8 Necessary Steps for Successful Dating with a Russian Girl

8 Necessary Steps for Successful Dating with a Russian Girl

When a western man asks a Russian woman out on a date, he probably thinks that Russians aren’t much different from the representatives of other European nations. But when he gets to know local females better, he understands that they need a special approach.

Let’s talk about how you should behave on a date with a Russian woman to impress her and achieve reciprocity.

1. Be gallant

It’s preferable for you to hold the door open for a Russian girl and pay for her when you go to a restaurant, movie theater or wherever else if the girl doesn’t insist otherwise. The point is that feminist ideas aren’t as deeply ingrained in Russian society as they are in western one.

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Chivalry is still much appreciated in Russia. Gentleman’s gestures aren’t considered the understatement of a woman’s abilities or denial of her independence.

If a man refuses to pay the entire bill or help a girl take off her coat, he can make an impression of a greedy or ill-mannered person.

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2. Try to be understanding of her being late

It’s not uncommon for a Russian woman to be late for a date. Sometime western men can’t wrap their heads around why a female doesn’t show up for 15 minutes or longer. It’s considered permissible for a girl to be late because in doing so they demonstrate their sense of dignity. Such a behavior is intended to signal that a woman isn’t a frivolous or windy person who needs a man more than he needs her.

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Moreover, it should be understood that for a Russian woman, a date is a special event for which you have to be prepared properly. For this reason, she takes the time to pick up a suitable dress, choose shoes that match the dress, put on make-up and make a hairstyle.

3. Disregard her sad face

A sad and stern expression of face is a must-have for every Russian beauty. Even if she is in good spirits and having a good time, something makes her look angry and unapproachable. You may think that they are unable to enjoy life, or they are hostile towards you personally.

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However, if a man behaves naturally and gently and keeps patience on a date with such a hard-to-get and untouchable girl, he will definitely succeed in breaking the ice and cheering her up.

4. Maintain a meaningful conversation

dating with a Russian woman
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The main goal of dating for many Russian women is finding a potential husband. That’s why your first conversation should be meaningful and substantive. Try to refrain from giving her long monologues on topics she knows nothing about, making vulgar jokes, or acting like an alpha male. This type of behavior is typical for insecure and hesitant persons, and a Russian woman will notice this right away.

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Tell her what you do for a living and in your spare time, what hobbies you have, what music, movies and books you prefer. Ask a girl about her job, interests and preferences in life.

You can also discuss what plans you both have in life. This will help you find common goals in life.

5. Don’t joke about sex

Girls from Russia are attracted to guys with a good sense of humor. They like sharp-witted and funny men. However, the females won’t commend you for poking fun at them. Even an innocent joke can make them become withdrawn and feel hurt.

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Moreover, you should avoid telling stories with sexual innuendo. You can come across as a narrow-minded person if you tell stupid jokes about sex and laugh at them yourself.

6. Don’t ask her about her ex

It’s not customary for Russian females to discuss ex-boyfriends with a potential new partner.

That’s why they expect that the men they date adhere to the same principle, which means that they also shouldn’t mention your ex-girlfriends. Failing that, you can provoke hidden anger, jealousy and other negative emotions in a woman.

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7. Be romantic

Russian females love romance, and hence they like men who can create a romantic environment. If you are good at organizing candlelight dinners, reciting poems, making compliments and choosing beautiful bouquets of flowers, there is a good chance that you will make an impression of a romantic person and win the heart of a Russian woman.

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8. Try to build a strong spiritual bond

dating with a Russian woman
Photo: myrussianbrides.net

A Russian girl seeks to find a man she’s on the same wavelength with. In other words, it’s important for her to build a strong soul connection with a potential partner. They dream of being attached at the hip like Siamese twins with their men because only in this case they will feel happy, calm and tranquil.

For this reason, you really need to divert your attention from the appearance of a girl you are dating and express interest in her internal world and find out the distinctive feature of her worldview.

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That’s pretty much we wanted to tell you about steps you should take to ensure successful dating with a Russian girl. Now you have an idea of how Russian women are different from the females of other nationalities, and what approach you should take to have a nice time with them.

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