Why are young women looking for older men?

Why do young women look for older men?

Why are young women looking for older men? Are they more sophisticated and passionate? Maybe, is it more interesting to spend time with older men? Let’s find in out.

Each woman has a specific type of man she wants to date or to settle down with. Some like the intellectuals, others like the adventurous ones. Needless to say, women, just like men, look for people who suit their personalities and lifestyles. However, there are women looking for older men, which might seem weird to some. There is an explanation for everything, and here are 10 features that make some women prefer older men as partners in romantic relationships!

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1. Cultured

Women looking for older men have a major thing in mind, which is having endless intellectual conversations.

Usually, women find intelligence to be an attractive feature in men. Deep conversations do not count. Talking about literature, history, politics and other relevant topics with their boyfriends is very intriguing to women.

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2. Readiness to settle down

Usually, women are more mature than men. The latter reach the age of maturity when they grow old. This is where they seek a more stable and healthy relationship. Their only aim is to put the past behind and start getting serious with their lives. Commitment does not scare them anymore; they want it.

Why are young women looking for older men?

Women who want something more than short relationships cannot find stability with a younger guy. Younger men hardly resist the temptation. In fact, they still need time to discover themselves and to find out what they want to do in life. They need the experience to grow and nurture themselves. A girl who is ready to tie the knot looks for someone who is ready to handle commitment, therefore, younger men are not suitable for her.

3. Sophistication

Older men are sophisticated when it comes to food and fashion. That’s because they value quality. Older men do not care about sophistication to make a show for the crowd; they understand that hard work gets good results.

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Also, when it comes to traveling, older men like to avoid touristy places. Just like the male millennials are all about experiences, older men are the same but with a twist. Young adults want to get an adrenaline rush and feel things quickly. However, older men prefer to enjoy one thing and take the time to appreciate it instead of moving from one thing to another. Women looking for older men look at things this way: dating young guys is like drinking shots. Dating old guys is similar to drinking wine.

4. Confidence

Older guys know who they are. They have already passed the stage where they are in a long journey o find their identity. In addition to that, they got over insecurities and know that confidence comes from within.

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Confidence is a feature that women find attractive because it indicates that the man knows where is heading to! Women like to be straight-forward and enjoy it when the horizon is visible.

5. Experience with women

Women are complicated; that’s a no-brainer. Indeed, it is hard to understand them. Most relations end because there is a misunderstanding that happened.

Why are young women looking for older men?

Older men went through all that, and they know how to interpret women, which is convenient for females. Women looking for older men want to be understood.

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6. Chivalry

Girls like it when men are chivalrous! That’s just the way it is! When it comes to dating young men, holding doors and gifting flowers happen in the beginning of the relationship and start to fade away when things get serious. Ladies want chivalry, no matter how old their romantic relationship is.

7. Maturity

Maturity is key when it comes to ladies. Typically, girls tend to be more mature than boys. However, this continues to when both genders are young adults. Women want a person who is mature in all contexts.

Why are young women looking for older men?

Whether she’s going to a party or introducing her boyfriend to her friends, she wants her male partner to act classy and give the best impression. Also, no one wants a guy who interprets things and gets mad about his partner without even asking or starting a conversation. Older men can handle issues better as they are experienced.

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8. Done playing the field

Younger men want to prove themselves in the “market”. Most of them tend to do everything to look appealing and attractive to ladies. As they are young, they are still in search for the “one”. Women looking for older men want to settle down and want to work on having a strong relationship want a man who is looking to choose a partner and move on to the next chapter in his life.

9. Good communication

A strong communication is the foundation of any long-lasting relationship. A partner who is not willing to open up and communicate his feelings or does not say what bothers him about his partner is not a boyfriend material. Young men tend not to be that experienced and rely on translating signals instead of asking what they mean.

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In the age of social media, people are used to expressing certain things about themselves using emojis and captions, which take a huge part of the truth. However, older men belong to another period where writing long sentences was the norm.

Using words and consecrating time to listen is what older men do which is one way to make a relationship last. Women looking for older men want that communication becomes a path towards a stronger bond.

10. Healthy Lifestyle

Yes, older men are known to love drinking and smoking mostly wine and cigars, but they know their limits. To them, alcohol is a source of pleasure, not a way to solve problems. For that reason, they do not get drunk easily. They know the strict wall between drinking and smoking and handling issues. Older men also practice sport. Since they are in a critical age where taking care of their health is a must, they usually eat healthier than younger men.

Why are young women looking for older men?

Also, they know the value of nature, so they tend to spend weekends in the mountains to breathe fresh air and clean their lungs. Expect trips and adventures with these men. Hiking, climbing, and snow-shoeing are on their agenda!

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Women looking for older men do not like it when a man spends too much time lying on a couch. Also, a healthy man has an attractive body which is a basic feature that makes women attracted to men. One needs to be active! A healthy man is an attractive man!

If you are a young man who wants to know more about the ladies, just analyze women looking for older men. Usually, women who date young men look for these exact same features. So next time you meet someone, you know how to be like!

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