6 good reasons why it's hard to meet a woman, and how to overcome it

6 good reasons why it’s hard to meet a woman, and how to overcome it

The Internet is the easiest way to meet a woman today. Dating websites, where a lot of people hang out, allow choosing the right one. But even on the Web, you can make the usual mistakes.
Let’s look at what prevents a man from finding his soulmate.

1. Alien mask

Alien mask
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Everybody wants to be better than they he (or she) is. Girls are posting processed photos, and men are not inferior to them either. And while it is easy to pretend on the web that you are a media mogul who has just flown in from a congress in Bali, in reality you can’t do that.

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If a man posts a photo of a muscular, handsome man in brand name clothes leaning casually against the glossy side of a Mercedes, the photo can get tons of likes. What’s more, he will probably get a reply, and the bravest girls will even write to him themselves.

But how do you get out of it when you have to take the underground to your date, and you only have enough money to go to Burger King?

Of course, you could say your Mercedes at the repair station after a sudden hurricane and there’s no money because a sudden collapse in the banking system has blocked your credit card. And maybe that’ll work the first time. But what do you do next?

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Try to be yourself. It’s not as bad or as scary as it might seem at first glance. And girls are also very different and not all dream of a macho tough guy.

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2. Incorrectly worded request

Most men believe that a dating profile should state that the purpose of dating is to have a relationship. After reading this, girls should clap their hands cheerfully and throw themselves into a man’s firm embrace. And then suddenly it turns out that the word “relationship” had a completely different meaning.

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The girl dreams of a happy union, a couple of lovely children and a cozy house in the suburbs. And the man just wanted to have sex and relax. The final result is two frustrated people whose communication will end much faster.

So if the purpose of dating is just to have a good time, then don’t talk about a relationship. Just say it straight out. There are those on the dating website who will appreciate the honesty and agree to a date. And both will know in advance what to expect from the meeting.

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3. Fear of rejection

This is one more stopper that kicks in when a man meets a girl he likes. And while no one would know about being “dumped” on the web, in reality it is more complicated. Hearing a girl’s harsh rejection is unpleasant. And if the man has already had an unpleasant experience, the blow will be doubly painful.

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Therefore, it is much easier to pretend that girls around you are not interested at all. Damaged self-esteem, resentment towards all the women in the word and an unwillingness to take risks stop a man, even if he feels that the girl sitting opposite is his destiny.

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What should we do? The answer is simple – take a risk. But think of a fall-back option to get out of the situation with dignity.

4. Embarrassment and excessive modesty

Hard to meet a woman
Photo: pexels.com

This is more common among young people who have not yet succeeded in love. They shy away from everything, thinking of the girl as some kind of divine creature. But luckily, the girls are as earthy as the guys and don’t feed on nectar. Which means inviting them out for a coffee or a burger is a perfectly workable scheme.

If the sight of a pretty girl makes your tongue stiffen, start practicing on those around you. Make yourself ask 10 girls on the street where the shop or fitness center is. The aim of the task is simple – start talking.

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If you ask politely, the chances of getting a rude rejection are minimal. But it is quite possible that one of these ten interviewees will turn out to be a talkative and very nice girl. Only, if you ask her out, don’t tell her that she was originally the object of research.

5. Shifting the initiative to the girl

This is another mistake men often make. Any girl who has already made it clear that she doesn’t mind dating wants to be conquered. Even one that considers herself incredibly modern and emancipated.

She may be more than willing to take on the function of keeping your love fire burning later on, but at the initial stage, a woman wants to see a man’s interest in her.

6. Searching for the ideal

There is no such thing as a perfect woman. And that’s great, because she would need the same perfect man, which is hardly you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading all this, and you would be living happily ever after with that very woman in a perfect world.

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Don’t go fishing for something that isn’t really there. Look at the real girls. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and if there are more advantages than disadvantages, you win.

But most importantly, you have to believe in yourself. Girls like confident men, so even if you get rejected, don’t be discouraged. It’s not like she’s the last girl on earth.

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