How the hottest first ladies manipulate their husbands

How the hottest first ladies manipulate their husbands.

At all times first ladies have had a big influence on the presidents and their political activities. Some of the hottest first ladies became the most favorable by the public.

From model to First Lady

It is safe to say that the world’s most frequently discussed person is the first lady of America Melania Trump.

They met up at a New York’s party in 1998 where she accepted to take his phone number and called him in a week. There were a couple of dates before they realized that they both were enveloped in the chemistry of love.

How the hottest first ladies manipulate their husbands

The time has passed, and now there is the president and the first lady, and we can see the different relationships. Even on the public, where nothing can be hidden.

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Everyone remembers how during the pre-election PR scandal, this slim lady publicly stated that her husband saying some words many years ago had offended her. She made a fool of herself and played up Trump’s competitors.

After this incident, realizing what she had done, she refused any interviews. It looks like that case had taught her of what not to do being the First Lady of the First Country and not to allow such an oversight in the future.

It means that Melania Trump does not have any influence on her husband’s political career. Meanwhile, in her interview she mentioned that she had nothing to do with him, and he is going on his own way. That sounds like a support for Trump’s political assassination, as we believe that the First Lady is supposed to support her husband first.

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The real lady – the real woman

On the contrary, we had the first lady Michelle Obama who was acting not only as Obama’s wife, but also as Barack’s political partner.

According to some estimates, the sympathy for the president’s wife brings up to 7% of the votes to the presidential candidate. This is, by the way, a significant amount to the candidate’s victory.

How the hottest first ladies manipulate their husbands

Michelle Obama, a daughter of an American volunteer for the Democratic Party of Chicago, grew up under modest conditions. She graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School.
Charm, sense of humor, her manner of dressing up — this woman could convince anyone to vote for her husband. She definitely made a great image for him and her contribution did not go unnoticed.

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While Barack Obama lost a significant number of supporters by the end of his presidency, Michelle continued to be popular among the Americans. It said that with such a credibility she could run for the Senate or even the president.

While the first lady herself was trying to avoid answering, retaining some intrigue, the head of state declared that his wife had no such ambitions, acting as one of women in politics. “There are three things that never change: death, taxes and the fact that Michelle will not participate in the presidential race,” the head of the White House said.

Barack Obama humorously has taken the fact that his wife is more popular than he is. “I know that you love Michelle more than me. I assure you that you are not alone in this,” he told David Letterman in 2015.

Can Europe boast of the hottest first ladies?

Of course, we cannot skip European first ladies, such as Brigitte Macron.

Before the second round of the French presidential election took place, Marine Le Pen had said that after the elections France would be ruled by a woman. Either she, Marine Le Pen, or Angela Merkel.

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How the hottest first ladies manipulate their husbands

So many people hint and even openly talk about the fact that Emmanuel Macron is a weak figure and not a leader in relations neither in the family nor on the world stage.

Yes, it often happens that when there is a big difference in age, the leader in the relationship is the one who is older, the one who is more experienced. This is the case with Macron: Brigitte was his teacher, literally. Therefore, we might expect that she is still leading him, one way or another…

The special one in history

There is another hot lady worth mentioning – Princess Diana. She was not officially the First Lady but like a hero she was definitely the main person of that time and according to a poll conducted by the BBC in 2002, Diana was ranked the 3rd in the list of hundred greatest Britons in history.

How the hottest first ladies manipulate their husbands

Precisely because of Diana, there are things that will never be the same in the Royal Family.
When Princess Diana visited Angola in 1997, 71 countries in the world still used land mines. To show the world how dangerous they are, Diana walked straight across the mined field. Her act was a serious step towards the Ottawa Treaty, according to which anti-personnel mines were banned in 162 countries.

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Doubtless, Princess Diana created her own page in the history of the world fashion. Her outfits were and still are the most discussed along with the legendary Marilyn Monroe dresses and Jacqueline Kennedy costumes. The famous “Travolta dress” that Diana was wearing when she stepped over the royal black protocol, was auctioned for $360,000.

Princess Diana’s biography remains highly controversial, ambiguous, and there is nobody who equally accepts the influence of her personality. Nonetheless, that hot woman still admires and inspires, and the trace she has left in history will never be blotted out.

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The first ladies receive a lot of attention and play a significant role for both the head of state and the whole country. However, do they get the desired love and simple female happiness?

Which first ladies of the world countries do you mostly like? Write in comments, please, or send us your own story!

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