TOP-10 hottest Charlize Theron Roles

TOP-10 hottest Charlize Theron Roles

Charlize Theron roles have won the love of a great number of admirers. They consider the actress the personation of style and beauty. Let’s find out what roles made her popular.

10. Snow White and the Huntsman

Those who follow Charlize Theron news know that this movie is the screening of the world-renowned story with an unusual take on its narrative.

Charlize was one of lead movie actress and played the part of a queen who owned a huge castle and was obsessed with her beauty and power. All people around her were under her spell, since she looked gorgeous. But no one dared to tell her that she wasn’t beautiful inside.

The queen regularly asked her looking glass, “Who is the fairest one of all?” and received a lot of compliments in return.

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Nevertheless, there was an unexpected twist in this story when she got an unwanted response, realizing that there was someone who claimed for her title.

Wishing to find a rival and get rid of her, the queen engaged a huntsman for this task. He was supposed to find and murder Snow White. The huntsman found the girl, but killing Snow White was in over his head, because he fell in love with her.

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The admirers of the Charlize Theron roles debated about who of the lead movie actresses was the most good-looking – young Kristen Stuart or fair-haired mature Theron. Many of them agreed that Charlize was a match for her young colleague.

9. The Devil’s Advocate

By 2000, Charlize Theron had been remembered for her part in The Devil’s Advocate and The Cider House Rules directed by Tom Hanks and Woody Allen and established herself as a “Hollywood It Girl”.

This was not surprising since as we know from Charlize Theron bio, aged only 16, she won an international modeling contest in Italy.

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Starring in these movies entailed a lot of important consequences for Theron’s career — the actress was awarded the title of the sexiest woman in the world and was invited to play roles in many other films.

8. Monster

Apparently, one day Theron got tired of playing parts of wives, girlfriends and other trophy beauties, so in 2003 she shocked the whole Hollywood by dissolving into the character of Aileen Wuornos – a prostitute who was as ugly as a mortal sin and decided to retrain as a serial killer in the twilight of her career (and was executed for it afterwards).

Overweight, false teeth and creepy makeup turned out to be a calculated risk. Having disfigured her appearance, Charlize played the role for the ages. She was awarded all possible prizes including Oscar and Golden Globe.

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It may well be that there is little that may scare the actress, since Charlize Theron family once went through an incredibly traumatic event. At the age of 15 she witnessed her father’s death. He was a chronic alcoholic. Rumor has it, Charlize’s mother shot her husband, but she wasn’t brought to justice, since the woman did it in self-defence.

7. North Country

North Country was one of those Charlize Theron movies which persuaded her viewers that her transformation into a professional dramatic actress had been neither a temporary nor occasional event. This drama is based on a true story, and Charlize plays the part of the bravest victim of sexual harassment which women were subjected to in the mines of Minnesota.

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Having disguised her beauty one more time (soot and miner’s uniform came in handy this time), the actress won over critics and expert jury and was bestowed with numerous nominations for awards.

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Moreover, the actress proved that Charlize Theron roles which had helped her to become the Oscar and Golden Globe winner were the result of her undeniable talent.

6. The Road

Charlize didn’t manage to succeed in the sphere of action movies. Eon Flux turned out to be a catastrophe, because the film hadn’t really taken off.

That’s why Theron judiciously decided to come back to severe indie-dramas which had made her name. Having produced The Burning Plain, the actress began to star in The Road. It is a wonderful screening of Cormac McCarthy’s novel which had been awarded the Pulitzer prize.

Being an admirer of the book, Charlize was okay with playing a tiny role reduced to some scenes. And she did her job brilliantly.

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Perhaps the actress does her job impeccably due to her strict upbringing. Charlize Theron as a child was the only kid in her family, but her mother was a strong-willed woman who handled a road construction business on her own.

5. Young Adult

Theron’s acting abilities were in all their glory when she starred in Young Adult – a tragicomedy directed by Jason Reitman in which Charlize tore the whole thing down acting as a spectacular bitch who refused to grow up and returned to her small motherland for the sole purpose of stealing her ex-boyfriend from his wife who had just given birth to a child.

