Dating a Finnish girl: 6 Pros and 3 Cons

Dating a Finnish girl: 6 Pros and 3 Cons

Dating a Finnish girl is an enjoyable activity for those who aren’t afraid of harsh Finnish winters and self-contained blonde beauties. Let’s find out whether they are your type of females.


1. Educated Finnish women are attractive and rich

A lot of Finnish women are well-educated and normally do a lot of reading. As a rule, such females put their career first and have a higher education, sometimes even two. They hold important positions or run businesses.

Such females earn an average of 8 – 15 thousand euro per month. Most of them are single either with no kids or with 1-2 kids from a previous relationship and have a house in high-end locations on the quiet outskirts of the city.

Surely, women like this are well-groomed, since they can afford to spend several thousand dollars per month on clothing and several more thousands on SPA treatments, massage and beauty parlors.

This kind of blonde women is also a feast for the eyes, because they do sports and take care of their health – Finnish women prefer a bicycle over a car. These women can travel a distance of 40 kilometers per day on it to commute to work.

Moreover, dating a Finnish girl is a great way to spend the day, since despite being social climbers they are great persons to talk to, since they like to spend their free time with their female friends and do a lot of traveling all around the world.

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2. They tend to be clear with you

Finnish women seek to be honest with their partners. They don’t need to splurge and pretend to be something that they are not. This applies both to their outfits, make-up and their behavior.

Dating a Finnish girl: 6 Pros and 3 Cons

She wants her partner to love her for who she is. That’s why they don’t need to be wrapped in beautiful paper. Finnish women don’t compete for men’s attention – they befriend males, and hence have strong psychological bond with them and even share their interests: they attend hockey games, bars, saunas, ride a bike, get a tattoo and go for a jog together.

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They are punctual partners in the home, helpful colleagues at work and great lovers in bed, which is important to know if you are interested in dating a Finnish girl.

Finnish females don’t normally fawn over their dates, tip-toe around them or play lovey-dovey with them. Nevertheless, you can rely entirely on them in any situation – they will help you both by their words and deeds.

3. Their appearance is quite unique and appealing

Women from this Nordic country aren’t like females of any other ethnicities. Their physique and body shape are quite unique. Many men actually find them physically attractive, since it adds spice to these women’s appearance.

Finnish girls are distinguished by blonde hair and eyebrows and fair or slightly grayish skin.

It’s rare to find a Finnish girl with hazel or dark eyes. Mostly, they have pale blue or gray ones.

Their faces are rather big, with a broad forehead and high cheekbones. A lot of local Scandinavian girls are characterized by a stocky build.

It’s not uncommon to see overweight Finnish women and those whose waists are poorly expressed.

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Most of the local women are of average height. Their torso may look long and their legs may seem short. Scientists claim that such a body type has formed due to cold climate.

However, men who like dating a Finnish girl don’t see this as weak points, because such peculiarities add spice to their appearance.

4. When dating a Finnish girl, she can take the initiative and get you into bed

You can’t refer to them as spoiled, capricious or demanding persons. If a Finnish girl is attracted to a man, she can start a relationship with him without being courted for a long time or flooded with expensive gifts. She often makes an offer of living together herself.

Most of these Nordic women are financially stable as well as decisive and vigorous. And this applies both to their career and private life. They don’t demand a special treatment from a man, and instead, they are ready to make the first move and say hello to you.

Many of them are able to decide to say about their sexual desires and willingness to have sex with a man they like.

Such a behavior is nothing to be ashamed of. Local women are entitled to do the same things that man normally do.

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This might sound too good to be true, so why shouldn’t you start dating a Finnish girl to figure it out? Move on to Finnish dating as soon as possible.

5. Finnish women focus on current relationship and don’t spread themselves too thin

They respect the principle of simplicity and enjoy the prevalence of quality over quantity.

Finnish women follow these principles both when they take care of their appearance (refuse to put on make-up or fill their closets with outfits to the rafters) and when they do housework (put out unnecessary stuff in special containers placed on the street).

And the same goes for the sphere of relationship. Finland female won’t respond to the courtship signals of several men at once just because it’s not clear which one of them is better. She won’t go bowling with a guy, if she went to a restaurant with another man the previous day.

6. They won’t demand that you give them expensive gifts

Finnish ladies respect the principle of comport and utility, just like German women. That’s why when you start dating a Finnish girl, she won’t ask you to buy her “that thing” just because “it’s so nice”. She would rather give preference to practical and useful things, even if they aren’t expensive.

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This is quite clearly demonstrated by the way they arrange their living space. While visiting them, you will see that the decor of their houses is quite simple, but tasteful at that. Everything is in its place and there is no unnecessary stuff.

Interestingly, local women like to get as a gift the things that remind them of something. Yes, Finnish women do have a sentimental bone, although the stereotypes about these females suggest otherwise.


1. It’s difficult to find a date outside big cities

Women who are born and raised in the sparsely populated areas of Finland don’t normally seek to stay there for too long or get married. They prefer to settle in large cities.

Dating a Finnish girl: 6 Pros and 3 Cons

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That’s why there is no shortage of charming girls in cities like Helsinki, Lahti and Turku, whereas areas like Lapland raise an alarm about the insufficient number of females and a great number of wistful Finnish men.

2. Young women are great to hang out with, but they are egoistic and frivolous

Before you consider dating a Finnish girl, you need to know that a young local lady dyes her hair a strange color and takes interest in clothing and cosmetics. During this period of their life, they commit to searching for themselves – they become adherents to different subcultures, beginning with Japanese anime and ending with heavy metal.

Their egoism and boldness and reluctance to work are coupled with a weakness for alcohol and drugs, that is, for all sorts of things, even if they are prohibited.

Notwithstanding this, by the age of 30, Finnish women manage to sort themselves out, get their priorities right and embark upon the road of family and life values. From this point on, they are gradually becoming devoted friends, caring mothers and dedicated workers leading healthy lives.

3. Feminists who can beat you up

If someone offends a Finnish woman, she won’t burst out crying. (This is what they have in common with Norwegian women). “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is the main life motto of Finnish females.

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They enjoy full economic and moral protection provided by law and society. Finland is one of the few countries where women are treated like queens.

They have already managed to become publicly loved President, the chairwoman of the Parliament, the head of the Central Bank, Ministers of Justice, Finance, Internal Affairs, Health, International Development and even Defense.

A Finnish woman even managed to become the first female bishop in the world.

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Moreover, they are quite strong. (So think twice before you start dating in Finland).

They serve in the army, meeting physical fitness standards related to men. They work as a bouncer at nightclubs, play hockey, lift weighs in the gym and are even keen on diving under the ice. By the way, strong women competitions are a common occurrence in Finland.

Local ladies aren’t afraid to chip their nails or rip their dresses, because they don’t normally get manicures or pedicures and prefer to wear jeans and shirts or sweatshirts.

That’s why there is a problem of increasing violence against men in this Nordic country – women beat men.

As you can see, online dating may result in a torrid affair with a strong, smart and self-sufficient Nordic beauty. If this course of event suits you, then you are going to have a real good time in the near future.

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