9 Things You Need to Know to Date a Polish Girl

9 Things You Need to Know to Date a Polish Girl

If you want to date a Polish girl one day, you need to know that they look nothing like other Western European girls and getting through to one of them will require understanding of their culture. And the following facts might be of help to you.

1. Their mindset is the mixture of Soviet and European attitudes

Poland is a unique country, because its citizens combine Soviet traditions with European cultural tendencies. So no surprise the character of local females is exceptional.

They abide by both patriarchal norms adherent in post-Soviet countries and the principles of gender equality prevailing in the European Union countries.

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Local women’s view on their role in society and in the family varies depending on their place of residence.

9 Things You Need to Know to Date a Polish Girl

For example, Polish women living in the rural areas of Poland are normally good housewives that devote all their time to taking care of the family and keeping their houses in order. They are totally fine with the fact that their husbands are the only breadwinners in the family.

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Urban Polish women, in contrast, seek to ensure equality between men and women. That’s why Polish couples that live in the cities either share family responsibilities or hire maids.

Moreover, urban girls strive to be financially independent of their male partners. You really need to bear this in mind if you want to date a Polish girl.

2. Polish women don’t like to trouble themselves on weekends

Polish women value their time. They never spend the entire day doing house chores or cooking. As a rule, the Poles carry out their family obligations only on weekday evenings. Polish girls are unlikely to bother to clean the house or cook meals on weekends.

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Moreover, local females willingly make the most of technical equipment that make their life a lot easier such as vacuum-cleaning robots or dish-washing machines.

3. They prefer to furnish their houses in minimalistic style

The interior of a Polish female’s house is distinguished by minimalism. The Poles normally don’t lay out souvenirs or some other knickknacks on the empty shelves in a room. Apart from that, they don’t see the need to hang any pictures on the walls.

In other words, Polish girls don’t like it when household items are piling up. The reason for this is that apartments in Poland are small and their living space worth its weight in gold.

If a Polish lady has a bicycle, she usually rents a storage room in the basement of an apartment building to leave it there instead of bringing it home.

However, the girl’s personal space doesn’t look cold, but rather stylish. Polish women’s houses are always well-kept, even if the owners don’t earn a lot. The thing is that construction materials and household goods are quite cheap and available to anyone in their country.

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Undoubtedly, the domestic habits of local ladies are useful information for those who would like to date a Polish girl one day.

4. They don’t take a bath, albeit take good care of their skin

Polish females like to take care of themselves, but they aren’t obsessed with that and know how to pace themselves.

Despite the fact that Polish women look quite conservative (most of them don’t wear high-heels or tight skirts), they don’t forget to give attention to their skin, nails and hair.

9 Things You Need to Know to Date a Polish Girl

Many Poles admit that most of their income goes to cosmetics and beauty salon treatments. Interestingly, in spite of the fact that Polish girls highly value healthy skin, they are forced to deny themselves taking muscle and skin’s relaxant such as a bubble bath.

The point is that the cost of utilities in Poland is very high. For this reason, most of Polish bathrooms are equipped only with a shower stall.

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Thus, the Poles have to use water saving appliances to save their money. No wonder women from Poland go to SPA-salons from time to time with a view to get a dose of relaxation.

5. Polish women spend their weekends on unusual shopping or traveling

Many girls who live in Western countries can’t imagine their lives without going to shopping malls on weekends. But this is not the case with Polish females.

Most of the chain stores are closed on weekends in their country. And nobody is sensitive about that. The Poles enjoy going to flea markets or garage sales instead of shopping centers on those days.

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The thing is that it’s quite common to re-use things in Poland. This idea is welcomed by the society, so second-hand stuff isn’t considered shameful.

As a last resort, a local girl can easily set off on a small trip to a neighboring country. The availability of low-cost airlines and proximity to the capitals of adjacent countries make it possible.

9 Things You Need to Know to Date a Polish Girl

Grocery stores are also closed on weekends. But this doesn’t bother the Poles too much, either. Local women seek to stock up on foodstuffs in advance.

Moreover, they don’t make a cult of eating and even strive to economize on it by picking up expired products that are sold at discounted prices and using coupons.

If you are one of those guys who don’t understand girls spending the whole weekend on shopping, you probably need to date a Polish girl.

6. Appearance and temper

Polish girls may resemble German females. They can boast of quite fleshy nose and wide mouth.

It’s hard to meet a Polish woman who is all dressed up and wears a lot of make-up. Such an attachment to natural beauty is what gives the Poles their unmistakable charm.

However, they are distinguished not only by their beauty, but also by self-confidence. The first thing you see when looking at Polish women is their good posture. Their shoulders are squared. They keep their back straight. They walk like queens.

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Polish women are easy-going and good at selling themselves. They know how to turn their weaknesses into strengths and make everyone admire them even if they don’t have attractive facial features.

7. Polish ladies are religious

The Poles are religious people. And young Polish women are no different. It’s not uncommon to see a young guy or girl going to a Catholic Church for confession or to pray.

You can easily meet billboards advertising church and promoting religion in Poland. Some of them come by a church 2 or 3 times a day.

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If you neglect visiting church, your colleagues may rat you out, and you may get in trouble at work or at school.

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If you want to date a Polish girl, you should remember that religious upbringing often contributes to the fact that local girls wait for quite a long period of time until they engage in their first sexual intercourse with a new partner. It usually takes a Polish female more than 7 dates to decide on intimacy.

8. They give preference to outdoor activities

It becomes unfashionable to just lie on the beach and get the sun. Today, Polish ladies are more interested in active leisure. And the active rest is facilitated by an excellent infrastructure that is created in their country.

One of the most popular types of recreational activities in Poland is skiing, mountain climbing, hill walking and yachting. You can do all these things without leaving Poland.

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There are different centers for outdoor activities, landscape parks and reserves, rope ways, pedestrian and bicycle paths, golf courses, equestrian centers and many more.

If you also enjoy spending a lot of time outside, you’ll definitely want to date a Polish girl.

9. Women from Poland are fond of kids

Polish women adore children, especially infants. They like coddling and pampering kids. Local moms take children with them everywhere. It’s amazing how they become a well-brought-up people after all.

9 Things You Need to Know to Date a Polish Girl

No wonder when a Polish woman answers the question, “What are you?” by saying, “I’m a mother.”

Well, you have received enough information to date a Polish girl without any problems. Hopefully, you’ll put your knowledge to good use and build a strong relationship with one of the local females.

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Do you like Polish girls? What do you think of Slavic women in general, which of them do you mostly like? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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