TOP-7 greatest women in American history

There are women who managed to become prominent voices the American nation would listen to. Let’s look who the greatest women in American history are.

7. Amelia Earhart

Amelia was the first female aviator to navigate her aircraft across the Atlantic.

Top 7 greatest women in American history

Amelia Earhart’s passion for flights made her an advocate of the overall place of women at the position only men were considered capable of in the early 20th century.

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Later she became the editor of the best-selling Cosmopolitan Magazine. She was also the top editor for all sorts of books on aviation published in the United States.

Mrs. Earhart later became one of the most prominent equal rights advocate in American history.

Her eminent rise to the top specialist on all things, aviation is matched by her untimely and enigmatic disappearance during one of her regular flights. Specialists are yet to find out what had happened during Amelia Earhart’s last flight.

6. Jane Addams

Laura Jane Addams is the recognized protector of the poor ones in the American history. All her life she was supporting the poor and was responsible for softening the harsh capitalist climate.

Top 7 greatest women in American history

Her activity was mainly based in Chicago, which was the industrial center at the time when she was most active. That was the end of the nineteenth century; the country had been industrializing at the rapid pace.

Jane founded what was called settlement house, where anybody could get a free advice; confidentiality guaranteed. This help center was enormously popular among working class people, both men and women who could not get a piece of advice anywhere else.

Established in 1989 in Chicago, her center had expanded to an enormous chain of help centers all over the United States.

For her heroic efforts and relentless activism, Jane Addams was awarded the Nobel Piece Prize in 1931. She became the first woman on the planet to win this prestigious award.

Jane was a prominent advocate of a quality education for little kids. She believed that minds and modes of behavior are shaped during the years in the elementary school.

5. Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer was destined to become the first black woman in the American history to leave her mark on the numerous issues connected to inequality in America.

Top 7 greatest women in American history

Fannie Lou Hamer’s grandfather was a slave, while she was the youngest of her 12 brothers and sisters.

Fannie was active in the years well into the 20th century, social prejudices still held sway in America at the time. The two amendments to the United States Constitution gave the right for women to vote. That is for all women, regardless of the color of their skin. However, until as late as the early sixties black women were facing enormous obstacles in expressing their constitution-granted right to vote.

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In the Southern States that was virtually impossible for a black woman, as their attempts were cut under threats of officials.

Fannie Lou Hamer managed to become the first black woman who was officially registered to vote, despite harassment and threats, setting the example for generations to come after her.

Fannie’s efforts, among many others, resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a landmark piece of civil rights.

4. Clara Barton

Clara Barton was the founder of the American Red Cross. Unofficially called the “Angel of the Battlefield,” Clara was restless during the years of Civil War, establishing Red Cross activities and helping shape the principles and policy of Red Cross.

Top 7 greatest women in American history

Possessing strong personality and charisma, restless Mrs. Barton was heading the American Red Cross for 23 years nonstop. She gained a reputation as a principled and level-headed woman.

However, her strong personality was at times an obstacle in creating a team of dedicated managers.

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She would never take criticism on what she was doing. It was her idea to expand the activities of Red Cross to the peaceful times, helping victims of the fire floods, and other natural disasters for free. It was unprecedented in the history of America, where the health insurance is very expensive.

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Ironically, Clara “the iron lady” was never much of a female rights activist, emphasizing the practical matters over her role as a women’s leader.

Clara Barton is the only one on our list of American women who was never married and had no kids, putting all her energy into what she was doing.

3. Carrie Chapman

Carrie Chapman devoted her whole life to the cause of equal rights for women. She became the leader of the first suffragist organization in the United States.

Top 7 greatest women in American history

She held positions as president of National American Woman Suffrage Association and president of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance.

Being non-Jewish, Carrie saw the Nazi’s persecution of the Jews as the gigantic crime, and became a crusader for Jewish rights, helping to pass legislation to the US Congress that would catalyze the process of adopting Jewish families who emigrated to the States in the wake of Hitler’s rise to power.

She was recognized for her efforts by the American Hebrew Medal in 1933. Carrie became the first woman awarded with this Medal.

Always having been active in supporting women’s case, Carrie Chapman saw women having equal voting rights in most developed countries around the world.

2. Mother Jones

Mother Jones was the outspoken leader of the newly emerged Labor movement in the United States back in the middle of the 19th century. She was one of a kind in American history.

Top 7 greatest women in American history

Decisive and unbending, she went through all sorts of ordeals, including most of her family dying of the epidemic. When her own business was saved by the first Chicago Union, she decided to dedicate all her life to support labor rights in the midst of uprising capitalism. She is responsible for establishing decent working conditions and regulated working hours.

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During the end of the nineteenth century, Mother Jones had such a prominent voice, that the United Mine Workers union, which she was the head of, became one of the most influential labor union in American history.

Mother Jones established educational programs for newly arrived East European immigrants and African-American emigrants, both for men and women. Mother Jones was quoted as saying, “All progress stops in the contented man. I’m for agitation. It’s the greatest factor for progress.”

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey started her career as a television host in the Southern state of Tennessee, quickly becoming the voice of what would be the most popular among both black and white audience.

Top 7 greatest women in American history

In the mid-eighties, Oprah became the host of The Oprah Winfrey Show which soon became a recognized nation-wide phenomenon.

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Quickly earning sufficient wealth, Oprah ventured into numerous philanthropic campaigns.
In 1998, she started Oprah’s Angel Network, which in its first year spent $3.5 million in college scholarships for students who couldn’t afford to pay their tuition fees.

Oprah is also the mastermind behind Habitat for Humanity and A Better Chance, a program targeting poor youth who can’t afford college preparatory school. Oprah Winfrey made one of the largest donations in American history. She also appeared for disaster relief after terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

It takes more than being successful business women to shape American history. Hillary Clinton, had she become a president-elect, would have been placed in the top positions on the lists of the greatest American women. The current president-elect Donald Trump’s’ spouse Melania Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump need to do something extraordinary to make any of such lists.

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  1. The Trump Women are Great.They did many Great things in the White House which the Bully Media would not Report.So how can any one Judge them .The Bully Media lied an cheated on everything they reported.It wasn’t News.It was all hate toward the Trump Family.Oprah Winfrey has never been through as much HATE as the Trump Family has been through.

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