Marry an American woman: 4 pros and 6 cons

Marry an American woman: 4 pros and 6 cons.

Many men throughout the world want to marry an American woman, since it will let them move to a well-developed country and give them new opportunities. But let’s first compare the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice.


1. They are not fond of cooking, but carry out a lot of other family duties

Most American women are, in a sense, “working machines”. They are tough on themselves, since they sometimes work 60 hours a week. That’s why preparing meals doesn’t thrill women who work hard, bring up children, walk the dog and constantly keep a household. It is a woman who usually does this in the USA.

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As a rule, she also acts as the main organizer and planner in the family. She makes a schedule of visits to a dentist and a hairdresser for the entire family as well as a veterinarian for pets, arranges for lawn-mowing, the repair of the roof and so forth. So marrying an American female will let you share family duties.

Owing to the fact that American life is characterized by rapid pace, cooking has long been necessity, and not luxury. It’s not uncommon to have a meal at restaurants in this country. Practicality comes first in the US. Ready-to-cook preparations from the freezer are therefore local women’s go-to guys even after marriage.

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2. They are self-sustainable and confident

Almost every American woman is very self-sufficient. Local women don’t understand why they should ask a man to put up bookshelves or change a light bulb, as opposed to Russian women who consider it to be men’s job. They can do this on their own. There is no clear segregation of duties between men and women in this country. Sometimes they fight even better than men.

Marry an American woman: 4 pros and 6 cons

Moreover, American ladies aren’t accustomed to leave things to change or try to get something for free. They are strangers to a word “luck”. They know that everything in life can be earned only with the sweat of their brow.

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If she sets a target, she will do her best in order to achieve her goal. If a man plans for a marriage and asks his girl to sacrifice her interests, she will rather say no than change her plans for the future.

American girls don’t fear trying something new, taking the risk and failing. They are confident persons. No matter how much they weigh and how tall they are.
After marrying an American girl she won’t let her husband give up when facing the challenges and will always motivate him.

3. They are diverse

There are major differences between women who live in the US. There is therefore a strong possibility that you will be able to find and marry a woman satisfying all your needs.

Local women are distinguished by their social background, the traditions of a family in which they had been brought up, the level of education and, of course, character.

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It’s hard to imagine an American woman who combines the features of a representative of a Kardashians family, a farm dynasty from Kansas, a family from shacks neighborhood members living on welfare and social security, a family of illegal migrants and so forth.

For example, an American business woman combines such features as eminent business skills, excellent skills of deduction, spunk, focus on their career and slight coldness. So after marriage to such a woman you can become a wealthy man.

4. A groom doesn’t have to shell out for a wedding ceremony

A groom has to buy a diamond engagement ring which costs several thousand dollars and give it to a bride when he proposes marriage to her. As a rule, a man pays for it three times as much as his monthly salary. Nevertheless, he shouldn’t take offense, since the bride’s relatives will pay much more than him.

Marry an American woman: 4 pros and 6 cons

It’s a little-known fact that a traditional American wedding is fully paid by the bride’s parents.

Moreover, if the wedding doesn’t happen, the engagement ring will be returned to a groom. If a woman doesn’t want to give it back, a groom is entitled to file a lawsuit against her.

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Such trials are not rare in the USA. And the court usually acts in favor of a groom in those cases.

That’s why there is no risk that you will go broke before marrying an American female.


1. They are very demanding on men

Watching American girls, you can easily see that they were brought up on Disney cartoons. Like every other local girl inspired with the example of Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel, she waits for her prince and makes great demands on real down-to-earth future husbands.

American women most frequently get married after the age of 30. The status of a married woman doesn’t refer to their long-cherished desires. It’s very important for them to find out how good their significant other is and how compatible they are with each other before marriage.

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Their approach towards marriage is practical, rational and informed. American girls think that they should rather build a family in adulthood, having the stable source of income and needed material goods than in their youth when they are most likely to divorce.

