Do German women love drinking beer?

Do German women love drinking beer?

There is a stereotype that Germans drink a lot of beer. But what about ladies? Do you believe that German woman love drinking beer?

Nowadays, a lot of people like to drink alcohol, especially in some countries. For example, in Russia, USA, Czech Republic and Germany. People consider that the most wide-spread alcohol among people is beer. Let’s talk about Germany.

Germany always produces the beer of good quality. It’s really tasty and delicious! But what can you say about the girls who can afford to take it? Some people say that it’s very bad for our health, especially for females.

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It’s exactly for the ladies

In general, German girls like drinking beer, but they take the alcohol not so heavily as men do.

Let’s imagine the bemused boys’ faces and turn attention to their thoughts: «Oh my God! Is it really? Do you really think that a girl can take the alcohol more than I do? ».

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But you should know an important detail that there are four main versions of the alcohol:

  • bitter;
  • sweet;
  • salty;
  • tasteless.

Sweet beer is produced exclusively for females. Some cafés and restaurants create the «ladies menu» which has a lot of interesting beverages.

And this action does not say that Germany is considered as a drinking nation! Despite the fact that such alcohol is for breakfast, lunch, dinner and other holidays – it’s a real national liquid. But why do women take such joy juice in large quantities? What is the idea of this? Are they addicted?

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German ladies say that they use it just for satisfaction to taste because it perfectly combines with lots of food variants. For example, it’s an amazing combination with some kinds of fruits, meat, fish, nuts and even sweets.

Do German women love drinking beer

But the huge numbers of alcohol cannot be called positive and great pastime. There are no useful things for the organism. And if woman doesn’t stop in time, it can cause serious problems for health.

On the other hand, beer is used with special products to emphasize the taste of the food. In this case, women can drink it a little, and it will not do harm.

Is it a real dependence?

There is the elegance and glamour in ladies’ world, so a bottle design plays a key role. It’s a very important thing during the using. As a rule, the alcohol in a bottle is decorated with a relief design on the glass. In other cases, there is a label with pink colors. Such representation of the alcohol looks wonderful and great. That’s why all girls want to try it.

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The volume of the bottle is also important. For ladies, it’s normal to take 0.33 – 0.5 liters, but no more.

And of course, the favorite girls’ alcohol is ale. This is the liquid with fruit taste and high content of brewer’s yeast. Woman is recommended to use it no more than 1 time per month. The frequent use of ale can develop a strong dependence to alcohol.

Despite the fact that the alcohol is bad for the ladies’ health, people in Germany do not abuse it. It’s very good news. A woman knows her measure of beer using.

Do German women love drinking beer

Don’t confuse it with the Munich Festival, where people take beer in huge numbers! This is the traditional holiday of the whole Germany, the biggest folk festival in the world!

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