Top 7 most powerful black women of 2016

TOP-7 most powerful black women of 2016

Power black women are really strong, confident and strict. They can do anything, or almost anything. Here are 7 most powerful black women of 2016.

There are a lot of powerful black women in our planet. Who are they? Maybe you have some ideas? Maybe you can guess? Some people say that such women will always be leaders. They are not afraid of dangerous situations. They are powerful – it means to win, to be the first among others. They just have a lot of money; they can expand their millions on something important. Let’s look through the most interesting black female persons all over the world.

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7. Beyoncé Knowles

This is a fantastic woman who achieved everything by herself. Beyonce is 32, and now she is one of the most famous black woman singers around the world.


Her husband is a producer of her best songs. Forbes topped this black woman like one of the strongest and powerful persons. Her star salary is about 11 million dollars. Beyoncé always tries to bring joy to her fans. That’s why Beyoncé is considered to be one of the most powerful black women

6. Whoopi Goldberg

This woman worked in different spheres before she decided to be an actress. She laid the bricks, did a lot of paper works, even made-up the bodies at a morgue.

It sounds a little strange, but Whoopi was able to do anything to earn for a living. Then, she decided to be an actress. She played a lot of roles in theaters. People started to remember her as one of the most interesting characters. Whoopi Goldberg understood that she became the famous person, but she didn’t catch the star. We can really name her, powerful and strong-willed black woman.

5. Whitney Houston

The 5th place takes Whitney Houston. She is one of the best singers up to nowadays. Even the most dangerous terrorist, Osama bin Laden said that Whitney was like a miracle for him. We cannot argue with this opinion.

She took her honored place at the top-10 list of the most commercial and successful women all over the world. Her song «I will always love you» is considered to be the most selling song in the world. Whitney Houston is a dream of any musician; she is a muse of any singer. This magic woman could turn the bad thing into something wonderful and unusual. That’s why we’re sure that Houston is in TOP-7.

4. Oprah Winfrey

This is a woman who earned the first million bucks among black people. Forbes wrote about her several times as one of the greatest and richest women of the globe. In 2016 Oprah topped the ranking again as it was in 2003, 2005 and 2014.

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People say that this woman is never tired. There is the opinion that she has got endless batteries to work hard. Moreover, she is very kind and intelligent. Besides, she is the owner of a successful American TV channel. This person is a real business-woman. She is always invited to live conversations on radio by show presenters. Oprah is very bright, confident, stylish and smiling. We should love her for all these.

3. Naomi Campbell

She has a beautiful, sweet smile and charming eyes. In fact, she has got very sharp claws – this is the weapon of winners. As you guess, she is a famous top model. People always call her a «dangerous dark panther». She has made a real visual revolution in social life.


She is fallen in love by the richest and most famous men of the world. This is the fashion icon, the ideal figure in modelling business. Despite the fact that Naomi is one of the scandalous people, she likes her life and things that she does. Such magazines as Vogue and Time like her very much. All these makes Naomi full of grace. She can be considered as a generous person since she is engaged in mass charity for kindergartens.

2. Halle Berry

She is a gorgeous princess, the winner of Oscar, talented woman and beautiful mother. Halle Berry is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She earned the loud title «the movie star of the global scale, the one of the sexiest woman around the world».

Besides, the average cost of Halle’s work per one film is more than 10 million dollars. Even Leonardo DiCaprio takes less. Halle Berry always tries to keep her life in secret, she thinks that good protection of her family is not to tell journalists any private information. And many people support her in it as they believe that if you want to be successful – just say nothing about your happiness. Why does she rank the 2nd place in our list? The fact is that Halle Berry spends a lot of money to help animals.

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1. Michelle Obama

She became famous because of her husband, Barack Hussein Obama. But not only this factor made her respected. Michelle Obama is on the 1st place of the list because she is a great politician. She is very active; she promotes healthy lifestyle.

This woman has achieved incredible results. She grew out of the typical lawyer position to a well-known black woman. Michelle Obama always enters the list of powerful woman in the world because she just has to be there.

These women do not know how to express pain, fear and failure. Maybe they are too strong to show their real inner world. On the other hand, we should respect them even for their will and desire to be strong-willed and successful.

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