly believed that all American females are sex gurus and that they are prone to different forms of perversion. It would be sufficient simply to recall scenes from the movie 50 Shades of Grey, which impressed even adult and experienced viewers.

Adult American women are monogamous

Such movies might give the impression that American ladies distinguish between love and sex and highly appreciate the latter, regarding it as more important thing than love.

And on that basis, many argue that if a man offers an American female to make love instead of having sex, she will just throw him out of her bed.

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It’s fair to say that in the vast majority of cases, adult US females are monogamous. It might be thought surprising, but in reality, local women tend to start a serious relationship and build a strong emotional bond with their partners.

That’s why their intimate life is a far cry from what we can see in the movies. Moreover, American ladies are not prone to regard men as disposable and prefer to have traditional sex in the missionary position, rather than practice perversions.

So it wouldn’t hurt to try dating an American woman who is adult and prudent, rather than a young and slutty one.

2. They don’t have emotional dependence on men

Americans are taught to respect personal boundaries from an early age. They know how to share a common area with a person and at the same time not to intersect with him. In other words, local ladies don’t have attachment to their partners.

So when they feel that it’s time to part company, they won’t suffer because of breaking up with their boyfriends, and hence, will go through it easily.

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That’s why most of local females don’t tend to empathize with men. US women are unlikely to help you go through hard times. She can encourage you and even cheer you up, but she probably won’t live with a man who has a lot of unresolved problems.

1. Americans like to plan everything

Passion for planning is in their blood. And romantic relationships are also a part of the plan.

That’s why American women make a good use of their lifespan. They know perfectly well that there is a built-in mechanism in their body counting downtime to the decrease in their fertility, so they are forced to act appropriately.

Wanna dating an American woman? 11 weird facts you must know about them!

This makes you pause before starting to date an American female, because if you are not in line with her plan, she won’t hesitate to part with you.

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As you can see, American females are practical, rational and self-confident as well as the country they live in. So if dating an American woman is what you truly want and their values are consistent with your own ones, then don’t miss your big chance.

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