beautiful women with black hair

The most beautiful women with black hair: TOP-10

You can’t stop being beautiful. Feminine beauty will save the world. Men are thrilled when they see these beauties in our ranking, especially when these women are sexy brunettes. Apart from their attractive looks, they also have other talents that they share with our world. So, here are our hot top ten of charming, beautiful women with black hair.

10. Rosarita Tawil

This beauty is an activist, designer and successful model from Lebanon. Her stardom began in 2008. She was crowned Miss Lebanon 2008. She represented her country in South Africa.

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Due to her looks, she managed to make it into the top ten most beautiful women in the world. In 2013, Rosarita made it to the finals of the Arab Dancing with the Stars competition and came the second. Now the beautiful Rosarita is featured on the covers of the most fashionable magazines. Most men dream of meeting this fiery brunette.

9. Angela Baby

Angela Baby

The black-haired Chinese beauty goes by the pseudonym Angela Baby. Her real name is Angela Yang. “Wonderful lotus petal” is her nickname in Hong Kong, where she is a successful actress, singer and model.

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Angela is as delicate and pure as a flower. She has the looks of an angel. Her porcelain skin blends well with her raven-colored hair. And her eyes are like the two petals of a delicate flower.

In 2010, Angela was accused of going under the surgeon’s knife to perfect her looks. But this beautiful woman with black hair disproved the rumors. Now she is not only China’s most beautiful girl, but also one of the top ten most beautiful brunettes of our time.

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8. Halle Berry

Halle Berry
Photo: German Marin /

America’s Catwoman. That’s the nickname fans gave her after the movie adaptation of Catwoman, where Holly played the title role.

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The dark-skinned beauty looks sexy even with a short haircut. The actress is included in all the famous top black beauties. Millions of women read her blog, where Holly shares her secrets of feminine beauty.

7. Leticia Sabatella

This Brazilian beauty is known to us for her role in the TV series Clone, where she played the Muslim Latifah. On the screens, she appeared to viewers in the image of a gentle, beautiful Arab woman and a real keeper of the home.

Latifah was so beloved by fans all over the world that fan clubs for Leticia Sabatella were created everywhere. Her incredible success has allowed the black-haired woman to gain worldwide recognition and become one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

6. Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro
Photo: Lacho.rrita /

Latin American hottie who conquered the hearts of millions of fans from around the globe. World fame has brought her starring role in the Argentine novel “Wild Angel”, where she sang her hit “Cambio Dolor”.

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The passionate and yet sweet Natie (as her fans call her) is a singer and actress. To this day, her beauty has captivated the hearts of men around the world. This has earned Oreiro the sixth place in the hot ten of the most beautiful brunettes on our planet.

5. Juliana Paes

Another beautiful woman with black hair from Brazil takes fifth place in our ranking. The irresistible Juliana Paes drives men all over the planet crazy.

Her brown eyes are a bottomless ocean of passion. In her native country, Juliana is an actress. She is known for her roles in the series “Family Ties” (Rita), “Roads of India” (Maya), “Clone” (Carla), etc.

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Even in the TV series, Juliana’s heroines have been everyone’s favorites. The actress has Indian, Arabic and even African roots. In the modeling business, Juliana Paes is a mixture of coconut milk, wild beach and Brazilian samba. This is not the first time the actress has been included in the top beauties of our planet.

4. Megan Fox

Megan Fox
Photo: nicolas genin /

A black-haired wildcat who is one of the most beautiful women with black hair on Earth. Incredibly sexy, mysterious yet rugged Megan Fox is the epitome of true femininity and beauty.

In addition to her striking appearance, Megan is an unusually talented actress and model. In 2001, the actress starred in the comedy “Screen Queen”. And in 2004, Megan Fox made her big screen debut in the movie “Star of the Stage”. Today Megan is building a successful career in modeling and starring in famous magazines such as Rolling Stone, Maxim, etc.

3. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

World fame for the British actress brought the role in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. There, Keira Knightley played a young Elizabeth Swann. Enigmatic and irresistible, Keira resembles a beautiful aristocrat of the nineteenth century.

She is one of the richest actresses in Hollywood and has been nominated for the Golden Globe and Academy Awards. In our ranking, Keira Knightley takes the third place.

2. Penélope Cruz

The silver of our top beauties is the inimitable Spanish model and actress. Her amazing dark eyes drown millions of men of our planet. Fans from all over the world are ready to sing serenades under the window of this beauty.

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Penelope has repeatedly admitted in interviews that she is too romantic and dreamy in nature. And she fears her illusions will be shattered by life’s harsh truths. However, fans believe that such beautiful woman with black hair should not give in to their fears.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie
Photo: Gage Skidmore /

Of course, one cannot doubt that this beauty will get the gold of our top. The most beautiful woman on our planet has had a multi-million dollar army of fans from all over the world for years.

Angelina is a wildly unique, stunning and multi-faceted character. She is an accomplished actress, writer and director. Angelina Jolie was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the richest actresses in Hollywood.

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Angelina’s outer beauty perfectly reflects her rich inner world. The actress has a surprisingly kind heart. She is involved in all charitable causes. This beauty does a lot of good for our planet. Therefore, today she occupies the honorable first place in the rating of the most beautiful brunettes of our time.

Statistics show that most men admit that brunettes are much more attractive than blondes. Black-haired beauties have charisma and a bright appearance. They attract men with their mystique. You can’t get bored with brunettes, they always attract attention.

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