Russian singles vs American women: who are more sexy?

Russian women vs American women: who are more sexy?

Russian singles don’t resemble American ones because of the mental difference of their countries. Right now we’d like to compare the sexiness of American and Russian women.

External differences

Russian single women are capable of putting on make-up and choosing outfits for a long time in order to even take out the trash or go shopping. Not to mention a party or a visit to friends, which are perceived as nothing short of a world event.

American women are more easy-going about their appearance. They prefer more low-key style of clothes and use a small amount of decorative cosmetics.

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But both Russian and American singles should pace themselves in order to look sexy. Sometimes Russian women are too obsessed with their appearance. For example, a woman wearing clothes with leopard prints and using too much cosmetics can be taken for the woman of loose morals in the USA.

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And American women, for their part, sometimes completely neglect their look. In this case, their baggy clothes and unpainted hair roots seem unattractive to males.


The main priorities for Russian women are work, home and children. They are even willing to endure violence on the part of their drunk and unemployed husbands for this purpose. Russian women are able to do all spheres of family life by themselves and when they retire, they can take around-the-clock custody of their grandchildren. Probably, only Russian girls are capable of sacrificing their lives in the name of marriage and family.

Russian singles vs American women: who are more sexy?

Americans, in turn, are more feminized than any other nation. The image of a strong and confident woman who is independent of men has deeply ingrained in the consciousness of American girls. They place a high focus on gender equality.

When a woman doesn’t allow you to take care of her, wants to go Dutch in restaurants and even make her husband to look after children while she is working, men stop feeling like breadwinners and lose interest in such women.

Career and education

American women are born ladder-climbers, in contrast to Russian beautiful singles. The image of a true American girl is a businesswoman striving to climb a career-ladder as high as possible. American ladies rarely swap decent education and career for a family.

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Business acumen, a quest for success, persistence and hard work are just what distinguish American girls from Russian ones who more often prefer the status of a mother and a wife. This is not to say that American women aren’t good mothers. Simply, career is their priority.

Russian single women, in turn, get education first, then, get married and only a few strive to achieve success in work. In spite of the fact that both American and Russian girls are well-educated, most of Russian singles aren’t focused only on themselves, that’s why they seem more interesting and attractive to men.

Family and marriage

Russian blonde singles often get married immediately after school and have been on maternity leave for years, giving birth to children one after the other. In Russia, an unmarried girl over the age of 25 can be looked askance at. People begin to wonder what is wrong with her.

Russian singles vs American women: who are more sexy?

Russians are certain that the true purpose of a woman is to get married, give birth to children and be the preservers of the family hearth. Furthermore, unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t matter who they marry. The main thing is to get married by the time she is 30 and not to remain a spinster.

American women are more reasonable about the issue of starting a family. They often get married after 30, and even 40-45-year-old brides are nothing unusual. Also, American girls don’t jump into family life without thinking it through. They don’t give up work and self-development, beginning to bake cakes and wash the floors. These women are more likely to work hard and be able to pay a housekeeper and a babysitter.

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Of course, men give a preference to young blonde women when they want to build a relationship, that’s why they would rather date one of 25-year-old hot Russian single women than 40-year-old American woman. Do you agree?

Russian singles lack the freedom of morals

It has been observed by men who have had a relationship with the girls of both nationalities that American women are more uninhibited in all respects. They feel about a sexual intercourse a lot easier than some Russian women who consider that each decent man must marry them after that.

Actually, American women are more easy-going persons devoid of even a hint of affectation. They treat men as equals and are able to make some “men only” conversations. The women of the USA don’t pay attention to what anyone else thinks and do what they think is right.

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Russian single women, on the contrary, view through the prism of “what will people say?”

Undoubtedly, men like when girls are easy-going and behave naturally. Such women seem sexy to them. That’s why Russian nice-looking singles should learn from American ladies how to be open and sincere.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget that all depends on personal qualities.


We don’t want to offend somebody, but what we are about to say is true. In Russia, most of young women have slim body shapes. In the USA, for its part, there are much more women who suffer from obesity.

Russian singles vs American women: who are more sexy?

The most interesting thing is that American women can have slim body and fat legs. That’s why if you see a slender girl sitting at the table, you should wait until she stands up from a chair in order to make sure that her legs are also slender.

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Most of the men prefer Russian and East European singles because of their slimness, although sometimes it’s unfair, because chubby girls are more open and kind than slim women.

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