Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other

Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other!

Top female celebrities do their best to attract general attention to themselves. Let us have a look at those of them whose hatred is at its very worst and even seen with the naked eye…
Top female celebrities resort to different means to evoke curiosity and interest to their personalities. Plastic surgery, numerous love affairs, scandalous divorces, shocking confessions…

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These are some of the most popular ways of self-promotion. But sometimes top female celebrities and their team of PR people do not even need to invent something, as life itself gives a much-needed sensation. It is not a secret that in the world of top beauties there is a savage struggle for a place in the sun. The hottest celebrity women fight for everything – roles in movies, designer clothes, attention, money, men.

Jennifer Aniston vs Angelina Jolie – top female celebrities fighting for Mr Right

Everyone knows this sad story about poor Jennifer Aniston who was cheated by her husband Brad Pitt, seduced by a cunning experienced woman Angelina Jolie. Their love affair which began at the shooting stage of a movie “Mr and Mrs Smith” eventually evolved in a marriage with six children.

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Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other

Since that time, these two top beautiful female celebrities have been in conflict, and many people are sure their war will last forever. Interestingly, but the conflict between these top female celebrities generated a feud between their fans as well. Their followers even wore T-shirts with speaking inscriptions Aniston team and Jolie team to support their favorite actresses and show their great devotion.

Kim Cattrall vs Sarah Jessica Parker and money matters

Two top blonde female celebrities, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker also have a weighty reason for their disagreement. Being best friends in six seasons of a popular film “Sex and the City” they are real enemies in real life.

Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other

The feud began when Sarah got promoted to a producer of a smash-hit film and consequently began to earn more money. Moreover, she took part in the production of this serial and had the right to change the script. Of course, Kim disliked that, she wanted equal rights and earnings. She even refused to shoot in the third part of the movie.

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To say that fans were disappointed and overwhelmed is to say nothing. People still hope these two female celebrities will find the common ground and make their fans happy.

Alyssa Milano vs Shannen Doherty and their family discord

Being a happy family on the screens, they could not stand each other in real life. Yes. This is about top female celebrity actresses Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty from the film “Charmed”.

Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other

Everyone knew about Shannen Doherty’s bad nature. That is why it was not surprising that she had constant scandals and conflicts at the shooting stage with Alyssa. Shannen even quit the project because it was difficult for her to breathe the same air with the reason of her irritation all the time.

But after her disease Shannen changed greatly and two top female celebrities Alyssa and Shannen announced about their reconciliation.

Top female celebrities Victoria Beckham vs Naomi Campbell

These top brunette female celebrities are in Cold War. The matter is that Naomi Campbell being known for her explosive mood doubted Victoria’s style and beauty. Victoria Beckham who is well known for her devotion to strict diets, in her turn called Naomi a cow. Since that time these two inspiring ladies have tried to avoid seeing each other and of course when coming across each other at some social events they are freezing and reserved.

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Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other

And quite recently one of the top black female celebrities, Naomi has accused Victoria of racism. She emphasized that there are very few black models participating in Victoria’s fashion shows, and it is a big problem as black models do not have enough work.

Kelly Osbourne vs Christina Aguilera and mutual weight mockery

The reason of a conflict between top American female celebrities Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera is a closed book.

Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other

The war between them has been lasting for more than ten years. At some show, Christina called Kelly poor sad evil child, and she never missed the chance to criticize the look of her enemy.

When Kelly slimmed and changed her image and Christina in her turn began to put on weight, Kelly claimed that finally Christina began to gain her true colors as a fat bitch.
So the hope that these two top female celebrities will ever bury the hatchet is quite vague.

Notorious Lindsay Lohan vs Amanda Bynes – whose behavior is worse

Ginger-haired actress Lindsay Lohan is deeply insulted by the fact that she has been jailed for drug taking and drunk driving while Amanda has had no punishment for her illegal actions like smoking marijuana, attempts to burn people’s houses, drunk driving and other crazy things. She wrote about this in her Twitter.

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And of course Amanda saw this comment and called Lindsay a bitch. After that these two ladies have had a conflict and really hate when people compare them.

Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other

Anyway, Lindsay Lohan may celebrate victory over her rival, as Amanda Bynes has been given compulsory psychiatric care. So justice has finally been served!

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“Her Majesty” Nicole Kidman vs Julia Roberts

These top female celebrities worked together in the movie “Secret in Their Eyes”. The actresses did not try to hide their mutual hostility.

Top female celebrities who fiercely hate each other

Julia Roberts addressed to Nicole “Your Majesty” because an Australian actress ill-treated people at the shooting stage. She treated the production team as her servants, did not talk to them and only gave some commands. Such behavior of her colleague undoubtedly irritated Julia, as she considered that a friendly atmosphere was an essential part of their successful work.

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There can be different reasons for conflicts and mutual hatred among top female celebrities. Fierce competition dictates its rules which they should follow. Very often, by trying to attract attention to their personalities, celebrities are not picky in methods of promotion and publicity. They strongly believe that any fame is equally good, whether it is acquired due to noble deeds or scandals.

Surprisingly, American actresses are considered to be more scandalous and emotional than top European female celebrities. Maybe that is because the USA allows more freedom and accepts various modes of behavior. Things which are considered as deviations in Europe are widely accepted, followed and even encouraged in Hollywood.

Anyway, whatever the reason for hatred between top female celebrities is, we hope that this will not influence their work and well-being.

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