TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

No man can ignore women with beautiful slim legs, especially if it is about hot celebrity women. Here are 10 famous women who attract admiring looks to their legs and can drive you crazy.

Zoe Saldana

Some tell her legs are from the other galaxy. Certainly, it’s a fantasy, but they still give the impression of legs which have come from the other world. Latin women can be proud of her, because she is half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

Her career started with dancing. This representative of hot celebrity nice women got into one of the most prestigious schools of dance in the Dominican Republic and trained in classical ballet and modern Latin American dances. As a result of this, Zoe’s legs look luxurious now. Regardless of her character’s color (In “Avatar” she was blue from head to toe) her legs can make any man melt.

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Zoe’s dancing skills helped her to get the first role in a movie called “Center Stage” where she played a talented ballerina Eva.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is the owner of legs which are able both to start a war and stop it. They are slim and attract everyone’s attention.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

Nina is well-known for the role of Elena Gilbert on the show called “The Vampire Diaries”. That’s why she is among hot celebrity women. At the age of 2 she emigrated from Bulgaria to Canada with her parents. She often represented Canada at the competitions in rhythmic gymnastics in Europe. Women in sport respect their famous colleague.

Nina likes to play volleyball, football, practices swimming, rock climbing, snowboarding and equestrian sports. Among other things, she does yoga.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and, of course, the owner of sexy legs. They are usually described as “slender” and “muscular”.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

Paltrow grew up in Santa Monica, California. She went to private girls’ school in New York, after which she studied art history at university for some time. Then she dropped out and devoted herself to acting and became one of the hot and beautiful celebrity women.

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Being the descendant of a rabbinical family named Paltrovich, she is proud to be the representative of Jewish people.

Gwyneth has a blog about healthy lifestyle where she tells about her dietary habits.
The godfather of this actress is Steven Spielberg.

Katy Perry

She is called a sex symbol. Her “hourglass” shape and her gorgeous legs don’t leave anyone indifferent. Some hot celebrity women are jealous of her because of that.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

Katy’s both parents are pastors. That’s why she is a very religious woman. She got a tattoo with the image of Jesus on her wrist so that God to be with her all the time. In total, she has three tattoos. One of them depicts strawberry, and it is put on her leg. Katy says that it reflects her essence.

Her favorite kind of physical exercise is jumping rope. Katy often jumps a rope before concerts as a warm-up.

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Interestingly, she is afraid of household pets’ fur and always runs away if she, for example, sees the fur of a dog on someone’s sweater.

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Jennifer Aniston

Everybody remembers Rachel Green from the series “Friends”. This role made Jennifer famous, and she joined a list of hot celebrity American women. Her breathtaking hairstyle and tasty legs left a lasting impression on Aniston’s fans.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

The first Jennifer’s agent asked the young actress to lose 14 kilograms. First, she refused, but 2 months of unemployment convinced her that she should lose weight.

In her youth, Aniston wanted to become a sculptor. At the age of 11 she drew a picture which was exposed at the exhibition of the Museum of Arts in New York.

Taylor Swift

Taylor is one of the most popular country singers and one of hot blonde celebrity women. They call her the icon of style. Many men don’t remain indifferent to her talent and, of course, beautiful long legs.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

In 2012, she received an award “Big Help” for assistance to the victims of floods and tornadoes in the USA. The award was given by Michelle Obama.

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Taylor likes to write poetry and novels. Also, she never fails to repeat that she is a woman of the people and in order to prove it she sometimes enters the stage barefoot.

It took her only 10 minutes to write one of her most famous songs, “Love story” while she was sitting on her bed.

Ashley Greene

Ashley ranks among hot celebrity women and can boast long and attractive legs fascinating a lot of men. She grew up in Jacksonville and after high school at the age of 17 she moved to Hollywood. She had rhinoplasty (changed the form of her nose) and, according to plastic surgeons, it was unsuccessful.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

When she was a teenager, she dyed her hair pink!

This girl is fond of shopping, sunbathing, going for walks and diving. Like every girl, she has a sweet tooth. Most of all, she is fond of crackers and can eat a whole bag of them in one sitting.

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Initially, she wanted to become a model, but her height was too small for it.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall is a famous model and TV star. She was born in a large, famous family named Kardashians. All members of her family are known for their beautiful legs, but the youngest sister’s gorgeous legs “dethroned” all the other ones.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

Now she is one of the most demanded models in fashion business and is among hot celebrity women. In spite of the fact that the girl participated in many TV shows, she doesn’t want to be an actress.

Together with her sister, she even tried to become a designer of clothes and released her own line called “Kendall and Kylie”.


This wonderful singer is considered a trendsetter and the owner of charming, lush legs. They are insured for 1 million dollars.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

Perhaps, you’ll be surprised, but this representative of hot celebrity long-legged women didn’t finish high school. Rihanna says that if she didn’t move to the USA, she would probably take a degree in psychology.

Before she enters the stage, she often drank alcohol (By the way, it’s easy to seduce a woman when she is drunk).

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Before Rihanna gets a bikini wax, she always verifies that a specialist is an old woman who doesn’t speak English!

Rihanna doesn’t like jewelry and diamonds and gives preference to gold decorations.

After her concerts, she walks about the dressing room naked.

Eva Longoria (represents hot celebrity women with petite legs)

Eva Longoria challenges the belief that beautiful legs must be long. She is very diminutive. Eva is a meter and 57 centimeter tall (As you can see, not only Asian women are diminutive). Her legs aren’t long, but they are gorgeous.

TOP-10 hot celebrity women with long and sexy legs!

After she starred in “Desperate Housewives” where she participated in sex scenes, her grandmother rang her up scolded her for depravity.

Eva learned to shoot at the age of 4 and is still keen on hunting.

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The color of her hair, eyes and skin differs from her sisters’ appearance. Because of that, she thought that she had been adopted. Eva is a certified kinesiologist.

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