8 signs that a woman hasn't had a man for a long time

8 signs that a woman hasn’t had a man for a long time

Many men are familiar with such a situation: in a city crowd, you see a beautiful stranger you wouldn’t mind meeting, but you pass by because you doubt she might be single. That way, you can lose a great chance if the hottie you like doesn’t actually have a steady partner.

But on the other hand, if you talk to a married woman in the street or in public transport to get to know her, you run the risk of resentment and indignation.

However, even if the woman you love is, for example, your colleague or a neighbor, it’s not always possible to tell if she’s really lonely. Even if she doesn’t have a wedding ring on her finger, it doesn’t mean anything.

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For example, she may have a steady lover, live in a common-law relationship or live as a guest. Conversely, some women are officially married but have not lived and slept with their husbands for a long time. So there is always a possibility of error. Nevertheless, if it is important for you to get to the bottom of it, it will not be difficult to do so.

As a rule, a single lady is visible from afar. Even if a woman wants to hide her loneliness from others, an observant man will always know how things really are. Below are eight signs that can almost unmistakably tell you that a woman hasn’t had a man for a long time:

1. Looking for an appraising glance

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This is probably the main sign by which you can tell if a woman is currently single. She looks at you intently, carefully, with restrained interest. May even try to flirt if she likes you. Single ladies, against their will, assess every man as a potential partner with whom to spend a night or even build stable relationships.

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2. Sad eyes

It has been observed that women who do not have a normal private life rarely have happy facial expressions. They may pretend that they are doing fine, but the falsity is always felt.

It has been observed that even problems with finances or work are easier for women to accept than loneliness. So if you see sadness in a woman’s eyes, it is very likely that she hasn’t had a man for a long time.

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3. Clothing and cosmetics that accentuate sexuality

Deep cleavage, skirts well above the knees, tight dresses and T-shirts, high heels – these are the clothes women wear to attract the attention of potential suitors. Also, many single ladies wear too much make-up or try to look younger than their real age.

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4. Increased irritability

Psychologists argue that the lack of a stable intimate life has a devastating effect on the female psyche. Many women who have been without a man for a long time are resentful of fate, angry and capable of exploding over a mere trifle, thus taking their bad moods out on the people around them. And the longer the period of loneliness lasts, the more pronounced this sign becomes.

5. Unfriendliness towards others

Women who are lucky in their personal lives can be irritating and even jealous of single women. If a hottie speaks ill of her girlfriends, colleagues or neighbors who have tumultuous personal lives, it’s a clear sign that she herself is in the doldrums.

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6. Being fixated on work

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Some women who don’t have a steady man become real workaholics – their careers distract them from sad thoughts of their loneliness. They may stay at work late into the evening just to avoid returning to an empty flat where no one is waiting for them.

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If you notice that your colleague is not rushing home from work, is not excited about the coming weekend, it is likely that she does not have a man.

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7. Low self-esteem

Psychologists have observed that prolonged loneliness makes women mistrustful and insecure. This is not surprising: when a woman is unable to find a steady man for a long time, she ceases to believe in her own attractiveness and starts to think that she is ugly. So if you notice signs of insecurity in a woman, you have every reason to suspect that she has been single for a long time.

8. A tendency towards shopaholism

Many single ladies in their spare time can be found at sales in shops, where they actively buy up necessary and unnecessary goods. The fact is that the absence of a steady man makes a woman’s existence empty and boring. And to fill their free time with something, and to get some positive emotions at the same time, such women turn into shopaholics. So if you want to meet a single lady, the shop is a good place to do it.

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It should be noted that none of these signs can 100% guarantee that a woman has not had a man for a long time. You can only speculate on them.

To find out for sure if the lady you like is single, talk to her. You don’t have to ask her out right away or ask her out on a date. To start with, just pay a compliment and watch the reaction. As a rule, single women are very willing to engage in conversation with strangers and unfamiliar men.

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