TOP-5 Southeast Asian countries with the most beautiful females

TOP-5 Southeast Asian countries with the most beautiful females

Asian females are something mysterious and attractive to most of Western men. And it’s often mutual. We’ve compiled a list of top-5 Southeast Asian countries where the most beautiful women live and wait for you.

5. Vietnam

Vietnamese are considered to be one of the most beautiful nations in the world. With age, their appearance doesn’t change that much, unless, of course, these Asian females don’t have health problems and don’t do hard physical jobs. Chubby women are rarely found in this country.

All Vietnamese ladies are very smiley. Vietnamese can be cheerful even when they are distressed by something or devastated. These Asian women put on a brave face even when they are offended.

Also, they never raise their voices. The tradition of talking quietly is followed by all people throughout the country.

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Earlier, the black color of women’s teeth was regarded as a symbol of beauty in Vietnam. Since the 1920s, the dying of teeth has stopped being popular. This custom has preserved mainly in rural areas.

Vietnamese girls don’t use cosmetics, except ginseng cream. (By the way, Chinese women also like this cream). But they spend a lot of time on hair care, combing it three times per day and rubbing the homemade potions of medicinal herbs in it.

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A skin color distinguishes rural Vietnamese women from urban ladies. The former are dusky ones, because they work hard in the merciless sun, the latter are whites hiding a real color of their skin under a thick layer of face powder. In Asian countries, a tan is an indicator of low social status. For example, Thai women also whiten their skin.

Most of Vietnamese women are engaged in gender-typical jobs such as construction, road building, cultivating of rice fields.

4. Indonesia

As opposed to other Muslim countries, Indonesia provides both men and women with equal rights. Indonesian women can officially enjoy the same rights as men. That’s why these women can easily become the head of a family and manage family budgets.

Many local girls have good proficiency in English. This is facilitated by movies screened at cinemas and on TV. The heroes of those movies speak English and the movies’ storylines are accompanied by subtitles.

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Indonesian women generally spend their free time at someone’s home. These Asian females prepare special dishes for different holidays, have their meals, discuss the latest news and, of course, sing songs together. A lot of them are fond of folk and Latin-American dancing. Also, Indonesian women are passionate about sports. They like to do aerobics and yoga.

Numerous women actively participate in the life of Christian communities. They not only help priests during church services, but also go to the countryside with missionaries, help them in distributing humanitarian assistance to the needy, work at Sunday schools for children, manage choirs without pay.

In recent years working abroad as domestic assistants has become popular among Indonesian women. They usually go to Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Singapore. They are separated from their families, children and a husband for a year or more and regularly send them money. It’s a hard work since they have to quickly adapt to new language, culture, behavior, etc.

3. Cambodia

Khmer women are the happy owners of gorgeous cinnamon-colored skin. It is matte, exceptionally smooth and silky. White women’s skin looks like asphalt consisted of numerous grains of sand when they stand next to Khmer girls. If you are off on your Southeast Asia solo female travel one day, you’ll definitely notice it.

Ideal proportion of their faces and bodies, snow-white teeth and taut breast tease men and draw them like fruits which males want to bite.

Cambodia doesn’t want to repeat the destiny of neighboring countries and be perceived as “a heaven for pedophiles” or a “country of the cheapest whores”.

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In order to fight trafficking in girls under the cover of marriage, a law was passed establishing age limits for foreigners wishing to marry a Khmer girl and the amount of his income.

Khmer women are very humble persons (like Japanese women). Their modesty manifests itself in the fact that they even bathe with their clothes on.

The average age of marriage in Cambodia is 22-24. Nevertheless, it’s considered reprehensible in Khmer society, if a girl remains unmarried for a long time.

Interestingly, the age of sexual consent varies depending on the social status of a girl’s family.

In the marginalized communities of Cambodia, a girl can enter adulthood even at the age of 12 and get married off when she is 14.

Khmers like sexual intercourses and don’t consider it to be a shame. They believe that sex is just a way of enjoyment and breeding. In addition, they like to give birth to children. Almost every local Southeast Asian female thinks that kids are the source of joy and not a burden.

2. Laos (gorgeous Asian females who like fried rats live here)

Money problems don’t let them buy a lot of cosmetics and outfits, problems with Internet connectivity don’t let them follow recent fashion trends. That’s why most local girls put on a makeup the old-fashioned way, wear long skirts and national costumes.

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But with regard to their character, Laotian women are very kind and nice persons and their appearance is very attractive.

Lao women are recognizable by yellow skin, but they strive to hide it with the help of face powder.

It may surprise you, but Lao prefer to eat a meat soup with sugar. These Asian females also like to eat fried bats. These little animals are a real delicacy in this country. However, the gastronomic passions of Lao don’t stop there. They prepare meals made of rats, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, frogs, beetles, grasshoppers and maggots, that is, almost everything that can be eaten.

Lao women never scold and punish their children. These Asian females believe that only a happy child can bring joy and kindness to this cruel world.

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After marriage, a Lao girl can take her husband’s name. But this tradition has stopped being popular, but in rural area girls still can do it.

Women of this country often hike up their shirts and demonstrate naked abdomens. Unfortunately, in doesn’t mean that they want to take off their clothes, since it’s just a way to cool down in hot weather.

Lao women use bags with a long handle to carry heavy belongings. They hang it not on a shoulder, but on their head in such a way that the bag is on the back. So, women’s hands are free.

1. Myanmar

Almost all Burmese women have flawless skin. The means which grants them such incredibly silky skin is called tanaka.

Local females and children use this means in order to paint their faces with beige patterns. This natural aromatic skin conditioner has been used for centuries. It’s a part of national identity. Tanaka is both peculiar decoration and cosmetics.

Burmese girls are calm, balanced, kind and smiley. They aren’t tall, but these women have slim figures, proud postures and expressive features of face. You won’t see Burmese girls with bare shoulders and knees. They prefer the national style of clothing and look graceful.

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Nevertheless, women generally have a hard life here. The well-being of Burmese families depends precisely on them. They keep a household: cook meal, wash clothes, take care of children. Moreover, these Asian females necessarily ply a trade or sell something, and in the countryside women, in addition, work in a field.

Travelling through Myanmar, you can even watch women working on road construction under a scorching sun. And they are paid three times less money than men. In Myanmar, women are cheap labor.

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Most of the females in this country are persuaded that males are cleverer than they are. (Thus, if you’re interested in Asian females dating, you won’t even have to make a good impression. Local women will consider you as a smart guy from the start). That’s why many of them don’t even try to pursue higher education.

Perhaps religion played a role in such self-doubt, because a hierarchical status of a man in Buddhism is higher than women’s one.

Do you like Southeast Asian women? Feel free to share your opinion below, or send us your own story!

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