Beautiful Russian women: 10 surprising facts!

Beautiful Russian women: 10 surprising facts!

We cannot miss the booming interest to Russia due to FIFA World Cup 2018 and, as a consequence, it drew attention to the female inhabitants of this country. Let’s sum up what we have found out of beautiful Russian women!

10. The women in Yekaterinburg are supermodels

According to Martino Simcik, a participant of the British project COPA 90, “Ekaterinburg is one of the amazing cities I have ever been to. At the first blush, 70 % of women look like supermodels.”


Here is something more about Russian woman’s attractiveness : the quote from The Guardian by English fans headed to Volgograd, saying “My girlfriend did not want me to go to Russia being afraid of aggressive locals. But two days passed and now I realize that the only thing she should worry about is my sexual fidelity.”

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According to Daily Mail polls, more than 30 % of English fans are going to Russia for dating and sex with Russian women.

9. A compliment on appearance is a rule of propriety

There is another quote we found on the foreign magazines. Women are not accepted the compliments on their appearance in some counties, but in Russia it is rather the rules of decency.

8. Be afraid of beautiful Russian women!

Egyptian media advise men of their state to refrain from any acquaintance with beautiful Russian women. “Women in Russia are insidious”, it writes by some journalists. According to them, the beautiful Russian women dream of capturing the money of wealthy Egyptians and will not miss the first opportunity to do so. Although Russian men, they believe, are not able to do this.

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7. Russian beautiful women are hungry for adventures

The chief editor of a famous radio station believes that no official cannot overcome the impassioned aspiration of Russian blonde women to find a prospective spouse and to make better the way of life.

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Beautiful Russian women: 10 surprising facts!

He says that nowadays they are witnessing the obsolete movement of those who do not like everything extraneous, unfamiliar, broad-minded. They accuse the world of contempt for Russia. Almost no one of the latest do not speak any foreign languages, they feel powerless.

Meanwhile, nothing can stop women of this country during the month of absolutely freedom when the FIFA World Cup 2018 takes place. In spite of their grandmothers, they passionately want adventure and want to meet husbands. And this is the game of no rules.

In accordance with official statistics, for the last 16 years more than a million of women have moved away from Russia, and therefore the government is making an effort to stop this outcome by falling back on traditional methods – threats.

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Recently, the head of the Duma (Russian parliament) committee of Russia notified Russian women about the risks of sex with the visitors of the World Cup. The deputy predicted that children who are born from participants in the World Cup 2018 will be unhappy. She said that these children will be in trouble later, as the children of the Olympic Games in the early eighties. That was said in an interview with the radio station “Moscow says”.

6. The mentality of Russian women changed

Another official believes that one should not expect the beautiful and long-legged beautiful Russian women would be crazed by foreign fans, and that, since the time of the festivals of youth and students, the mentality of women has changed a lot.

His Cypriot relative certainly wanted to marry a Russian girl, but he often heard the Russian women saying “You are a foreigner. So what?”.


beautiful Russian women

Formerly they were naive, Soviet girls from somewhere in Ivanovo trusted tourists from abroad, so they used them and disappeared. And now the main thing for women is that the guy is not homosexual, not a drug addict and not a socialist. This is what the deputy summed up.

It is worth saying that even prostitutes behaved differently. As previously reported, before the FIFA World Cup starts, security forces staged the real mop ups among the prostitutes working in the cities, that are hosted foreign tourists.

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Thus, “night butterflies” from the capital of the Ural region prefer to leave for other cities in the summer, in particular, to Tyumen and Surgut. Those who choose to continue to work, in spite of the police requirements, intend to raise prices twice for their “services”.

Meanwhile, some countries are prepared very well indeed. For instance, Argentine Football Association gave journalists, coaches and players a handbook for beautiful Russian women flirting.

5. The most valuable person you ever talked to

It says there that many guys, because of Russian women attractiveness, just want to take them to bed. Maybe they want it too, but beautiful Russian women are those who want to feel that they are important and special.

It also says there, that women avoid men who always find negative things in everything: work, relations, life.

4. Set the date in advance

There is another “guidebook” with a provocative name : how to seduce a Russian woman in 4 steps.

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As for the first date, they make some advices on what to say and what to do. It says there, that beautiful Russian women always take care a lot of their physical appearance: they comb their hair, they do their manicures, they make up, apply lipstick on their sexy lips and put on a spectacular dress.

There is no girl who leaves the house without thorough preparation. For this reason, it is better to set the date at least one day in advance.

So, the prospective husband should make an effort to be up to this task. The sneakers and a sport suit are probably out of place, but if you show up in a business suit with a tie, the atmosphere may be overly official. So the best choice is smart-casual.

3. A real woman is to be next to a real man

Russian beautiful women never compete with men. Unlike European ladies, Russian women never show they give in to males. As their motto says: only real women are sitting next to real men. So, one more advice for you, guy – behave like James Bond, no less!

2. Water squandering

One more interesting note made by some men from the West is taking a shower for half an hour – the terrible habit of Russian women from a foreigner’s point of view. The source is saying to us that in Europe and in the United States it is customary to save water, they even caulk the sink during the washing so that the water does not run out. And here is such a waste!

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Well, let us roll a bit back to the number 4 of this list, so no surprise – a shower is a part of preparation though.

A business director of the Hungarian agency comments: “Going abroad I always identify Russian women, they painstakingly makeup and dress up even for going out to the beach. Naturalness and lack of cosmetics are not in fashion here. It is difficult not to notice that beautiful Russian women use a lot of perfume and constantly update it during the day. We can get the smell of perfume from a distance. As for me, it is too much.”

1. Get married the whole family along

A Russian woman considers it her duty to look after her parents, sometimes her siblings and their children. In spite of the West, where relations with relatives are usually limited to Sunday dinners, here you can bump into your mother-in-law so often that you could never have imagined, even in your dreams. The material support is a common thing in Russian families, so no surprise when the granny gives her mature 35-year-old son some pocket money.

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Thus, a foreigner replied to the question of why he does not want to marry a beautiful Russian woman:

“To be honest, I am scary of the Russian girl’s parents. They live under some special rules, I’d say. They try hard to be very close with their daughter and her boyfriend. When you come to the parents’ house, they constantly strive to sit down at the table and feed you until your chair cracks under your weight. In addition, it is believed that the farther will check whether I have a high alcohol tolerance and my level of political knowledge. I am afraid both are rather not my greatest strengths.”

It is obvious that it is difficult to change the mentality, and there is no need to do it. So, let beautiful Russian women to be themselves – the whole world love them exactly for this!

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