11 mind blowing facts about the female body!

11 mind blowing facts about the female body!

Every woman’s body is beautiful and unique. And it’s also such a sophisticated system that even women themselves are unaware of most of its features and how complex its design is. So, let’s find out 11 facts about female body right now.

11. Asymmetry of mammary glands

An amusing fact about the female body is that the difference in size and form between their left and right mammary glands is very common. Natural asymmetry is inherent in more than 80% of women. If the asymmetry isn’t pronounced, it isn’t an inconvenience to a woman and invisible to other people.

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11 mind blowing facts about the female body!

Such a peculiarity isn’t pathology and doesn’t require correction. However, the difference in size, position and form of mammary glands and nipples can be so obvious that it causes psychological and physical discomfort, by making a woman to request assistance from a plastic surgeon.

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The asymmetry can be genetically determined or acquired one which emerges throughout the life cycle of a woman due to hormonal changes, trauma or mammary gland decease.

By the way, it’s not surprising, since the right and left side of almost every human body are more or less asymmetrical.

10. Women’s orientation ability is worse than men’s one by nature

This point ranks among bizarre facts of female body. While navigating, female’s and male’s brain work differently. In this, men’s ability to determine the right direction is much greater than women’s one. Men’s brain is more likely to use hippocampus (memory center) for orientation, whereas women use frontal cerebral cortex.

That’s why a woman can easily get lost even in her native city and have problems with driving a car. For example, most females aren’t able to parallel a park at the first attempt.

9. Women’s organism secretes so-called “speech hormones”

If you are interested in unusual facts about female body, this paragraph is especially for you. In spite of the fact that both men and women have two main areas of the brain responsible for speech — Broca’s and Wernicke’s centers, females are much chattier than men. The reason for their talkativeness is the excessive secretion of such hormones as oxytocin and serotonin.

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Women therefore can easily say up to ten thousand words per day, whereas the same indicators for men are about two times lower than women’s ones.

8. Women’s body is slow in burning spare fat

Female’s organism has more fat-producing enzymes, contributing to the accumulation of fat and bigger fat cells than man’s body. To put it simply, women’s body is designed to store fat quickly and effectively. As a result, women lose weight very slowly. It’s one of the facts about woman body that they themselves really hate.

11 mind blowing facts about the female body!

A sex hormone which intensifies fat-producing enzymes is estrogen. It not only stimulates the enzymes, making them accumulate fat, estrogen tells them where exactly they have to send it. It generally forwards fat to thighs and buttocks.

Mother Nature knew what she was doing by providing women’s organism with such a mechanism. It’s necessary for the preservation of the female’s reproductive function and normal gestation. It’s impossible to be a woman lacking some fat reserves in the body.

7. Female’s immune system is strong, but it’s not always a good thing

Some of the least well-known facts about female body are the following ones. As you may recall from biology and anatomy classes, a woman has two X-chromosome and a man has X and Y-chromosomes.

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Precisely this doubling of X-chromosome is the reason the protective forces of an organism possessing two X-chromosomes are much stronger than the defense of a body which doesn’t have them. It’s in X-chromosomes most genes aimed at the coherent work of immune system are contained.

Women therefore get over chills easily without falling out of the habitual rhythm of life.

But there’s one big minus: a strong immune system can attack an organism itself. That’s why females are at risk of developing autoimmune diseases.

6. The diameter of women’s hair is 2 times less than men’s one

With regard to interesting facts about nice female body, this is one of them.
At first glance, it might seem quite strange, since some women enjoy truly luxurious thick hair. But actually everything depends on its amount rather than thickness.

Scientists have determined that the only gene responsible for the thickness of hair is a protein receptor called ectodislazin A.

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Asian women are happy owners of the thickest, but stiffest hair. African women’s hair is 30 per cent thinner than the tresses of Chinese and Japanese women. European women’s hair is half the size of Asian women’s one.

The roots of women’s hair are situated 2 millimeters deeper than men’s ones. Female’s sebaceous glands don’t work actively — that’s why women’s hair remains clean and fresh for a long time.

5. The callosum of women’s brain is thicker than men’s one

Let’s continue to get acquainted with the facts about the female body and learn about her brain.

Men’s brain has a lot of neural links between the areas of one hemisphere. Women’s brain, in contrast, has many neural connections between two hemispheres.

The point is that callosum connecting the hemispheres of women’s brain is very thick. It comprises 30 per cent more connections than men’s one. That’s exactly what lets women carry out several tasks simultaneously.

4. Women can bear pain better than man

One of the unexpected facts about great female body refers to their pain threshold.

This is about sex hormones. Women and men react to pain in different ways. Women’s sex hormones (estrogen) exhibit pain-relieving effect. In that manner, nature ensured that the female’s torment of childbirth was reduced.

11 mind blowing facts about the female body!

Doctors claim that if a man experienced the same level of pain as a woman do during childbirth, he would die because of pain shock or acute myocardial infarction.

3. Woman’s heart beats faster than man’s one

This point ranks among bizarre facts about female body.

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The distinction between female’s and male’s physiology of cardiovascular systems primarily refers to heart rate at rest and during physical activity. In all cases, women’s heart rate is 8-10 beats per minute higher than men’s one. In addition, the female’s heart is smaller than the male’s one and has a different form. Their organ is oval-shaped, in contrast with men’s conical-shaped one. Female’s heart weight is 10-15% less than male’s one.

11 mind blowing facts about the female body!

The other factor influencing women’s high heart rate is the maximum amount of oxygen which her heart can consume. During increased physical loading women’s heart consumes 2,9 liters of oxygen per minute which is 30% less than men’s one under similar circumstances. That’s why the female’s heart is forced to beat faster in order to supply the whole organism with oxygen.

Also, some people think that increased heart rate signs a woman loves you 🙂 .

2. Women cry much more often than men

We have already told you a lot of amusing facts about a beautiful female body. But that’s not all. Here is one of the “shameful” things every woman does.

As concerns female sobbing, the physiologic explanation of women’s frequent crying is that their blood comprises a lactogenic hormone, which contributes to the producing of milk in the organism of a nursing mother and the generating of a lachrymal liquid. Such hormone is lacking in men’s body. In addition, an exclusively male hormone called testosterone, on the contrary, poses an obstacle to the formation of tears.

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In non-standard conditions of life, an organism secretes stress hormones that our body strives to get rid of precisely by means of the lachrymal liquid. That’s why this is the easiest way for women’s organism to be cleansed of stress hormones.

The psychologic explanation of women’s sobbing is that a society forgives women’s tears. They cause compassion and a desire to help the weak. All women understand it consciously and subconsciously and cry every chance they get.

1. One of the funny facts about female body is women’s desire to eat inedible things

During pregnancy, most women change taste preferences. The food which didn’t previously boost their desire to taste it starts to attract them. There is a wide variety of views on the strange dietary preferences of pregnant women.

Some doctors came to the conclusion that it happens because of the lack of particular nutritional deficiencies in the diet of a pregnant woman.

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Some women even want to eat inedible things such as chalk, charcoal, toothpaste, soap, sand, clay and even soil.

The best advice for men about women is that they shouldn’t ask pregnant females what they would like to eat.

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