Marry a Spanish Girl: 5 Pros and 2 Cons

Marry a Spanish Girl: 5 Pros and 2 Cons

Thinking about the golden sun of Spanish beaches, you may be tempted to go there and marry a Spanish girl who is as hot as local bullfighting. But first, let’s find out their pros and cons.


1. They prefer passion to romance

Spanish women are legendary. It’s all about their nature. They are temperamental, impassioned, high-spirited and fun. So no wonder they can cause fear of being rejected among calm and unemotional men from other countries. It’s passion that makes Spanish women stand out among the representatives of most other nationalities.

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Looking at them, it’s understandable that love and passion are inseparable concepts. While the majority of women in the world like romance, flowers and the other beautiful attributes of courtship rituals, the brunette women living in the Iberian Peninsula prefer a “go straight to the point” approach.

Spanish women prefer passion over romance

Any woman needs to be entertained from time to time, but if you want to marry a Spanish girl you should keep in mind that local ladies are not like any of the foreign females in this regard, because they need to be amused all the time. This is what they have in common with Argentinian women, so Latin dating is not much different from Spanish one.

You dance with them till you drop at night clubs, come up with different ways to express your feelings to her and so forth.

In other words, you should provide a spark for a meaningful relationship. But if you don’t have charisma, this isn’t a big deal. The beauty of it is that if a guy can’t provide a spark, a Spanish girl is capable of getting him excited.

2. They are emotional and easy to talk to

Of course, women in the rest of the world can do it too, but the Spaniards are easier to approach, since one of their most pronounced national characteristics is an ability to sympathize and empathize. That’s why they are easy to talk to. When you are around this kind of girl, there is a feeling that she feels for you.

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Women who live outside Spain can also be emotional, but they don’t usually want to open up to a strange man immediately. These girls dream that guys will guess their desires themselves, whereas a Spanish lady always has a way with words, so she will let you know if she wants something right away. It wouldn’t hurt to know this if you are going to marry a Spanish girl.

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They even won’t hesitate to make a scene in a public place for this purpose. Put simply, emotionally, they are easy to pick up and go. They prefer to unburden themselves instantly and don’t like to put off a serious talk.

3. They are good-looking

A lot of Spanish ladies are as beautiful as the 2015 Miss Universe Mireia Lalaguna Royo.

Modern Spaniards can be identified by tanned skin, black hair, brown eyes, shortness or medium height. Nevertheless, there are gingers and fair-haired women with light-colored eyes among them.

Spanish women are good-looking

Clearly, there is no accounting for taste, but it is in Spain that you can find really charming women! That’s why plenty of men from around the globe wouldn’t mind dating a Spanish woman.

To understand their anthropology we should go back in history. The Iberian Peninsula is similar to the French, English, German and Swiss people in terms of the ethnic type of the local population. That is, they are the typical representatives of European ethnic groups with a dash of the southern Mediterranean ethnic groups lay the foundation for the creation of Spanish women’s unique physical appearance and temperament.

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Separately worth noting, for the most part, even famous Spanish women are inferior to Eastern European ladies in terms of appearance. They are short and have quite coarse facial features. The shape of their faces is elongated.

Anyway, there are a lot of attractive women in this country, so don’t miss an opportunity to marry a Spanish girl.

4. Their behavior isn’t monotonous

Spanish girls combine many contradictions. On the one hand, they may seem scandalous, selfish and cold, when it comes to her career or privacy. Sometimes they try to take precedence over men in a relationship.

On the other hand, they are very peaceful, friendly and adorable. Spanish women are always open to making new friends. And that’s good news for those who want to marry a Spanish girl. They are capable of feeling for a person and are keenly interested in how you are doing.

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Moreover, they will open up to you easily if you interact with them in a quiet environment and talk to them calmly. In so doing, they are easy to talk to and get in touch with.

Spanish girls are very sociable. They can chit-chat for hours nonstop and, in parallel, to actively gesture, so you will never get bored with them. They do their best to make you feel comfortable.

5. Spanish women have a fine style of their own

It’s safe to say that the style of women from the Iberian Peninsula is different from that of other Europeans. They like to look outrageous.

Spanish women have a fine style of their own

Until they turn 30-35, they give preference to youth-oriented clothes. They prefer to wear shorts and demonstrate their gorgeous legs. And in general, they are attracted to outfits that highlight their hotness and yummy curves. And they don’t hesitate to wear such clothes in different places, including their workplaces.

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After the age of 30-35, Spaniards start to adopt a strict approach to choosing their style of clothes. And that’s what Spanish and Italian women have in common. They begin to pick out modest outfits and jewelry. With regard to hairstyles, they prefer to have long hair.


1. Feminism is a stumbling block for those who want to marry a Spanish girl

Until the beginning of the 21st century, local women were regarded as unequal to men. A married woman wasn’t allowed to get a job or do anything without her husband’s consent. Any activities related to her hobby, domestic work, grocery shopping and acquaintances couldn’t be carried out without a husband’s official permission.

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If a Spanish wife cheated on her spouse, this demeanor was covered by the Criminal Code. In addition, children remained with a man after divorce. Moreover, women weren’t permitted to perform abortions. This law was abolished in 1978. A law that allowed women to combine formal employment and being a housewife was adopted only in 1999.

Feminism is a stumbling block for those who want to marry a Spanish girl

As for now, “extreme feminism” is a widespread notion in Spain. This movement was formed to protest gender inequality which resulted in the abolishment of prohibitions listed above. That’s why today Spanish women are considered the full-fledged members of society.

Nevertheless, there are some spillover effects. It has become much harder for men to control their women and live in peace with them. Don’t forget about that when you want to marry a Spanish girl.

For example, there is a domestic violence law in this country. A man can be detained for 3 days, purely because his wife has filed a lawsuit against him. The government pays state duty for filing the suit on its own, so a woman can file complaints free of charge every single day. And even if a man’s guilt isn’t proven, he will have to spend 3 days in police custody anyway.

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It’s not uncommon for a Spanish wife to lodge a complaint against her husband even if she hasn’t experienced direct violence or moral and psychological pressure at his hands, but only a dispute arose between them over the waste of a family budget or disagreement on the methods of child-rearing. In the end, the outcome is predetermined – a man serves his sentence.

2. They are social climbers

Modern Spanish women feel freer than they did barely 20 years ago. But their male compatriots aren’t happy with the women’s fixation with career, coldness and concern to improve their social standing. And that’s not what you would like to hear if you are going to marry a Spanish girl.

Interestingly, in Latin America things are different, so if you are interested in dating a Hispanic girl, you should pay attention to Venezuelan women.

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In other words, they give high priority to their own self-realization. That’s why Spanish men are increasingly prone to marry foreign ladies and really like Russian and Ukrainian girls. The latter are the most beautiful and submissive, so they make good wives.

Another prominent feature of Spanish women is the absence of desire to find a rich husband. Instead, they strive to be successful themselves. That’s the main reason why they enter into marriage after the age of 35.

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