She depicted different shades of mischievousness with deceptive ease, and the actress was at her best since the time of Monster – viewer found her irresistible even in those scenes where she was supposed to look pathetic.

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And this is the main reason why Charlize Theron roles attract attention of people who aren’t even her admirers.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

It was Charlize’s second attempt to conquer such a genre as an action movie. And as opposed to the first attempt, this time it was a success. Snow White and the Huntsman was a box office hit throughout the world, and Mad Max: Fury Road became undisputedly the best movie of 2015.

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In this movie Theron played one of the main roles – a one-armed, ruthless and vigorous empress named Furiosa with a shaved head. The actress was not so much in league with the main character as she put him on the back burner.

3. Atomic Blonde (one of the most brutal Charlize Theron roles)

A spy thriller Atomic Blonde directed by David Leitch is ready to take on movies about male special agents. Lorraine Broughton is the crown pearl of the Secret Intelligence Service of Her Majesty.

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Theron’s character is a smart, sexy, explosive woman who uses all available tools within the arsenal of her unique abilities in carrying out missions which seem impossible.

The scenes where fragile Charlize mercilessly punches big men look spectacular.

The scenery and costumes of the movie deserve special attention. Theron wearing leather jackboots, cashmere long socks, silk gowns and other seductive outfits is quite hypnotic. It’s hard to take your eyes off her when you see Charlize Theron roles such as these.

2. The Cider House Rules

It’s set in 1943. The U.S. participated in WWII at that time.

An ordinary and quiet guy Gomer Wells never left an orphanage in which he had grown up. He lived there his whole life and worked as an assistant of Dr. Larch. Gomer was tired of the dullness and mundanity of his everyday life. He got fed up with the monotonousness and didn’t like that each new day was no different from previous ones.

One day he met a young couple (Charlize Theron in the image of Miss Candy and her groom, a combat pilot on leave) which helped the young man to leave the orphanage. Thus, he was given the opportunity to see the world, start a new life and learn a new profession.

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Eventually, the guy became a winemaker. He was happy with his new profession and diligently discovered the secrets of wine production.

But one day he fell in love with Miss Candy, found some adventures and faced a lot of difficulties which he had to overcome.

On completion of leave, Miss Candy’s groom went back to the front, and she got involved with Gomer. It was a prime example of the paradox of a woman’s mind – she cheated on her fiancé, because she longed for him.

But in the end, the young man realized his true calling in life and returned to his orphanage to learn from the experience of Dr. Larch and carry out his legacy.

The acting of Toby McGuire, who played the role of Gomer, was excessively disciplined and even-tempered, if not monotonous. Although he was a lead movie actor, and the image of Miss Candy wasn’t among the main Charlize Therone roles, Toby lacked charisma.

That’s why the sex appeal and brilliance of Charlize overshadowed her partner’s playing. Moreover, Theron looked nice in the image of 40s.

You will definitely appreciate that kind of Charlize Theron roles.

1. The Astronaut’s Wife

This movie is a fantastic thriller with a great number of momentous scenes. As always, Charlize played the part of a beauty, namely, an astronaut’s wife who is looking forward to seeing her husband who participates in a long and dangerous space mission.

The woman is happily married. She works as a school teacher, loves children and dreams about her own kids. (Interestingly, in reality Charlize Theron kids are foster ones. She adopted two boys in 2012 and 2015 in South Africa).

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Johnny Depp played the part of her husband. He was a great family man who didn’t forget to call home from the orbit.

But when the husband returned to Earth he wasn’t himself. And then, his partner for the mission and his wife suddenly died. That’s exactly when the astronaut’s wife took a decision to get to the truth. You should definitely watch this movie to know how things ended.

It remains to be seen in which movies Charlize Theron now is starring. On May, 2019 she was proposed a role in a movie Wonder Woman which will be premiered in 2020. When she found out that she wouldn’t play the part of Diana Prince and instead would play the role of her mother Theron was furious, since Gal Gadot who plays the role of Diana is only 10 years younger than Charlize. That’s why she refused to star in that movie.


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