10 Great Reasons to Date a Jewish Woman

10 Great Reasons to Date a Jewish Woman

A lot has been written about Jews. The long-suffering people, marked by God, gained their statehood only in 1948…

50 years of wandering in the desert under the leadership of Moses, violence and persecution, extermination during the Second World War, the permanent war in the Gaza Strip – a lot of trials fell on the backs of the Jewish people. But, in spite of everything, the Jews gave the world many great people – world-famous scientists, talented musicians, actors, famous doctors.

However, the collective image of a Jewish man is rather grotesque in nature: a cunning, greedy and not the good type, ready to give up too many things for their own benefit.

Who are Jewish women?

Of course, Jews, like women of any other nationality, are different. There are those who follow religious traditions: they cover their hair, wear modest clothes and eat kosher food. But most modern Jews live a secular life, not following the norms of Judaism.

Jews are a smart nation, and women are no exception to this rule. But above all, Jewish women stand out by the strength of their character.

What to expect when dating a Jewish woman? When we talk about young Jewish girls, they appear to be beautiful, passionate and fatal women. They know what they want from life and skillfully subjugate a man to themselves. Girls in Israel carry conscription on a par with boys. Protecting your land is an honor. Girls who served in the army are of much greater interest to men than those young women who did not serve. And of course, try not to be a strong woman when you hold a machine gun in your hand.

10 Great Reasons to Date a Jewish Woman

But a Jewish woman is, first of all, concerned with her home, a family and children. Matriarchy reigns in Jewish families. The authority of the mother in Jewish society is paramount, and perhaps that is why Jewish families are strong marriages. Women manage their loved ones and are responsible for them.

American psychologists conducted a survey of 200 Jewish families living in America. Analysts concluded that by the number of family scandals and quarrels, Jewish families occupy a leading place among other nationalities. Quarrels can be frequent and lengthy, however, due to such a discharge, divorces among Jews are much less common than in families of other nations.

Well-educated, self-confident daughters of Israel hold the family budget in their hands, control all expenses and often become the head of the family business themselves. These women have their own opinions and are able to force everyone to respect them. For most Jewish women, happiness is a service to the family and children.

Here are the 10 main reasons why a man should consider dating a Jewish woman:

1. They are great cooks. Jewish cuisine is very rich and goes back a long way, so you will never find yourself hungry or unsatisfied in terms of food.

2. They are great at making decisions themselves. They are very independent, and if you don’t want to make decisions – it is unlikely that anyone will force you to make them. It doesn’t mean that Jewish girls are controlling, it means that they are very self-confident and used to making decisions.

3. They are very devoted to their husbands. Jewish culture is very traditional and a bit old-fashioned, but this doesn’t mean that it’s outdated or bad. Women love their men and are very devoted to them, which is quite an admirable quality that is very rare in modern-day women.

4. They care for their men’s success. Jewish women will never bother you with jealousness and disagreements if you are constantly stuck at work, doing your own business, trying to provide for the family. The career success of their men is just too important for them.

5. Jewish women keep themselves in shape. They love to hit the gym, do it regularly and watch after their own physique.

6. They are great mothers. Just as in worshipping their men, the institution of the family is sacred to Jewish culture and there is nothing more important than family life to a Jewish woman.

7. They love laughing. Jewish women value a great sense of humor and your Jewish girlfriend will truly appreciate your talents in making you laugh.

8. She loves to chat. Jewish women love to talk and all the forms of communication with their men bring them pleasure. They love to spend time with their men, what’s not to love?

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9. She will always be in a great relationship with your family. Family, as we’ve already said, plays a large role in the lives of Jewish women. And she will appreciate your family as much as her own.

10. She will motivate you to become better. Like we’ve said, they seek to keep themselves in great shape, and career success is of great importance. Thus, by their side, you will feel comfortable to fulfill your desires and goals in life.

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