5 clear signs a woman is NOT suitable for the healthy family life

5 clear signs a woman is NOT suitable for the healthy family life

It often happens like this: after having married, a man soon becomes disappointed in his woman and sues for divorce, even though he had recently loved her. And this is not surprising, since passion alone is not enough for a happy relationship.

Any man secretly dreams of home comfort, that a loving wife would meet him after work, cook him a delicious dinner, show care and attention. But, unfortunately, men’s expectations don’t always match to what really happens. It’s all because not every woman is suitable for the healthy family life and can make her man happy.

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Why do men marry the wrong women?

Why do men marry the wrong women
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Let’s start with the fact that men get turned on by what they see. Therefore, at the first date, he pays more attention to the female appearance, and not to her character. Having fallen in love with a beauty, men only think if the woman feels the same, and how to conquer her heart.

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Few men think if a woman is suitable for a serious relationship, if she can be a faithful and caring wife. By marrying a woman who is not suitable for the healthy family life, you risk having a lot of problems that are not easy to solve.

In order to avoid serious disappointments, family psychologists advise both women and men to choose a partner for marriage consciously – not only with their hearts, but also with their minds. You can be in love with a woman, but it should not prevent you from real assessing her negative and positive features. By carefully watching her, you would be able to notice that your woman’s character is far from perfect and does not encourage a happy life together, to put it mildly.

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What to pay attention to

Of course, everyone has character flaws, so you should not end a relation with your woman without good reason. But there are personal features that exclude a happy and strong family. Let’s try to list them:

1. The propensity towards conflict


Perhaps this is the most unfavorable trait a woman can have. Family life with a brawler cannot be happy. Therefore, if your girlfriend takes offense at you several times a day, often raises her voice and quibbles – these are very bad signs.

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Of course, a woman can sometimes get fussy, but it should be within reason. If you feel tired of constant scandals that are almost impossible to foresee and prevent, you should draw conclusions.

2. Frivolity

It is a mistake to think that only men are prone to polygamy. Some women are also able to hop from one man to another. Therefore, if your girlfriend has cheated on you at least once, do not hope that this is an unfortunate case that would never happen again.

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As a rule, if a woman cheats on her man, it shows that marital fidelity is beyond her life priorities. There is no point in marrying a woman prone to cheating if you have just a small fraction of male ego.

3. Unlimited greed

greedy woman
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There is a category of women who fall in love not with a man, but with his wallet. Usually such women show commercialism already at the very beginning of the relationship. They hint or directly state that they love restaurants and expensive gifts. On the very first date, they are interested in your income, find out if you have your own apartment, car, etc.

Even if you are rich and generous, it is not recommended to make a family with a mercenary and greedy woman, as she would leave you at any time if she comes across a more profitable option. And if you suddenly lose your source of income, she would leave you as well.

4. Selfishness

A selfish woman would never take into account your desires and needs, but she would make you to carry out all her whims. You can recognize such a woman at the very beginning of your relationship by two signs: increased demands and complete indifference to your problems.

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Selfishness is shown even during a conversation: a woman speaks only about herself, constantly interrupts, does not allow you to speak out. In a word, a relationship with an egoist is a one-way track. Having married an egoist, you can not count on care, attention and appreciation.

5. Bad habits

drinking woman
Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / pexels.com

Unfortunately, some women have various addictions that are harmful to health. It is clear that a drinking woman (not to mention drugs) isn’t able to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. In addition, alcohol and drug addiction tends to worsen over time.

There is nothing wrong if a woman sometimes affords drinking a glass of wine in the company. But if she cannot live a day without alcohol, it is worth paying attention to.

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There are other women features that are undesirable for healthy family life: laziness, carelessness, a tendency to squander. But they, unlike the five signs listed above, do not have such a devastating effect on relationships – so, you can put up with them. Especially if they are balanced by some virtues.

However, each man should decide which woman features are acceptable to him, and which ones he would definitely not put up with.

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It also happens that a man clearly sees all the flaws in her women’s character, but he hopes that she would change for his sake. Do not let yourself be tempted by the illusion that you’re able to rehabilitate your woman if she is prone to quarrelsomeness, greed, selfishness or frivolity.

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In order for a woman to change and be a part of healthy family life, she must realize her shortcomings and want to get rid of them. And the women of the five types indicated above, as a rule, are not prone to self-criticism. Therefore, if you want to sustain a successful marriage, look for a woman who is kind, caring, with no bad habits and searching for love – not profit.

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