Hot Thai women: 7 main features!

The first thing foreign tourists notice in Thailand is hot Thai women. You should appreciate them, too. We have gathered a list of 7 main features of Thai ladies, just for you.

1. Hot Thai women are equal to men

Women in Thailand are the holders of quite high status in society. They are allowed to own land as well as have property rights. Nobody limits their liberty of movement, and they are permitted to work in many spheres. Generally, Thai ladies enjoy almost the same rights as men. According to Article 38 of the Constitution of Thailand, all citizens are equal.

Hot Thai women: 7 main features!

Hot Thai married women who live in big cities usually don’t do the cooking. There are many small coffee shops and restaurants where they can get a cheap and tasty meal. Also, Thai women don’t wash clothes at home, since laundry services are available to every urban family.

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In rural areas the situation is different, but there is a clear division of responsibilities between men and women here.

2. Gambling

Gambling in Thailand is strictly prohibited by the Government. The citizens of the country are allowed to play only a governmental lottery and several kinds of betting. The reason for this is that gambling addiction is the second most common reason for local society’s degradation, after drugs.

Hot Thai women: 7 main features!

Hot and beautiful Thai women are very betting persons and the prohibitions are no obstacle for them. Hoping to win due to their female logic, they usually gamble on slot machines in gambling zones which are placed on the neutral territory at the border with Cambodia and Laos. These gambling zones were created in order not to lose the flow of tourists, but hot Thai women also use them for earning some money, if they are lucky.

Moreover, there are a lot of underground casinos in Thailand despite authorities’ struggle against them. In Bangkok alone 5 large underground casinos are situated. Nevertheless, it’s highly problematic to get there without a conductor. The main visitors of such places are Thai. The schemes of cooperation between police and the casinos’ owners are well-established, that’s why police very seldom raid those casinos. At the illegal casinos, Thai play mainly card games and roulette.

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If hot Thai as well as other Asian women don’t win in the casino, they can use the services of a pawnshop where losers pawn jewelry.

3. Education

A hundred years ago, girls couldn’t go to school in Thailand. They studied at home and learned to cook and embroider. Well-connected parents strived to get their daughters into one of the Thai royal courts, where they could access quality education.

Hot Thai women: 7 main features!

With such a track record, they were perceived as good housewives who could be responsible for a household and didn’t have to earn money themselves. But only a few girls could be educated in this way. Now, hot Thai women are able to access good education and have a lot of opportunities to get a job and earn money.

4. A dream of white skin

Most of Thai shampoos, face creams and serums have a whitening effect. Hot and sexy Thai women’s ultimate dream is to have white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. To this end, they use various cosmetics for skin-lightening and take advantage of decorative cosmetics, such as concealer or face powder.

Hot Thai women: 7 main features!

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Moreover, they don’t like to sunbathe. They wear light clothes with long sleeves and hide their faces under umbrellas or headdresses for this purpose.

5. Massage

Almost all hot Thai and Chinese women know how to massage. Since childhood, they have been taught the techniques of it. A lot of health problems Thai solve with the help of massage. They believe that living energy travels through channels located between internal organs. When the energy flow stops because of blocks in the muscle, some organs begin to suffer from the lack of that energy and it results in the emergence of deceases.

Hot Thai women: 7 main features!

Women who have followed massage courses and have licenses usually work at massage parlors and hotels’ wellness centers, but most of them work on the beach without licenses. They bring a bucket of water in order to wash your feet before massage, spread their mats out on the sand and offer services for vacationers. It’s illegal, but the girls manage to deal with the police.

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In such places which are popular among tourists, for example in Pattaya, there are parlors where so-called “massage with happy end” is practiced. But real Thai massage doesn’t include erotic.

6. A desire to marry a foreigner

Many hot Thai single women want to learn English and marry a man from a more highly developed country. They hope that he would be a kind, generous and undemanding of his future wife’s education.

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Hot Thai women: 7 main features!

The Internet helps Thai girls in this regard. There are a lot of websites where they are registered and patiently waiting for their princes. Foreigners, who have heard so much about Thai obedient women, constantly visit those websites and choose suitable beauties. Women from Thailand don’t search for handsome or athletic-built men of young age. They seek ordinary-looking men with a regular income.

Another reason why hot Thai women search for foreign men, is that they have sensitive and respectful attitude towards children and women. The same can’t be said about native Thai men.

7. Prostitution

It’s difficult to be a woman if you live in the countryside of Thailand and your family is poor. In this case, girls are most likely to go to a large city in order to work as a prostitute. Thailand is known for its loyalty to prostitution. All “ladies of the night” are legally employed and have personal ID cards.

There are two kinds of “ladies of easy virtue”. The first kind is free-lance girls. They don’t work in bars or clubs, since these girls work for themselves. These hot Thai women are ready to play the role of your wife. They will take care of you, guess all your needs, give you as much attention as you have never had before. You begin to think that this girl is special, and you have never met such a wonderful woman. When you leave Thailand, she will tell you that she will wait for you. And when you talk to her via Skype in a month, she will most likely ask you for money.

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The second kind of prostitutes are hot Thai women who work in bars and go-go clubs. They are “attached” to a certain place and work every day. If you want to leave a bar with such girl you will have to pay the bar and then the girl. If you wish to «buy the girl» so that she ends her arrangement with the bar and leaves with you, you will have to give the bar 10 – 20 thousand Thai baht.

Have you ever been to Thailand? Did you make love with Thai women? How did you like them? Feel free to express your minds in the comments section below.

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