The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

The most beautiful Brazilian models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

Brazilian models are the sight for sore eyes, since they not only have appealing curves and tanned skin, but also sexy smiles. Let’s see which of smiley models are the most prominent ones.

12. Adriana Lima

Adriana was born in 1981. Her parents were poor, but the model claims that she doesn’t regret being raised in a modest family. Adriana is sure that difficult living conditions toughened her up and paved the way for her future success.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

Her mom was a social worker, and her father abandoned the family when the girl was 6 months old. This Brazilian model owes her bright appearance to the mixture of blood that flows in her veins.

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According to Adriana, she has French, Portuguese, Swiss and Indian blood.

11. Fabiana Tambosi

The girl has not only beautiful smile, but can also boast of her nice-sounding name. Fabiana is literally translated from Italian as “fabulous”.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

It’s worth noting that this name is perfect for the model, since her look is really fabulous. Tambosi appeared on the covers of almost all fashion magazines and worked with nearly all eminent photographers.

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The woman started modeling right after finishing school and got on the catwalks in Paris, Milan, New York, São Paulo and London.

10. Ana Beatriz Baros

Ana was born in Itabira in 1982, but spent her childhood in Rio de Janeiro. Among her ancestors were Spaniards, Italians and Portuguese. That’s why Baros is one of Brazilian models who can be called the owner of appealing smile and look.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

Interestingly, Ana has a tattoo of a star and crescent on her ankle, although the model isn’t a Muslim.

By the way, Ana is a very communicative person; she maintains friendly relations with many other Brazilian supermodels.

9. Alessandra Ambrosio

She was born in a town Ereshin hidden in the vastness of Southern Brazil. Although the model is from Brazil, she has Italian and Polish roots. Alessandra came to prominence already at the age of 15.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

Over time, she became the face of world-famous brands such as Christian Dior and Next.

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It should be noted that Ambrosio owes her success to her father, who, while having a terminal disease, funded her daughter’s training as a model instead of buying medications for himself.

Curiously, the model had protruding ears as a child, but she got the surgery to correct the defect.

8. Jeisa Chiminazzo

Jeisa was raised in the family of Italian-German origin in 1985. When the girl was 13, some actor advised a modelling agency to consider this girl as a potential model.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

However, Jeisa stands out among other Brazilian models as a model whose career didn’t take off rapidly. At first, she participated in the infrequent shooting of advertising campaigns and photoshoots for magazines.

But everything changed when after she took part in the photo session for the French Vogue.

That’s when Jeisa’s appearance and talent were appreciated properly.

7. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele was raised in a big family with 5 sisters. As a teenager, she craved for financial well-being. The girl believed that modeling was a key to solving all her financial problems.

In 1997, Gisele attended more than 40 castings, but she was rejected everywhere. It turned out that this Brazilian woman didn’t have a suitable nose for the modeling business.

Nevertheless, you can’t escape your destiny. One day, she was sitting in McDonald’s with her friends. As luck would have it, a representative of a major modeling agency was eating his cheeseburger at the same restaurant.

It was him who offered her to sign a contract with his agency.

6. Raquel Zimmermann

Raquel was born in 1983. She went to a famous Shirley Mallmann’s school for Brazilian models at the age of 12.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

In 1997, when she participated in the shooting for a youth magazine in São Paulo, the girl was noticed by the representatives of a popular modeling agency.

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Shortly thereafter, Raquel moved to Japan, and then to Paris, where she appeared in the Chanel fashion shows and was featured on the cover of the French Elle magazine.

Moreover, the woman was featured in the first TV advertisement for Gucci.

5. Ildi Silva

Ildi is a model and actress whose ancestors were of African, Dutch and Indian descent.

It all started when Silva was strolling down the streets of Salvador and stumbled upon a professional photographer who offered her to take part in a photo session.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

She participated in several advertisement campaigns and even was invited to join a theater company.

In 2003, Ildi was included in the list of 25 sexiest Brazilian beauties.

Apart from pursuing modeling career, the women stars in Brazilian series such as Morde & Assopra and Gabriela.

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4. Izabel Goulart

Izabel’s Instagram account amounts to more than 4 million subscribers, which is an example to be followed by many other Brazilian models.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

The woman, who had previously been one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret brand, dispelled the myth that a supermodel demonstrating underwear at a fashion show have to be extremely thin, since Izabela’s physically-fit and curvy body is close to perfection.

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The photos and videos of Goulart working out became so popular at some point that she became the focus of attention of the press as a fitness model.

3. Gracie Carvalho

Gracie was born in 1990. She signed her first contract at the age of 18. That’s how the woman took her first steps in the modeling world.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

After participation in a fashion show in 2008, Gracie became the face of the Yamamay trademark.

And at the Rio de Janeiro fashion week, she got on the catwalk 35 times. Subsequently, she started to cooperate with an agency called Marylin and appeared on the cover of the L’Officiel magazine.

In 2010, the model took part in a photo session for the Pirelli calendar.

2. Camila Alves

She came into being in quite an unusual family in 1982. Camila’s father is a farmer and her mom is a fashion designer.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

At the age of 15, she went to visit her relatives in the US. After living in Los Angeles for some time, Alves decided to stay there.

Without knowing English, she got a job as a waitress and janitor. When she turned 19, the girl made a decision to try her hand at modeling in New York.

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That same year, this model began to fascinate viewers at New York’s podiums. In addition to a career as a model, she has also made progress in fashion design. Camila, along with her mother, developed their own purse brand. Their purses are in demand worldwide.

By the way, Alves has a family ties with a famous actor named Matthew McConaughey. The couple brings up 3 children.

1. Emanuela De Paula

Her father is an Afro-Brazilian radio host, and her mother is a housewife of Holland origin.

At the age of 8, she won children’s beauty contest in her home state, Pernambuko. When the girl was 9, she did a commercial for a local supermarket. When Emanuela turned 15, she went to conquer the US and soon signed a contract with the Marilyn agency.

The most beautiful Brazilan models with sexy smiles: TOP-12

The female is often called “Black Gisele”, by referring to another famous Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen.

Emanuela is one of the top eleven highest paid models in the world.

Of course, Brazil is rich in gorgeous women, and there are plenty of other Brazilian models that can blow men’s mind with their beautiful smiles.

So if you want to see them in person, you should definitely go to Brazil. The experience of talking to these adorable females will give you an unforgivable impression.

Which Brazilian models do you mostly like? Share your opinion in comments below!

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