Where the most obedient women in the world live

Where the most obedient women in the world live

There are some places on the planet where the most obedient women in the world live. Some of them can seem strange and astonishing. Would you like to know where to get a humble wife? 🙂

If you are interested in obedient women, you shouldn’t travel around the world to face them. Internet erases borders between countries. Now you can find a person to talk to or a friend at the other end of the world without problems.

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There are also no borders on the way of arranging personal life. You don’t have to choose a compatriot as a companion because you can meet and tie the knot with any woman from any country. Let’s find out what countries do the humblest women live in?


This country is known not only for footballers and the statue of Christ. Many of you heard about the stunning beauty and femininity of Brazilian women. And really, hot Brazilians literally omit sexuality and bright individuality. They are sincere, emotional and friendly.

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brazilian women

It is reflected in the appearance of Brazilian women. Bikini is almost their national costume. And local beauties can afford to wear any outfit because they are in excellent shape. Moreover, the obedient and tame women of Brazil are aimed at the creating of a family and treat their husbands with love, passion and respect.

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If you wish to conquer a woman with exotic appearance but, in this, humble and respecting her beau, you should turn your attention to Thailand. Thai women like laughing, they are usually happy and satisfied with life. They are humble that’s why Thais are quiet in public places, but when they are alone with their partners, these women are open and sexually relaxed.

thai women

Most of Thai women are miniature and look very young. They strive to remain in good shape, eat healthy and look good in order to be attractive for their husbands. The obedient women of Thailand respect their husbands and their families.


Ukrainian brides can offer to their men a lot. They love and respect their life partners. The obedient but nice women of Ukraine (like many Slavic women) try to help them in everything, starting with career and ending with home improvement.

ukrainian women

For Ukrainian beauties, it’s important to look fine and wear trendy clothes. Manicure, make up and beautiful gowns are the main components of their image both for outing and home.

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Ukrainian women are well-educated, all-around intellectually developed persons. Their culture is close to European, that’s why such women can become not only good mistresses but also business partners and muses for creativity.


The distinctive features of Filipinos are obedience to their husbands and thrift. They can be the treasurer of a family, settle into a house and create comfort atmosphere, carry out economic activities totally exempting their fiancé from domestic care. There are a lot of happy people in the Philippines. They often smile and have a good sense of humor.

philippinas women

Also, Philippine obedient women possess amazing beauty. Their bodies are slim, skin is brown, eyes are almond-shaped, and their gorgeous hair is dark. Local beauties save their attractiveness for a long time and get old slowly.


This huge country has a lot of obedient girls and women of different ages who want to marry foreigners. Here you can meet various types of beauties, but they all are united by care for their appearance and desire to look great in any situation.

Russian women can become not only good and affectionate wives caring for family life and comfort atmosphere. They are quite ambitious, that’s why they can help running a business of their men and support them on the way of development in any sphere.

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Chinese women look like delicate porcelain statuettes. They are miniature. They have slim figure, shiny dark hair and exotic eastern facial features. Chinese women are humble and discreet like women in Iran but, in this, they have a bright individuality.

chinese women

China is huge. A lot of cultures with their own languages, customs and even economic level are mixed here. That’s why Chinese women are not equal. The treatment of personal life depends on whether they were born in villages or in cities. Women living in rural areas are, probably, more conservative and respecting family values, whereas women living in big cities are more independent and self-sufficient. But overall, Chinese obedient women are thoughtful, dedicated and delicate.


If you like women from Latin America, you should take a closer look at Colombian beauties. Colombia has the diverse and rich mix of cultures, and it is reflected in the appearance of local women. As a rule, they have a golden tint of skin and dark eyes. Because of tropical climate they wear open and colored clothes, emphasizing their beauty.

colombian women

Colombian women are considered to be faithful, responsible and understanding wives. They focus on the creation of a family and respect traditional values like marriage, religion and family ties.

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These obedient women usually get married at young age and during the whole their life they built strong and trusted relationships with their husbands.


Japan is a great choice if you search for an Asian woman. Not only has this country a bright culture and it’s the homeland of the most well-bred women in the world. Developed economic contributes to most of the Japans finding their husbands in their own country, that’s why there are a few women who want to get married abroad.

japanese women

These obedient Asian women look younger than their biological age is. They thoroughly care for themselves, have a good understanding of fashion and style. Japanese beauties are known for their elegance and impeccable taste in food, wine, clothes and leisure time.

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Education is very important for local women. But the main thing is that they are loyal to their men and do whatever is necessary in order to make him feel like he is the most favorite man in the world.

Dominican Republic

This republic has the reputation of the country where the sexiest and most beautiful women live. Local obedient African women are friendly, fun and cheery. Fortunately, they don’t follow shocking African traditions.

dominican women

African and Latin blood are combined in them which is reflected in slim figure, dark skin and thick hair. Not only their appearance can impress you, but also the fact that marriage for them is lifelong commitment, that’s why they have a lot of respect for the foundations of a family.

Obedience is the main criteria that every ideal woman has to meet, according to most of the men. But you should distinguish between sincere obedience and forced obedience when women are forced to be humble by religious tenets, like in the countries of The Middle East where it’s difficult to be a woman.

You should choose a woman whose obedience comes from her heart and express respect to you. Otherwise, you won’t be happy, and your life partner won’t be happy either.

Do you like obedient women? Feel free to share your opinion below this post, or send us your own story!

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