TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

Many famous women are increasingly swelling the ranks of unattractive female celebrities because of their willing to follow trends and remain young forever. Let’s look at the top 7 women who overdid rejuvenation and became ugly!


In recent years, Madonna has begun to age rapidly. Paparazzi constantly take compromising photos in which the pop idol looks battered and tired.

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As specialists confirm, Madonna had mammoplasty, that’s why her breast looks unnaturally big for a woman of her size.

TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

Her eyelids also seem to be abnormal. According to surgeons, she had a blepharoplasty in order to remove wrinkles and bags under her eyes, but it resulted in the change of her eyelids’ appearance.

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Also, Madonna had an injection of hyaluronan for the rejuvenating of her cheek, but it made them too chubby and soft.

Changes in the area of her lips and a chin are also noticeable and make her one of the unattractive female celebrities.

Her fans also accuse her of inserting silicone implants into her buttocks. The effect of the surgery became apparent when Madonna twerked together with a young performer, Ariana Grande at the concert in Miami in 2016. Her new figure caused a lot of critical comments.

Donatella Versace

She ranks among strange women and the icons of the fashion world. Her views are heeded. The clothes which are produced by her fashion house are bought for a lot of money. But lately, her appearance has increasingly scared decent people, because Donatella disfigures herself more and more.

TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

The first sweeping changes and marks of surgical operation appeared on Donatella’s face approximately in 2002. In 2005, she confessed that she had been doing cocaine for 18 years. It launched irreversible processes in her organism.

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The lack of nutrient substances impacted on the surface of Versace’s skin which has become thin over time. That’s why Donatella began to solve this problem with the help of plastic surgeons. She used fillers, had Botox therapy and a face-lift, and finally, became an ugly woman.

She also repeatedly tried to change the color of her skin by means of an artificial tan and lightening.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

When Internet users search for the photos of unsuccessful plastic surgery, search engines definitely give out the pictures of this lady. The celebrity spent large sums of money for improving her appearance, but she didn’t manage to remain young and beautiful, and now Wildenstein can be described as one of the ugly celebs.

TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

In her youth she wasn’t an ugly white girl. Jocelyn started visiting surgeons in order to get her husband back who has passed away so far. Not only did Wildenstein remain one of single women, but also became unattractive.

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The number of surgeries that she has undergone is incalculable. She had a brow lift, blepharoplasty, canthopexy, inserted implants into different parts of her face, had Botox, hyaluronan and collagen injections, face-lift and much more.

Despite the terrible impression that she makes on people, Jocelyn is more than satisfied with the results of the operations and believes that many women are just jealous of her.

Tara Reid

Tara used to be one of the pretty celebrities. Now, this comedienne isn’t even 45, but she looks like an aged woman. She has undergone not just one surgery in order to make her body beautiful. But the further Tara corrects mistakes of previous surgeons, the scarier her body becomes.

TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

Reid used to insert an implant into her breast and sucked the fat out of her stomach. But those surgeries turned out to be unsuccessful. Tara tried to fight the consequence of the failed liposuction and changed the implant in her breast, but they still seem to be unnatural.

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Judging by her Instagram photos, her face has also changed not for the better. Severe bruises under her eyes, wrinkles and flaccid skin are clearly visible in her photos. All of this isn’t age-related changes, but is the effect of anorexia caused by Tara’s desire to lose weight by any means.

Meg Ryan (one of unattractive female celebrities who didn’t even use makeup before surgeries)

Her admirers were shocked when they got to know that this charming actress had visited plastic surgeons. Her naturalness and simplicity always distinguished her from the other celebrities. Ryan appeared on the red carpets wearing jeans and tops and never used theatrical makeup.

However, having matured, she wasn’t willing to tolerate wrinkles and went to war with aging.

TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

In early 2000 Meg disappeared off TV screens and didn’t attend parties. Her first appearance after the retreat caused a public stink because the volume of her lips had increased. Unfortunately, a silicone implant inserted into her upper lip affected Meg’s facial proportions greatly and gave the effect of the clown’s smile.

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At the age of 40 she decided to change her cheek and nasolabial folds and went to surgeons again.

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Unfortunately, Ryan didn’t manage to achieve the desired effect of young skin. Her face took unnatural shape and puffiness. That’s how Meg started resembling unattractive celebrities.

Renee Zellweger

Renee can’t be called a beauty in a classical sense of the term, but she definitely had charm and allure.

TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

Now the 49-year-old actress turned into 60-year-old woman because of plastic surgery and ranks among ugly celebrities.

Zellweger herself claims that she is absolutely happy and healthy. Her friends believe that Renee benefited from those dramatic changes in her appearance.

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The celebrity claims that she only increased her lips, had a face-lift and Botox therapy, but a crowd believes that she was way out of line with “tuning”. Worst of all, Renee lost her punch line – squinted eyes. The shape of her eyes became similar to Orientals’ one and her skin looks too smooth now.

The changes of Renee’s appearance were viewed negatively by her fans. They say that she had such a unique face in Hollywood, but she abandoned it in order to look just like everyone.

Uma Thurman

The Oscar-winning muse of Quentin Tarantino was always known for her unusual appearance. Many people liked it and so did she. But, for some reason, she decided to correct her look. Uma’s new face shocked journalists and her admirers.

Now Thurman has forced smile, unnatural facial expressions, small eyes, and she can be called one of ugly movie stars.

TOP-7 pretty celebrities who made themselves ugly!

According to specialists, Uma had blepharoplasty and, perhaps, took chemical formulations which caused swelling.

Her big forehead hasn’t a single wrinkle now and looks unnaturally smooth.

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Although many of her admirers believe that Uma just picks up bad makeup and uses too bright lipstick, there is no question that Thurman and her plastic surgeons overdid it.

Uma herself hasn’t commented on her new appearance yet. Now all we can do is recollecting how beautiful she was before.

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  1. What a shame….. growing old gracefully is so much more attractive than ruining a good thing.
    And now Madonna. She was in good shape for a 60 yr. old woman who didn’t look her age. Now, she looks like an old fat lady! Very shocking and sad.

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