Australian ladies vs American chicks — TOP 7 defferences

American vs Australian women — TOP-7 differences

Australian ladies are often believed to be quite similar to American women as they both appreciate freedom and independence, they have common family values. What is more, modern Australian ladies as well as American women are career-oriented.

But despite all obvious similarities between Australian and American females they certainly have distinct features and striking differences what is not surprising, as they come from different countries, cultures, and consequently they have some different traditions, beliefs, viewpoints.

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So what are the top 7 differences between American and Australian women? Let’s have a closer look at them.

Self-confidence as the main feature of American women

Everyone knows that America is a country of great and equal opportunities for both men and women, that is why females in America possess masculine character which allows them to achieve success in their career whatever sphere of life they choose.

Of course, this cannot but contribute to their a bit of inflated self-esteem and excessive self-confidence, which their Australian counterparts sometimes lack. American women being fully supported by the government, never doubt in their powers and possibilities.

They know it for sure that if their rights are somehow violated, the offender would definitely be punished. Australian ladies also enjoy equal rights and liberties with men, but they have quite adequate self-esteem, and they do not intend to prove the whole world their worthiness.

First impressions count?

There is a big difference between the way Australian and American ladies look like. It is a well known fact that beauty is not the word which is frequently used to describe Australian women.

Australian ladies vs American chicks — TOP 7 defferences

Unlike the females from America, Australian beautiful ladies are rather an exception than a law of nature. Women there appreciate naturalness and are not afraid of early wrinkles, lines, cellulite. They do not spend huge sums of money on different miraculous beauty procedures and therapy or plastic surgery.

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American women do not mind improving their look by all possible and available ways. They are really regular consumers of large quantities of expensive cosmetics, and visits to beauty salons are on their list of must things.

The attitude towards clothes of these two groups of women is absolutely different. While American females are ready to sell their soul to the devil for a skirt from Dolce & Gabbana, Australian ladies are absolutely happy wearing casual clothes like shorts and T-shirts, and they do not care much coming to the shop barefooted.

Obsession with career

Aussie women are lucky to have equal job opportunities and salaries with men. They may choose their work path in any area they like. In fact, American women enjoy the same rights. But there is one big difference between them.

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In America, women have to work day and night to be noticed, appreciated and promoted. Consequently, they do not have free time. Australian ladies do not get used to working overtime. Even more, it is considered to be inappropriate and is not encouraged in Australia.

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After work Australians usually go to the beach where they devote their time to their hobbies like surfing, swimming, etc.

Are Australian ladies less passionate than American women?

Attractiveness is not a distinctive characteristic of Australian ladies, that is why passion is also not associated with them. Unlike American and European women who are known for their being passionate, seductive and even vicious, women in Australia cannot boast of their sexual gains.

Australian ladies vs American chicks — TOP 7 defferences

Moreover, men are reluctant of approaching Australian single ladies because of high probability to be accused of sexual harassment and the following claim to the court.

American women are very different in this aspect. Very often they are the ones who take up the running. When they reach 30, they usually have an impressively long list of lovers, and they claim it does not mean they are sluts. They prefer the word “experienced“.

Attitude towards private life

The trend for females to get married after 30 or even 35 which is so widespread throughout the world has not passed over the USA and Australia. These countries are also subject to changes in marital life. In the USA men are more willing to marry an American woman because he is sure she will make a good mother and a good wife.

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In Australia some males prefer international brides because of some unappealing features of Australian women like negligence, lack of domesticity, uncontrolled behavior (Source).

For example, there is nothing strange for an Australian lady to dress up and go to the pub to meet her friends at midnight instead of spending a nice evening with her husband.

In Australia, women give lower priority to family and development of harmonious relationships with their spouses. That is the reason why they lose popularity among men in their country (Source).

Peculiarities of aboriginal women

Australian aboriginal women belong to a rather distinctive group of women in Australia. In most cases they do not have any aims. They usually get married very early and are suppressed by their husbands. They often experience sexual abuse, rape and violence.

Australian ladies vs American chicks — TOP 7 defferences

The government of the country not always can help these women. They live in specially designated areas with own traditions, principles, and way of life and differ from other Australian women like humans differ from Martians.

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In the USA, aboriginal women have a bit of different vision of their life. They also get married very early, and they have a lot of children, but this is done to be on public welfare. Some of them never work, they just spend money their government provides them. This is a vicious circle for a country, a burden which impacts a country’s economic growth.

Sports achievements of Australian ladies

Australian ladies put much emphasis on sport activities. It is even possible to say that sport is the thing they worship and are willing to do in their free time. They really show great results at competitions, tournaments, the Olympic Games. This is what differentiates them from American women who prefer beauty salons to gyms and playgrounds.

Australian ladies vs American chicks — TOP 7 defferences

But in spite of being engaged in sports, Australian ladies cannot boast of slim body shapes. They are rather considered to be sportive and having muscular figures (Source). They are not proponents of crash diets. Unlike American women, they are convinced that health is more important than anorexic bodies.

Despite the fact that Australian ladies and American women belong to the same gender and are supposed to have much in common, this is not absolutely true. There are some distinctive features formed as a result of cultural traditions, religious beliefs, ways of life and peculiarities of their countries which make them different and unique.

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Sometimes there is even no need to look at a passport and see the origin of a certain woman to identify where she comes from as her appearance, behavior, and attitudes can say much about her.

Do you like American and/or Australian women? Feel free to share your opinion below, or send us your own story!

One comment

  1. Wow, who wrote this BS?
    1 Aussie women have plenty of confidence. We don’t need the excessive swagger to prove it because we are our confidence.

    2 Aussie women have their I want to be young forever set but it takes money as we are an island and a long way from everywhere else. That means everything here is expensive.
    As for the idea of plastic surgery, doctors in Australia are held to higher standards and have to study far longer than American doctors so plastic surgeons are fewer and further between which mean, again, more expensive.
    What we have here is a culture of “natural is beautiful” and creams are meant to delay the lines, makeup to enhance what we already have. Unfortunately, thanks to American YouTubers that culture is changing in the Xelenials. Sad to see so many Kardashian clones walking around.

    As for our careers, way back in the last century our unions fought for better pay and working conditions and part of that was the 8hour day, 8 hours work, 8 hours play or in most cases family time, 8 hours rest. It minimises worker burn out and increases productivity.
    Saying we all live near the beach??? Me thinks not! Talk about stereotyping most people spend their 8 hrs play looking after their families, trying to fit some exercise in and getting dinner before getting the kids to bed.

    Perhaps Aussie women are considered less passionate than American but we are also considered far less prudish or openminded too.
    Aussie women don’t hang off their men the same way American women do, in part it is the attitude that we want partners, not protectors.
    As for the sexual harassment claim, I have to wonder where you got that? Probably from guys who didn’t take no for an answer, or touched inappropriately without permission.
    Sexual gains… LMAO Australian women experiment more in their relationships and there are those that take as many lovers but they don’t flaunt it. We don’t need to live Sex in the City.

    Aboriginal women, yes there is higher levels of abuse, joblessness, poverty, lower health and lower education and that is partly their isolation in the top part of the country and the fact that until the latter part of last century the native people did not have equal rights. Now across the whole country is a culture that is slowly changing for the better, but it is still difficult for those who are more isolated.

    Sports…. I have no words… just… WTH!!!!!! Bet the writer has never been to Australia!
    And, sporting endeavours are encouraged in Australia from childhood as a way of being healthy, active and social.

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