10 shameful things every woman does!

10 shameful things every woman does!

It’s widely assumed that only men are capable of disgusting actions. But women don’t lag behind men in many things. We’ve compiled a list of 10 shameful things every (or almost every) woman does to prove it.

10. They rip out dried blisters on their feet

Wearing high heels, European women often face such a problem as blistering, which appear because of excessively tight shoes. Over time, a blister bursts, and the liquid comes out of it. Then the callus dries up and rather than carefully trim the dried skin, a girl begins to do it manually. She’d better stay out of her boyfriend’s sight at that time, since it’s not a pretty sight.

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9. They sniff their clothes in order to determine whether it should be washed

Women really do it. In this, the clothes may be very different, ranging from t-shirts to socks and underwear. With reference to the intimate part of female wardrobe, it should in no case contain dirty lingerie.

10 shameful things every woman does!

That’s why if a woman wears underclothing the whole day, she should wash it, anyway, and she doesn’t even have to smell it. It won’t smell like roses, because the glands of woman’s body (just as male’s body) constantly emit secrets whose offensive odors are very noticeable.

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By the way, women also like to scratch their groin and then, sniff their hands. Biologists have long attempted to find out, why women are so curious about their own scents. Anthropologists, for their part, have moved towards a consensus that it’s a special diagnostics of the “normality” of their secretions’ smell. In any case, it’s not recommended doing it in public, especially if you’re a woman.

8. They cut their nails all over the place and don’t clean up after themselves

Biologists would say that a girl marks her territory in this way, but that’s not true, since it’s an ordinary untidiness and the indicator of laziness. If such a girl often invites guests, she should change her habits, because guests’ impression of these “findings” will be extremely negative.

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She’d rather provide space for this activity or do it over papers or cellophane, so that she can pick up the pieces of nails immediately and throw them out without making a mess all around the house.

7. They monitor the life of their former boyfriends and husbands and get into the phones of their current partners

“Control everything!” is the motto of jealous American women. To be more precise, it’s a slogan of individuals who have an inferiority complex. They always feel like they will be betrayed, dumped, deceived. And due to their constant nagging and squabbling, they really make a man implement actions that he is always suspected of.

10 shameful things every woman does!

In addition, in such a case a woman receives what she has been unconsciously searching for so long, so that she can victoriously claim: “It’s exactly what I said!” afterwards. Every individual is the architect of his own fortunes as well as misfortunes, however.

That’s why jealous women should refrain from the unnecessary invasion of their partners’ privacy. Otherwise, they will make their men realize woman’s greatest concerns.

6. They don’t change hygienic pads for a long time and rarely wash their bra

It most frequently takes place because of messiness and, very rarely – due to forgetfulness. Having no memory of personal hygiene is a pathetic thing. In addition, such an oversight is fraught with quite a distinctive odor which won’t obviously improve the woman’s standing in the community and people close to her aren’t definitely have a high opinion of herself.

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Particular attention is to be paid to a bra. This element of a wardrobe is reliably hidden under clothes, which means that people pay much less attention to it than to an outfit which is visible to everyone.

Wearing a dirty bra is a bad habit, since if brassiere isn’t washed for a long time, it has an unpleasant smell.

5. They watch porn

Popular culture (especially cinematography) imposes on us a stereotype that men are the only ones who watch porn movies, whereas women aren’t interested in them at all. Nevertheless, that’s so not true, since many girls, desiring to receive answers to some questions and just being thirsty for unusual experiences, they still watch erotic movies sometimes, but only so that no one would know.

4. They discuss male genital mutilation of their partners with other girls

Enormous amount of girls do it, regardless of their age. They like nothing better than to discuss the size of their former and current boyfriends’ cocks with a bunch of their friends.

10 shameful things every woman does!

Women are biologically programmed to compare. They aim to learn the world not empirically, but comparing the information from different sources.

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If, for example, most of the other women therefore tell a girl that the unusual form of a penis is something worth noticing, she will desire to experience it.

With regard to the fact of discussion, it’s a shameful and unnecessary habit. If a woman considers her boyfriend is a piece of meat, such relationship won’t last long.

3. They simulate orgasm

Not only a woman herself disgusts this pretense, but her man also hates it. Nevertheless, lying is lying, and rather than teach her partner to please her, she submits to his clumsiness and her modesty, and she is suffered from it (sometimes it signs a woman likes you).

10 shameful things every woman does!

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But psychologists recommend that girls to tell their partners about their sexual frustration, otherwise such relationship will end soon.

2. They don’t shave their legs

Many single females postpone this uncomplicated procedure for better times. Their most common argument is that there’s no need for that, since they haven’t got sex so far. For whom should they try?

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We think that, anyway, stubbly legs don’t look very aesthetic. It’s an indicator of how much her reputation is important for her. Girls should always shave their legs, regardless of the availability of a partner.

1. They like to pee in the shower

Frankly speaking, not only females do it. The logics of such a behavior is simple – “Why should I waste my time on getting out of the bath if nobody will have ever known about it».

And really, why? Not long ago, a campaign of ecologists who wanted to preserve the environment, namely, water resources, took place in Argentine. The environmentalists encouraged all the people to pee in the bath and shower to save water.

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That’s why peeing in the shower, you can safely think that you keep water potential of the planet. As long as your boyfriend doesn’t see it 🙂

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