Slim models vs Plus-size models: which of them are more sexy?

Slim Models VS Plus-Size Models: Which Of Them Are More Sexy?

Slim models are sometimes overshadowed by their plus-size colleagues on the catwalk. But does it mean that chubby girls are more sexy than thin ones? Let’s figure it out.

Plus-size women have really gained currency

Beauty standards change over time, so plus-size models are increasingly walking up on a podium and appearing on the covers of magazines, let alone for being of interest to men.

Many attribute plus-size models’ participation in fashion shows to the manifestation of a notorious tolerance as an integral part of liberal values.

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Others regard the engagement of these females in the fashion business as designers’ aspiration to thrill the audience.

Whatever it was, there are chubby models who are worthy of attention. Some of them are so well known that they are recognized on the streets. Their admirers can even tell by the photo of the certain parts of a model’s body that this is their favorite model.

A professional attitude can make a star out of any woman

The appeal of long legs, gorgeous faces, well-groomed hair, professional make-up, tanned body and a good angle of shooting will make a star out of any woman. And chubby female are no different.

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However, it’s not entirely accurate to say that slim models have been relegated to the background, and the era of body positivity has dawned. As a matter of fact, it’s nothing like that.

There is a whole team of professional photographers and retouchers that work some magic on these models. They know how to enhance their strengths and address their shortcomings.

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For example, Kim Kardashian’s opulent curves have become an object of envy by several generations of modern women. She rarely appears in public without wearing corrective underwear. Moreover, the pictures she posts on her social media pages are heavily retouched.

Hopefully, she has failed to hide from omnipresent paparazzi, which resulted in her unretouched photos being leaked to the Internet.

Slim models vs Plus-size models: which of them are more sexy?

It turns out that her real physique is totally different from the outstanding curves we can see on the glossy pages of magazines.

The same goes for Ashley Graham, one of the most renowned plus-size models. She was the first chubby woman who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

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Ashley is a role model for many girls and an object for the guys to leer at. Nevertheless, her unprocessed photos are also far from ideal.

Men’s impression of plus-size models’ juiciness might change when they meet them in reality

Body positivity of the fashion world is quite original. Let’s face it: a full figure is normally accompanied by stretch marks, cellulitis, fat folds and double chin. And that’s just a fraction of what chubby women have.

And now, let’s look through the pages of fashion magazines. The only way that leads you to believe you see one of plus-size models is that she weighs more than ordinary models. Everything else is pretty close to perfect: the pores of their skin are like non-existent. Moreover, they can boast of flat stomachs and smooth skin devoid of folds.

It’s very different from what we can see in real life.

What is remarkable is, most often, these models are women of the same body type – they have an hourglass figure. Females who have a different bone structure are rarely seen in the fashion industry.

With that in mind, it’s not difficult to understand why a lot of men are attracted to plus-size models. They just find their bodies luscious and juicy.

Slim girls aren’t to everyone’s pleasure, but demand for them has never fallen

Slim models, who confidently stride across the runways wearing high-heels, are a commonplace in the fashion world. Slender girls with long legs and small breast size evoke admiration among ordinary people, which makes them live up to their icons.

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The other half of the viewers of fashion shows associate slim models with a coat rack or mob and don’t find them attractive. They believe that such models lack tempting feminine curves.

But for what it’s worth, a fashion for thinness is never-ending. This is the number one trending topic among both the representatives of the fashion industry and ordinary people.

A notorious zero size still thrills the minds of fashion lovers among males. And this is the proof that a slim body can be really attractive if a model knows how to sell it and underline its strengths.

Slim models vs Plus-size models: which of them are more sexy?

One of the most vivid illustrations of this kind of models is Twiggy. This woman will remain a sensation and the first supermodel for all her life.

She was the main thin girl of 60s of the last century. This bashful and somewhat clumsy girl was great at controlling her body. The model’s body shape became a standard among the representatives of the fashion world.

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Twiggy became a role model for both young and mature women. There was even a term called “Twiggy syndrome” signifying a desire to slim down. And, of course, men considered her sexy.

The model’s career lasted just 4 years, but this short period of time was sufficient to become a style icon. By the way, she is still remembered.

Another model that was distinguished by thinness, but at the same time was considered sexy by men. It’s about Veruschka von Lehndorff. A movie called Blowup directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, in which the young actress starred as herself, was the culmination of her career.

During 5 minutes she demonstrated not only her talent but also her extreme thinness. However, it didn’t cause revulsion in the minds of viewers. So far, this scene has been seen as one of the sexiest ones in film history.

Too thin models don’t attract men’s attention

Nevertheless, speaking of the sexiness of slim models, it’s worth mentioning here men’s perception of too skinny women. Subconsciously, men strive to find healthy women.

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As you might know, healthy female body has high percentage of fat by nature. Women have higher body fat percentage than men. The amount of adipose tissue located in the hip region is twice as high as that of men.

Slim models vs Plus-size models: which of them are more sexy?

The reason for this is high estrogen (female hormone) production level that contributes to the accumulation of fat. The accumulation of excess body fat is closely linked to a menstrual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth.

That’s why too skinny girls are seen by men as females who are incapable of giving birth to his prospective children, and hence, they don’t look sexy and don’t attract the interest of men.

Since we are talking about excessive slim models, we can’t fail to mention women sick with anorexia (psychological disorder that makes a person refuse to eat food). It’s a pretty common disease among models. Not only are they unattractive, but also they are scary, to say the least.

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For example, a gorgeous model Kate Moss almost lost her job because of her unattractiveness caused by anorexia and drug abuse. However, when she repented from drugs and started to eat properly, she got back on track and became a sexy and in-demand representative of the fashion world.

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Fortunately, over time, beauty standards have changed, so they are no longer tough. Today, designers who hire too slim models are strongly criticized by the public. A good case in point is the excessively slender models who work for a famous designer Victoria Beckham. The attacks she was subjected to after fashion shows involving such models made Victoria reconsider her views on her models’ body type.

As you can see, the sexiness of models doesn’t depend on their weight and body shape. Being too thin may not only have a negative impact on a model’s health, but also might discourage men. And being too chubby may give a false impression of juiciness, but this impression falls apart when a man sees plus-size models in person.

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