5 types of women you should NEVER trust

5 types of women you should NEVER trust

Women are contradictory creatures, and it is not easy to realize if you should trust her or not. You never know whether you’re looking at the gentle kitty or the predator.

Many women are characterized by transfiguration. Males appreciate diversity, including in women. That is why they are attracted by the combination of different images in one woman.

But if we talk about a serious relationship or strong friendship with the females, do not forget about trust. This is the foundation for building a strong bond.

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So, which women should never be trusted under any circumstances?

1. A woman – a witch

Witch woman
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This is the most mysterious women. No man can resist her charms. And every time, a witch shrouds her victim in mystery. Her sweet speeches are swallowed by many men. Faith blinds those who listen to the woman witch.

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In fact, a witch does not always tell the truth; you have to be careful with her. As practice shows, a witch is a woman who cannot be trusted categorically, because you would never know who she really is. This woman is an emptiness that is constantly being filled with different images. A witch is an actress with multiple roles.

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Here is the real life example. A man decided to marry a young, beautiful woman. In his mind he had created the image of his wife, but finally it did not live up to his expectations. And his beloved appeared to him in different roles. So, he realized he could not live with her. That’s why you should never trust such a woman.

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But when they broke up, he found himself thinking he could not live without her for long. Later, he found out that he had been under his wife’s spell. His life with the woman turned out to be a complete sham. In the end, he had to leave her forever, and soon he could forget about it.

2. A woman – a bitch

women you should never trust
Photo: vox.com

Bitches are not born, they become. Psychologists have analyzed this type of women and came to the conclusion that bitches are full of grudge against men. They want to show themselves as invulnerable, authoritative and strong.

In fact, it is a mask hiding the fragile female soul tortured by suffering. Unlike female witches, bitches are not indifferent. When they are alone with themselves, they are afraid to admit their powerlessness even to themselves. Witches, on the contrary, consider themselves strong and energetically protected by otherworldly forces.

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But both women should not be trusted. Why should bitches not be trusted? These ladies lie not only to those around them, but also to themselves. There is not an ounce of sincerity in them. There are many predators among them. They also call themselves vamp women.

The weapon of the bitch is red. They know that it is red that can attract a man. The main goal of any bitch is to take revenge on men. They use men for their own gain.

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Here’s a brief example from one bitch’s life. Julia had no shortage of suitors. When presented with a choice of two suitors, she didn’t think twice and chose a promising businessman, but a married one. And standing to the side was a guy who was penniless, but who gave his heart to the beautiful lady in red. Perhaps Julia would have heard her soul’s voice if she hadn’t been a bitch. However, she swore to herself that the man was just a bargain.

There is only one conclusion to be drawn from this story: the woman has deceived everyone, including herself. You can’t trust bitches.

3. A woman – a hypocrite

A cheerful, simple-minded girl who likes to make everyone laugh is actually not as simple and kind as she seems to be at first sight. These women are hypocritical creatures. They deceive not only men, but also relatives and friends. That’s why you should never trust such a woman.

It’s usually their voice that gives them away. They talk too loudly or purr like kittens. They have a sly look in their eyes. When asked how they are doing, they always reply with a smile on their face: “I’m doing fine.” Hypocritical women have been full of resentment since childhood. They are very vindictive individuals, they do not allow anyone close to them.

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Here is an example from the life of a hypocrite. Kate was in a relationship with John. They often liked to hang out with other guys. Kate’s unusual lightness and sense of humor won her boyfriend’s heart. He didn’t understand how his friends went out with disgruntled, arrogant girls.

At that time, John did not yet know how wrong he was. At one of the parties, they were with friends at the cottage. When John went into his friend’s house to get a can of beer from the fridge, he overheard Kate and her friend talking. They were chatting cheerfully about boyfriends. And Kate was unabashedly telling her friend how she was cheating on John with his friends.

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Then he heard her friend go into another room, and Kate was joined by another girl from their hangout. She was already throwing dirt not only on him but on the girl she had been talking to. And then the boy realized that all that glitters isn’t gold. Of course, he broke up with Kate.

This example shows the true face of female hypocrites. There is no trust in such women.

4. Women who are psychopaths

women you should never trust
Photo: pinterest.com

This is the most dangerous type of women. Psychopaths have no compassion for those around them. They deceive everyone who gets in their way. They pretend to be innocent to attract people to them. These women play the victim. When they are pitied by others, they take advantage of that and take whatever they want from them. Sometimes you might think that psychopathic women have no soul at all, or that they have sold it to dark forces. There is no limit to their cunning.

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Here is an example. A beautiful long-haired girl named Alice had always been shy. When she got a job in a restaurant after graduating from university, she expected to get the receptionist position. But with no experience, she had to make do with a job as a waitress.

But that didn’t stop her. Alice was determined to get her way at any cost. This sweet, shy girl is actually a poisonous snake. At one party, she’s got the director of the restaurant wrapped around her, then she’s married to him, has her way with him. Eventually, she took his flat and his car.

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But that wasn’t enough for her. She ratted on him to the appropriate authorities, befriended his competitors and took away his restaurant. This innocent girl, whom the director took pity on, became his worst enemy. Psychopaths are very dangerous and should never be trusted.

5. Women with mental disorders

These women you should never trust for obvious reasons. They are subject to frequent mood swings, outbursts of anger, hallucinations. A mentally disturbed woman may swear all her love to her partner and then not even remember that she loves him the next day.

Her words have no proof. Such women need a good psychiatric specialist. Unlike psychopaths, they feel weak and vulnerable to life. They do not know how to manage their reality. Such women don’t feel ground under their feet. How can they be trusted if they do not understand their own inner world?

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Here is an example from the life of a woman with a mental disorder. A man married a woman who began to put his life to the test every day. She told him one thing, then another. As a result, he couldn’t stand the strain and left her. Because he knew he could no longer live in this abyss of lies.

Trust in a woman is the solid ground under any man’s feet. Of course, not everyone is able to read another man’s mind. However, natural intuition sends signals that there is a woman who should not be trusted. Therefore, it is necessary to develop self-observation, so as not to get into the web of endless lies.

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