TOP-7 most popular women in the world who beat their husbands

TOP-7 famous women who beat their husbands

How do you imagine the most popular women in the world living with their husbands? The beautiful pictures of their happy and carefree pastime come to your mind, don’t they?

Do you think that all they do is hang out at fancy parties, hold hands and have a lot of fun together?

Of course, it happens, but only in fairy tales and not in real life. Let us uncover the most well-known ladies worldwide who hit their beaus.

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One of the most popular and nice women in the world who loves charity and hitting men

For a long time Kelly Bensimon had been leaving a positive impression on us as a good model, a writer and the participant of charitable projects. Seductive women always seem to be angels at first glance. But it turned out that she had beaten her fiancé, named Stefanov. And her attacks of rage occur very often. After one of those incidents, Stefanov decided to break up with her.

TOP-7 most popular women in the world who beat their husbands

Although she doesn’t agree with the charges for hitting her beau, he assures that it happened. Perhaps this guy currently considers an eternal philosophic question, why women lie.

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Nicholas Stefanov called police and reported that her fiancé had beaten him. Stefanov says that he still loves her because she is a great girl, and he called the police because he didn’t want to behave like a “punching bag”. And we approve his behavior, because we think that nobody can hit a human with impunity, even if you’re hit by one of the most popular women in the world.

Politicians don’t differ from ordinary people

Many people are aware of Hillary Clinton’s bad temper, but the public was very surprised when it found out that she had regularly physically abused her husband Bill Clinton.

TOP-7 most popular women in the world who beat their husbands

Secret Service staff’s and housekeepers’ rooms were situated not far from a room where Hillary with her husband were. They heard that she had thrown an ashtray and some books at Bill Clinton. Once, the President’s wife gave a slap in his face, and it left a red print that was subsequently noticed by the members of the Secret Service. Now Hillary visits special courses on control over fury.

The most popular American women in the world fight for love… literally

Cocaine, which was used by Whitney Houston, often caused her aggression. In spite of the fact that her beloved Bobby Brown was blamed for beating her, people don’t even suggest that she physically abused him much more than he did. Brown was frequently beaten by her and then taken to hospital with beatings.

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TOP-7 most popular women in the world who beat their husbands

She told the reporters of Associated Press that he hadn’t hit her, and she had done it. Houston said that she was crazy for him and in this way she had fought for their love. We don’t think that it was a good way to express love. Perhaps, her anger was caused by using drugs.

According to one of the suggestions, drugs were exactly the reason of the singer’s death.

Young girls are also dangerous

Emma Roberts, a sexy actress and the niece of Julia Roberts who is one of the most popular women in the world, suffers from the attacks of uncontrolled anger. Once, Emma was arrested by Canadian police when she had attacked her fiancé Evan Peters with her fists.

TOP-7 most popular women in the world who beat their husbands

People heard the sounds of a fight in one of a hotel’s rooms and decided to call the police. When the policemen arrived, they saw that her boyfriend’s nose was bleeding, and they also noticed bite marks on him. How awful! We assume that even Russian women with stern temperament don’t do that!

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After interrogation, she was released because Peters refused to charge her. The couple stated that they were still together and wanted to forget about that incident.

A hot senator

A porn actress Stormy Daniels threw a pot with a plant which, as she said, she just wanted to “throw in a trash can”. Also, one of the most popular women in the world severed a photo album with the pictures of their wedding and messed up other shared property. We think that she decided to break up with him long ago, but she fought for an opportunity to become the member of the Senate of Louisiana at that time.

TOP-7 most popular women in the world who beat their husbands

We even don’t know what the most ridiculous in this story is – the fact that the porn actress tried to become the member of Senate or that she didn’t assume her aggression wouldn’t enable her to get a seat in the Senate. She deserves the rank of the most popular and peculiar woman in the world.

A girl who abused a giant

Carmen Electra, a famous model and one of the most popular and trendy women in the world, had a lot of relationships starting with Price and ending with Dennis Rodman. Her marriage with Rodman wasn’t strong because they beat each other. Their marriage didn’t last long and they divorced.

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TOP-7 most popular women in the world who beat their husbands

When Electra gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey, she stated that she didn’t even understand why she loved a man who had the reputation of a bad boy. Carmen explained that she had liked him because he seemed a giant who had come through a lot of pain. She noted that her self-destruction began with her mother’s death by brain tumor.

Think twice whether you want to dance with Jason Statham

Kelly Brook, a model from Great Britain, is a very beautiful and one of the most popular women in the world of fashion, and she undoubtedly had a lot of relationships. There were Jason Statham and a rugby player named Danny Cipriani in her list of boyfriends (not simultaneously, of course). And she physically abused both of them. She didn’t care whether her boyfriend was a tough guy or not, she liked to slap all of them. It’s very similar to the most beautiful women celebs in the world.

TOP-7 most popular women in the world who beat their husbands

The model admitted that she physically abused her boyfriend in her autobiographic book called “Close Up”. In 1998 Kelly began relationships with Jason Statham. They dated till 2004. In December 2000 they were invited to the wedding of Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

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After the party Brook noticed that Statham was speaking with an American actress, Gwyneth Paltrow. Kelly said that Jason had started to dance with Paltrow moving his hips and, in doing so, he had told her that she had been sexy. When they finished dancing, and he turned around, the only thing he saw was Kelly’s fist approaching his face.

We wonder if Gwyneth Paltrow and Kelly Brook became female celebs who hate each-other.

In modern society, the problem of domestic abuse has been put on display. This problem had been happened throughout history, but currently people found the strength to speak of it frankly.

Frequently the victims of aggression and tyranny are women, but sometimes it also occurs that men suffer from the strong hands of the most popular women in the world. This is a rear phenomenon, but even celebrities aren’t safe from it. Let’s remember that putting hand on our fiancés is not the best argument in a dispute, and all the more isn’t the best way to express your love.

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