Top 7 main differences between women’s logic and men’s

TOP-7 main differences between women’s logic and men’s

If men talk about “women’s logic”, they mean there is no “women’s logic” at all. However, the logic of women is a bit another one…

7. “Twisty” thinking

Women are prone to “twisty” decision to logical tasks than men, experts say. Men rarely understand women’s logic, while women often understand men’s logic.

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Due to the fact that a woman is inclined to analyze a lot of different information options, she has more options for logical conclusions. According to one of the main postulates of women’s logic revealed by the professors of the London Academy, the statement remained without objection is proved.

6. Leap of thoughts

When dealing with women’s logic, the interlocutor should be attentive. What a lady said, what she wanted to say and what she actually said — these are three completely different things that need to be noted. Women’s logic is characterized by a “leap” from one fact to another, indirectly associated with it.

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5. An exception confirms the rule

An exception confirms the rule is one of the key levers in disputes with the use of female logic. Even if there is an argument which is able to refute some of the woman’s affirmation, it will be put on a series of exceptions which automatically make the woman a winner in the dispute.

Top 7 main differences between women’s logic and men’s

In women’s logic, the repetition of the argument strengthens its evidence. In women’s logic, every statement can be not only refuted, but rejected. Rejecting the assertion, you recognize it is meaningless, so it can be left without attention.

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4. False, truth and uninteresting

“Switching arrows” is one of the most common moves of women’s logic. The transition to another area during the dispute forces the winning opponent to defend. In addition, in female logic there are three kinds of judgments: false, truth and uninteresting. Absolute in women’s logic is a set of utterances that is convenient or interesting to a woman. There is no common absolute in women’s logic.

3. Absence of syllogisms

One of the features of female logic is the complete absence of syllogisms, i.e. logical inferences made from some reasonable judgments. Men usually feel difficulties in understanding of a woman’s logic, because many of her conclusions are based not on straightforward reasoning, but on feelings and intuition.

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Top 7 main differences between women’s logic and men’s

Female logic, having initial data and inference, is able to build a proof that corresponds to its internal absolute, not paying attention to its tortuosity. For example, women’s logic allows the following: investigation can be true, and belief is untrue.

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2. Last word

During disputes with the use of female logic, escalation occurs, i.e. escalating conflict. That is why a dispute with a woman often does not subside, but abruptly breaks off on a particularly dramatic note. In accordance with the female logic, the party, after which the last word remains, wins the dispute completely.

1. Feeling and sexual relations

Men bring to a focus their visual sense, not all other feelings of sensing. In terms of sexual life, men prefer what they see, what they want to see. Sometimes they even do not use so-called men’s logic. Researches in men’s visual feelings tell that men prefer blonde women for sexual relations, in spite of the fact that for feelings and marriage they tend to choose dark-haired girls.

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What about women — they tend to employ several senses. They switch on women’s logic. What women want in men? If we are talking about sexual life and relationships, women use several keys: environment, sense of touch, scent, visual sensation and so on. What especially women find attractive in men – is their scent. Usual women (as well as ancient women kings) like not those who look good, but who have a special scent. It happens in subconscious area, but has very strong influence.

All disputes about whose logic is right and better end up in failure or endless discussions. Eventually, the male and female thinking is radically different. A woman thinks by the left hemisphere of the brain, while a man does by the right one. Even relying on this fact, we can say that a man and a woman will never understand each other. Woman’s life is inconceivable without sensory logic, and that of men – without rational one.

A man who knows women’s psychology can easily seduce any girl. But is a man able to change his idea of women? Practice has shown that not everyone is ready to learn the whole truth about women’s logic. Do you agree? Feel free to write your ideas in comments.

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  1. This is interesting, but I wonder. If men and women, while disputing, think with opposite sides of the brain, what’s it like with a dispute between to lovers of the same sex? (Male or female) has there been a research on them? Do the females resolve issues of indifference quicker than of the males? Do the male lovers have less disputes than the females? Would be interesting to read if there’s a topic out there on it. Please let me know. Ty.

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