By the way, American society doesn’t accuse a woman of her unmarried status. They don’t make a cult of it.

2. Feminism and desire to be independent probably won’t attract you if you want to marry an American woman

Since they are born, the canons of feminism and liberalism are being instilled in local girls.

A desire to be independent and a proverbial “gender equality” are off the scale in the US. Sometimes absurd incidents occur because of that. For example, when a man holds the door open for a woman, she may well end up making a scene and accusing him of sexism.

Marry an American woman: 4 pros and 6 cons

And if a man puts his hand on a woman’s shoulder at a date, it might be perceived as sexual harassment. One of the main dating tips for those who want to date an American woman is that you shouldn’t touch her without permission.

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That’s why American men who are tired of their strong and independent female compatriots often divorce them and go on a vacation to South-East Asian countries where women are still girly.

3. The appearance of an American woman

Feminist values contribute to their refusal to take care of their appearance. They believe that people should accept them for who they are, even if they don’t put on a makeup, have greasy hair and look untidy wearing shapeless clothes. You probably would not be interested in marriage to such girls.

They are uninhibited. That’s why their favorite clothes are oversized t-shirts, jeans, shorts and shoes without heels and the classic models of purses. You can easily meet a woman wearing a pajama in US supermarkets.

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An average local woman usually does without daytime makeup and face masks. She can make an exception only when she goes out to parties.

American women prefer simple hairstyles. As a rule, their hair has medium length. In everyday life they put their hair in a messy bun and tie it with the help of elastic band. They also often leave their hair down. It looks weird and not neat.

4. American woman’s body shape

The American notion of non-interference in private life is undoubtedly commendable. Nevertheless, it doesn’t work to the benefit of local women. The absence of reasonable criticism contributes to women’s inability to adequately assess themselves, which leads to the fact that their bodies sometimes look shapeless. A lot of local men divorce their wives because of that. Are you interested in marriage to such females?

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It’s rare to see a woman with beautiful curves because of the abundance of quick snacks and junk food which they consume.

And besides being in bad shape they often ruin their health. Physical exercise, healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle as a whole don’t sit too well with women who live in the USA.

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Nevertheless, ladies who do their own business strive to look good. They follow strict diets and regularly engage in sports.

5. Black women

As you know, there are a lot of black women in the US. Many of them are interesting, talented and kind persons. But they are very different. An African-American woman usually wears too much makeup and dresses up in too colorful clothes. In addition, they are too noisy, constantly chew gums and gesture.

Marry an American woman: 4 pros and 6 cons

They like to wear low-cut dresses, mini-skirts, fishnets and high-heels.

Despite all social programs for support of black people existing in the US, African-Americans still can’t get rid of the slave mentality of dependency and confidence that society owes an enormous debt to the descendants of victims for all eternity, because someone once caused terrible social injustice. Such belief is pretty common among American black women.

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That’s why if you are a white man who wants to marry an Afro-American woman and become her husband, be ready for her constant baseless accusations which result from her belief in inequality between black and white people.

6. American females aren’t afraid of divorce

Many local women become thoughtful and loving mothers, gorgeous wives and reliable life partners after marriage. Nevertheless, they aren’t terrified of divorce. If you try to impose your belief about women’s meaning and purpose of life on an American female, she will most likely wave at you and divorce you.

Women of American descent are generally self-confident persons. And when they marry a man, they don’t begin to feel vulnerable and worry about the financial consequences of probable divorce.

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Every American wife can count on respect from society as a whole and particularly from her husband. Every woman who lives in the US is well aware of the fact that caring for children won’t become only her problem, if she wants to divorce. They also can count on the protection of the state in case of divorce. And in most cases American women get what they want. By the way, the divorce rate is quite high in the USA.

Do you like American women? Have you got any experience of dating or relationship with them? Wanna add any pros or cons? Write in comments, please, share this article in social networks or send us your own story!

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