Black Women vs Asian Women: Which of Them are More Sexy?

Black Women vs Asian Women: Which of Them are More Sexy?

Black women and Asian women look like they come from different planets. In fact, they live in the same world and have to compete for the attention of the same men. Let’s find out which of them can do it better.

Exotic skin vs unusual eyes

Apart from dark skin, sometimes even with a dark-blue or magenta tint, black women also have dark eyes.

There are no black females with blue eyes. And this is the first thing that makes them different from Asian ladies.

The Eastern females, for their part, are distinguished by yellow skin of various shades. And their eyes can have a color in the range from yellow-brown to green.

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Speaking of the strengths of Asian ladies, we can’t fail to mention an epicanthic fold, a part of an upper eyelid that covers a lacrimal caruncle, which adds spice to Asian female’s appearance and attracts attention of men.

So in terms of the women’s faces, the exotic skin color of black women is of greater interest to men. But when it comes to an eye shape – it’s the Asian eyes that men see as the sexiest.

But why did nature endow them with such an appearance? The thing is that Africa, the continent where the ancestors of all black women originate from, is characterized by a tropical climate, which lavishes Africa with intensive sun radiation, high humidity, that is, creates conditions conductive to the spread of fungus and bacteria causing deadly diseases.

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Black Women vs Asian Women: Which of Them are More Sexy?

That’s why black people’s skin is rich in melanin, which protects them from the excessive radiation from the sun.

If black women were the owners of lighter skin, they would be at risk of developing oncological diseases. Moreover, melanin helps to protect their skin from bacteria and viruses.

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As concerns the eye shape of Asian females, that’s how nature protected their ancestors from high wind and sand storms.

They borrow hairstyles from each other with a view to be sexy

Black women have dark hair at their disposal. You are unlikely to meet a black girl with a brown hair.

And this is another feature that distinguishes them from Asian ladies, which hair can go from dirty-blonde and brown to black.

In addition, although modern black women have little need for a strong protection against the sun, it’s impossible to get away from nature.

This is the reason why these females’ hair follicle structure is different from the one that all other women have. That’s how nature takes care of their scalp and protects it from the climatic effects of the sun.

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Black women’s hair is rigid and curly, which leaves enough room for the air to circulate near the scalp and chill it. With regard to Asian women, their hair is, in contrast, straight and smooth by nature.

Today, black women no longer want to wear the “nests” on their heads and try all possible means of straightening their hair, whereas Asian women increasingly choose to curl their hair and even get Afro hairstyles.

These days, it is the European standards of beauty that are being imposed on men around the world. Partly for this reason, most of the men are more attracted to Asian women with smooth hair and find them sexy.

Body and face hair make a difference

A small amount of body and face hair also sets black women apart from Asian females. This is due to the fact that it’s always warm in Africa. And it’s a huge positive for modern black girls.

As for Asian women, some representative of the Oriental race such as the Koreans and the Japanese are distinguished by abundant hairiness. They have downy hair on their upper lips and thick hair under their arms.

Of course, women with smooth skin without hair are more likely to turn men on.

The aesthetics of lips and noses is not always a key to sexiness

The full lips of black ladies are not just a fluke. The larger the size of the lips, the wider the surface of a mucous membrane is, through which excess liquid evaporates.

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Black women’s noses are broad and slightly flattened. Their flared nostrils contribute to better heat exchange, which is vitally important when you are exposed to high heat.

Asian women’s lips are, on the contrary, thin, because the Oriental race doesn’t inhabit climatic zones characterized by extreme heat.

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With regard to Asian females’ noses, they can vary from a delicate straight one with a small but quite pulpy tip, which is the case for Korean girls, to a sharp and slightly crooked nose or even hooked one you can find in Japan.

It’s logical to assume that straight and slightly crooked noses look the most aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time black women’s broad noses coupled with full lips and Asian female’s hooked noses might seem appealing to men due to their quirkiness, so it’s hard to determine whose noses and lips are the sexiest.

Asian women are less curvy, but their body is healthier

In comparison with Asian women’s appearance, black females’ bodies are proportionally short. Moreover, owing to clearly visible lordosis, an inward curvature of the lumbar area of the human spine, and genetically conditioned abundant adipose tissue of their glutes, their buttocks stick out and look huge and yummy.

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By the way, the black color of women’s skin is unevenly distributed across their body surface. For example, their palms and feet are light brown, and they don’t get a tan.

Asian women are less curvy, but their body is healthier

In addition, black women are the happy owners of long limbs, as compared to Asian females. It’s another natural gift that enables black women to have a lot of stamina in an environment of a tropical climate.

Long and strong legs helped African women run fast and flee from predators or run after their prey a long time ago.

It’s for this reason that black women are great at track and field nowadays. Asian women’s legs are nothing compared to hardy and powerful legs of black ladies.

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Unlike black females, Asian women normally don’t have opulent curves and possess slender bodies.

The point is that the main component of their nutrition is rice, and not wheat. Moreover, they consume fish instead of meat. Spices and seasonings, which they add to their dishes, contribute to better digestion of food. Apart from it, they almost never eat sweets or pastries and make long walks.

It’s hard to choose which of the women are sexier, curvy or slim. There’s no accounting for taste, so that’s up to you.

Black women are proactive creatures who have preserved animal instincts

As a rule, black women are feisty, vigorous, emotional and hot-headed. They like to gesture with their hands vividly. It means that they have preserved pure, primitive animal attraction. This is what most of Asian women have lost.

Black women’s scent stands out from the crowd. The point is that their apocrine sweat-glands intensively produce secretion that aims to protect their skin from ultraviolet radiation. The secretion contains such substances as androstenone whose reputation was cemented as “sex attractants”. The secretion has a musky sweet odor, which make its owners sexy.

Black Women vs Asian Women: Which of Them are More Sexy?

Asian and black women have different sizes of their tongues and the structure of their throats and vocal cords. That’s why black females usually have a deep husky voice, which makes a deep impression on males.

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Their Asian counterparts, on the contrary, are the owners of a quite high-pitched voice. However, males like such voices, too, because they give the impression of obedience and submissiveness of their owners.

Moreover, a black woman can easily take the initiative, because it’s a common belief among African people that a woman is designed to give pleasure to men. This may seem sexy to some men.

Asian women, for their part, are mostly trained to be submissive and not to take the lead.

As you can see, it’s difficult to determine which women are the sexiest.

But one thing seems certain: white men are attracted to both black and Asian females, because on a subconscious level, they realize that children born of mixed parentage are normally beautiful and healthy.

And which women do you mostly like?

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