Why do we all love Croatian women so much?

Why do we all love Croatian women so much?

Croatian women are one of the main landmarks of their country. But until the recent FIFA World Cup, few people have heard about this small Balkan state. Let’s fill this gap with the list of Croatian females’ features.


Croatian girls are renowned for their beauty. Croatian women are the owners of olive colored skin and long elegant necks which accentuate their slim bodies. There are both blonde and brunette women in this state. When tourists visit beautiful Croatia for the first time, they always notice that Croatian women are tall and have brown eyes.

Despite most of them are slim and have small breasts, they can boast round and yummy buttocks.

The loyal fans of football

Croatian girls are fond of the guys who play this game and love watching it. When they root for their favorite team, Croatian female fans cheer for it loud and sing special songs.

Why do we all love Croatian women so much?

And when Croatian team scores a goal, Croats express their high emotions. You could see it at the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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They are smart

Croatian women are open-minded persons and have a vast body of knowledge. Since they live in a small state, they are forced to learn foreign languages. They are also well-versed in geography and the history of many countries of the world. And they expect the same intelligence from others.

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That’s why when Croats date foreigners, they are always pleased if their partners know something about Croatian culture and history. They don’t like when they are ranked as a part of Eastern Europe.

Also, they don’t like when somebody is joking about Yugoslavia. There are people in Croatia who believe that this former country will rise again.

They are hedonists

Croats think that people should take pleasure in everything they do. They like tasty food, good drink and strive to enjoy themselves. Sometimes Croatian women are even willing to miss work for this purpose.

If you walk along the streets of Croatian cities during office hours, you will be amazed at how many people visit restaurants and cafés at this time.

They never go Dutch

If you decided to date a Croatian girl, you shouldn’t be greedy, because in Croatia they never go Dutch. It doesn’t mean that men always pay for everything in this country. Women also pay.

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Why do we all love Croatian women so much?

But when they go to a restaurant, precisely men are responsible for the payment of dinner. They do it for the simple reason: when a woman accepts an invitation to have dinner and drinks with you, she spends her time and devotes attention to you. That’s why the way she treats you is her payment for having a great time.

Croatian women don’t look for partners at resorts

Rumor has it that sea resorts are the places where you can easily hook up with girls in summer. But it’s a false statement. Sea resorts are places where a lot of festivals are held during the summer. As a rule, those events are attended by the groups of friends. It’s uncommon for girls who want to have one-night stand to be surrounded by friends.

It’s for easier to pick up a girl in the streets of the Croatian capital than to waste time on the seaside.

Croatian women always take thoughtful action

There is one word in Croatian language which concerns all aspects of their activity and can be the slogan of their life. And this word is “pomalo” which translates as gradually or little by little. It can take a Croatian woman an hour to have a cup of tea. If she wants to go and buy some groceries, she will spend several hours for this purpose.

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Why do we all love Croatian women so much?

You should therefore remember that if you are just going to kiss a Croatian girl, it will also take some time.

They drink a lot

Croats are fond of alcohol. There is a wide range of alcoholic beverages that they like. They drink not only wine and beer, but also more strong spirits.

For example, they often prefer their national liquor, “rakija”. So, one wonders whether they have some special super strong livers. Nevertheless, Croatian ladies can’t be called alcoholics, because they know the proper way to drink spirits.

Why do we all love Croatian women so much?

And you’d better learn to drink a lot, in order to be on the same page with them.

Young Croats are more social than older Croatian women

If you are going to communicate with the European females of this country, you should keep in mind that girls under 24 are the most easy-going Slavic women in Croatia. And that’s not surprising, because older females search for reliable, rich partners for serious relationships. They are not interested in empty talk.

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If you aren’t a rich man, then try to meet a young Croatian girl who enjoys talking to Western men.

The Croatian President is one of the hottest politicians in the world

In 2015 Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic became the first-ever woman elected President in Croatia. Her swimsuit pictures which appeared on the web drove crazy not only Croatian citizens but also the whole world.

Why do we all love Croatian women so much?

This 49-year-old woman was the Croatian Ambassador to the USA as well as held the position of the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, before she took up the post of the President of her country.

Nevertheless, she attracted great interest among media and the users of social networks. If you take a look at those photos, you will fundamentally change your view on blonde women in politics.

We are sure that Croatian men are definitely thrilled about their President, no less than about Croatian models.

Croatian women like when foreigners speak their language

Croatian language is considered to be a difficult one for Western people, especially when it comes to their names as well as surnames. It may seem to you that you’ll “break” your tongue while pronouncing them. All football commentators in the world have almost never pronounced the names of their national team’s players properly. It makes Croats angry sometimes.

So, they always appreciate when you try to say phrases in their language.

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In addition, your accent will sound exotic and nice and make you more likeable.

Croatian girls like when men take the initiative

It’s almost impossible to imagine a situation when the women of this state pick up men. They are very unlikely to take the first step.

Although Croatian women are very easy-going, they still adhere to the traditional rules of communication with men and believe that males should take the initiative in this case. That’s why you should be self-confident if you want to go on a date with a Croatian girl. Otherwise, you will wait forever.

The country of feminists

Croatia has the largest number of feminists among all the former Yugoslavian countries.
In this regard, they resemble Western women. Girls often complain when they have to wear high-heels. There are two blocs in the Croatian Government which are run by feminists and deal with the issue of gender equality.

At the moment, Croatian banks extend interest-free loans to businesses which are run by Croatian women. And the authorities of Croatia use taxpayers’ money in order to pay for these business loans. That’s why companies producing candies and selling flowers are quite common, whereas Croatian heavy industry falls apart.

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Of course, it’s impossible to get a full idea about Croatian women from one article, but if you will visit Croatia, you will unlikely to regret it.

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